Best Amazon FireStick Channels List of September 2021

Cable was once the hottest thing since sliced bread and the only way to access most of the movies and shows we watch today. However, the price of cable is steadily on the rise, leading to the invention of alternative options.

Amazon Firesticks are a great way to view the content you want without paying for hundreds of channels you do not use. If you are ready to cut the cord, we have you covered with the information you need to make the Firestick your favorite source of entertainment.

What is an Amazon Firestick?

A Firestick is a small device that you plug into the HDMI port of your TV. This device gives you the ability to access a wide range of entertainment including but not limited to movies, kids shows, sports, music, and news.

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This guide discusses the list of best working FireStick channels that you can install right now and enjoy tons of content whether it be Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, and more.

Since most of these apps are free, you would need to install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick to stay protected online and hide your IP address to stay away from any legal troubles.

Free Movies & TV Shows Apps for FireStick


Are you a movie freak and always looking for the best available free streaming options? We have compiled a list of free streaming apps that help you watch free movies & TV shows on FireStick with ease.

But since these apps are completely free, you need to get yourself protected from any legal troubles by installing and using Surfshark VPN on FireStick. Once you do that, install any one of these apps by visiting their individual guides.

1. Cinema HD


One of the most popular names in the list of free movie app is Cinema HD. It has a huge content library and plenty of On Demand content (i.e. Movies, TV Shows) for the users.

The interface of the app is simple and easy to use for anyone. Other than that, the app fetches high-quality links from the available resources to stream.

When integrated with Real Debrid and Trakt, Cinema HD proved to be the best free streaming app in the town for movie lovers.

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2. BeeTV


Another on the list is BeeTV. Besides being new in the market, BeeTV has proved itself to be tough competition by providing loads of content including free movies and TV Shows.

The app is highly compatible with various devices including FireStick and is remote-friendly. Besides the integration with Real Debrid and Trakt, BeeTV also supports external media players.

It always streams the content in HD quality for the viewers to give an excellent streaming experience. With all these features, BeeTV is surely a worth-trying app for all FireStick users.

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3.  CyberFlix TV


CyberFlix TV is considered to be the clone of the famous streaming app Terrarium TV as it has a similar interface. It offers a wide range of content from different categories.

You can stream the latest movies, TV Shows, documentaries, and much more with the app on your FireStick device without spending even a penny.

However, CyberFlix TV is not available on Amazon Store so you have to install it via third-party apps. It is a remote-friendly and easy-to-use app so works well on FireStick.

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4. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is a free streaming service for all entertainment lovers. The app provides lots of movies and shows in HD as well as SD quality for the viewers.

The huge media library of the app is updated frequently so you don’t miss out on any latest movies or TV Shows. The service is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay any subscription charges.

If you want to enjoy Popcorn Time on your FireStick device, you have to sideload it using Downloader or any other third-party app. It is highly compatible with FireStick.

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5. UnlockMyTV


UnlockMyTV is the replica of a well-known app, Cinema HD. Just like Cinema HD, UnlockMyTV has a great user-friendly interface and easy navigation which makes it the perfect choice for many streamers.

You will be able to watch tons of content with the app in various languages. Moreover, being a free service does not affect the streaming quality at all.

The service makes sure to provide a high-quality streaming experience to the users by using high-quality links. The best thing is there are no annoying ads while you are watching your favorite show.

Read more: How to install UnlockMyTV on FireStick

6. MediaBox HD


MediaBox HD is yet another great free streaming service for FireStick users. With a lot of categories including entertainment, sports, live streams, sports, Anime, and many others, the app has proved its worth over time.

The content library is regularly updated so that users can get the latest movies and shows without any delay. Although the free version of the service works just great, you can buy a premium one if you want to enjoy some special benefits.

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7. OneBox HD


People are looking for Terrarium TV alternatives since it has been shut down. OneBox HD is considered the best pick in such cases with a stream of content and on-demand videos for the users.

This lightweight app works great on a FireStick device without any buffering or lagging. Furthermore, it allows you to download movies on your device too.

Despite being user-friendly with a simple interface, OneBox HD streams high-quality links in 720p and 1080p to make sure you have a perfect streaming session.

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8. Movie HD


Movie HD is a relatively new app in the market and is doing well by providing a vast range of content. The library is updated on regular basis to keep you entertained with the latest shows and movies.

The app is not heavy and won’t use much of your device’s space so runs smoothly on Amazon FireStick device. You can easily look for your desired movie or show with the simple and clutter-free interface of the app.

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9. MegaBox HD


Looking for a free streaming app to watch movies and shows, that too without ads? MegaBox HD is a perfect option for you. This free streaming service gives you access to a stream of content without paying a single penny.

Moreover, the app is super lightweight (just 5 MB) and runs really smoothly on FireStick. There are movies of almost every genre in the app including action, romance, comedy, thriller, and many more.

Read more: How to install MegaBox HD on FireStick

10. Crackle


Crackle comes from Sony, a well-known media, entertainment, and electronics company. It is considered by many to be equal to Netflix and Amazon Prime with one major benefit over its competitors:

There are no subscription fees. The content on Sony Crackle is completely free for you to enjoy, and this app has a very large media library.

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IMDB is the go-to source for images and information on movies, TV shows, and celebrities, but did you know they also offer a TV channel? On IMDB TV, you can stream movies, TV episodes, and even more behind-the-scenes content- all for free.

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12. Fawesome TV


Owned by a tech company called FutureToday, Fawesome TV is a streaming app with thousands of movies and on-demand content on the go for FireStick users.

You can stream movies from more than 25 different genres and the library is updated regularly so you can watch fresh and latest content without any hassle.

Fawesome TV is a free service with various features including an easy-to-use interface and easy navigation for the users. All in all, the app is worth trying for FireStick users.

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13. Peacock TV


Another free streaming app for movies and shows is Peacock TV which is NBC’s latest streaming service. Apart from the free version, you can also buy the premium version at the lowest rates.

Since the service is only available in the US, you will need a VPN connection to bypass the restrictions and enjoy streaming anywhere in the world.

You can watch live streams also along with the movies, shows, and sports content on Peacock TV. A huge variety of on-demand content is available too.

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14. Tubi TV


Tubi is a free streaming channel that has partnered with studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, Starz, and more to bring its users thousands of their favorite movies for free.

Read more: How to Install Tubi TV on FireStick

15. Xumo TV


Xumo TV is a free leal FireStick app similar to a regular cable package. You can stream the news, sports, movie, TV shows, and on-demand content from almost 200 channels.

Read more: How to Install Xumo TV on FireStick

16. CucoTV


Cuco TV is considered to be the copy of the once-famous app ZiniTevi APK as they both have a quite similar interface. The app works well on FireStick and has a good variety of shows and movies.

The app is absolutely free and you can stream anything on the app without spending a penny. Cuco TV can be integrated with Real Debrid to enhance your streaming experience.

Although the service provides HD quality streaming, it can stream in SD quality in case your internet is slow to avoid buffering.

Read more: How to install Cuco TV on FireStick

17. CatMouse


CatMouse is a streaming platform with a vast range of content, organized neatly for the users. It supports high streaming quality of up to 1080p.

The app doesn’t take much storage on your FireStick device, hence runs smoothly without any buffering. There are no ads while streaming with CatMouse to annoy you.

The content library is updated on regular basis to make sure you never miss out latest shows and movies. You can easily access any movie from the list by using different filters.

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18. Theater Plus


Theater Plus offers loads of on-demand content for the users without spending anything on subscription plans. It is considered to be the replica of the app SilentGhost HD.

Unlike the other similar streaming apps, Theater Plus fetches a single link for streaming and you only have to click the Play button to start streaming.

Since the app is basically designed for touch devices, you can use the Mouse Toggle app on FireStick if you are facing any issues while using it on your FireStick device.

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19. Stremio


Another great app to watch free movies and shows on FireStick is Stremio which is compatible with various devices including computers, mobile devices, and FireStick.

It works just like Kodi and Plex but has a much simple and user-friendly interface.  Same as Kodi, Stremio needs add-ons to work and enable you to stream your favorite content.

A built-in colander, nicely organized interface, and loads of content are the features that make Stremio one of the best free streaming apps for FireStick.

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20. Plex


Plex is a client-based application that allows users to store their media files by creating a central server. Once the media is stored on the server, it can be easily accessed from any device.

You don’t need to use the same internet connection to access the content. All you have to do is to make sure your computer is connected to an active internet connection.

Other than your own content, Plex allows you to stream content like movies and videos from the other users too.

Read more: How to install Plex on FireStick

21. Vudu


Vudu is an on-demand free and legal streaming service to stream more than 150,000 movies on your FireStick. The app works well on various devices including FireStick and can be installed from the official Amazon Store.

The app has a unique feature of renting movies and other content on minimal charges. Other than that, you can also stream movies for free in HD and 4K quality.

Read more: How to install Vudu on FireStick

22. Viva TV


Viva TV is a comparatively new streaming app in the town and managed to be on our list due to its features. With a huge stream of content including some latest blockbuster movies, the service is being praised by the users.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and organized well into various genres. The content library is updated regularly to provide you the latest released movies for streaming on the go.

Read more: How to install Viva on FireStick

23. TeaTV


TeaTV is one of the top choices when it comes to stream movies and other video content. It offers a wide range of well-categorized content to the users.

The app has been updated regularly to improve the streaming experience for the users. You can use the subtitles feature of the app and even download content to your device.

Since the app could not be officially installed to FireStick, you have to sideload it using third-party apps.

Read more: How to install TeaTV on FireStick

24. Typhoon TV


Typhoon TV is considered to be the clone of Terrarium TV or Cinema HD due to similar features. The app doesn’t require any subscription or monthly charges to stream your favorite movies.

The content library of the app is organized in different categories and genres. You can use filters to look for your desired movie or show by year or genre.

Integrating the app with Real Debrid and Trakt helps the users to improve their streaming experience in addition to the regular updates.

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Free Live TV Apps for FireStick


For those looking to not only cut the cable cord but also eradicate the entertainment budget completely, there are plenty of free Live TV channels available on Firestick devices.

After paying the initial cost of the Firestick, you can either cut your bill out completely. Here are some of the best free channels for your Firestick.

25. BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is a UK-based streaming app to watch movies, shows, Live Sports, Live channels and much more. The app can be easily installed from the Amazon Store.

Since the service is only available in the UK, many people are looking for ways to stream it outside the UK. But you can access it anywhere in the world using a reliable VPN connection.

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26. ITV Hub


ITV Hub is a streaming app with a vast variety of content including TV shows, movies, live streams, etc. With millions of users; the service is available for almost every kind of device.

The service offers on-demand content and Live TV free of cost without any subscription charges or monthly pricing plans.

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27. TVTap


TVTap is a famous Live TV streaming service for FireStick users with plenty of channels from across the globe. The content is nicely organized into different categories.

TVTap is a free app with no ads while streaming anything. In short, it is the best Live TV app for FireStick.

Read more: How to Install TVTap APK on FireStick

28. Stirr TV


Stirr TV is yet another Live TV app for FireStick with an unlimited content library and 200+ Live TV channels. The app can be downloaded from Amazon Store.

You can select and change your location while streaming with Stirr TV to catch on the local TV channels.

Read more: How to Install Stirr TV on FireStick

29. Ola TV


With more than 13,000 channels from around the world, Ola TV has proved to be one of the best Live TV apps for FireStick.

Apart from the local US channels, you can also stream various channels from other countries. The app supports external media players for streaming.

Read more: How to Install Ola TV on FireStick

30. Rokkr


Rokkr is a quite fresh app yet managed to be on our list. It has a vast range of movies, shows and dozens of live TV channels from different countries.

Considered to be the clone of the once-famous app Watched APK, the app works just like Kodi or Syncler and has a variety of addons available.

Read more: How to Install Rokkr on FireStick

31. Oreo TV


With more than 6000 Live TV channels from countries like the USA, Australia, Spain and others, Oreo TV is considered a good name in the list of Live TV app for FireStick.

The app has a simple yet easy-to-use interface. You can look for your desired channel by using the search bar or looking into the categories of channels.

Read more: How to Install Oreo TV on Firestick

32. Live Net TV


Live Net TV is an amazing option to stream Live TV channels as the app has a huge collection of various national and international channels.

You can find and watch channels of so many countries without spending a single penny. The app is updated on regular basis and supports external media players.

Read more: How to Install Live Net TV APK on FireStick

33. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another avenue for streaming free content. You can access tons of movies, shows, and more than 100 channels.

While it is free for you, Pluto TV keeps its service going through ads, as many other free services do. However, if you can deal with some ads, Pluto TV can give you hours of entertainment for free.

Read more: How to Install Pluto TV on FireStick

34. Mobdro


Mobdro is a third-party streaming channel that gives you access to more than 1000 channels of movies, TV shows, and sports. You can watch everything from UFC and MMA events to football and more.

Some of the streams can be accessed on the basic package while others require a premium subscription.

Read more: How to Install Mobdro on FireStick

35. HD Streamz


Another app on our list is HD Streamz that allows users to enjoy Live TV Channels from any corner of the world.

Video on Demand and radio section are some of the interesting features of the app. The app has to be downloaded on FireStick using a third-party app.

Read more: How to Install HD Streamz on FireStick

36. FreeFlix HQ


Freeflix HQ is a streaming app that provides free content as the name suggests. In addition to gaining access to TV shows, movies, and live TV, Freeflix HQ also has a lot of anime content.

It is not necessary to watch with an Internet connection. You can download shows when you have Internet access and then watch them later offline.

Read more: How to Install FreeFlix HQ on FireStick

37. USTV Go


USTV GO is free of cost web-based streaming service to watch plenty of channels on your device using the website.

The service contains tons of channels of various categories such as entertainment, sports, news, live streams, and much more.

Read more: How to Watch USTVGo on FireStick

Free Live Sports Apps for FireStick


Many people pay for a cable subscription happily as long as they get to watch their favorite teams compete-even if Live Sports is all they watch.

Fortunately, you can drop the cable and decrease your monthly entertainment budget by using these Firestick sports channels.

38. Sportz TV IPTV


Sportz TV offers 6500+ channels of various categories and loads of on-demand content. All these channels are from different regions of the world including the USA, UK, and Canada.

The service streams high-quality HD content to make sure you watch all your favorite sports streams in the highest possible quality. The service is available at the minimum cost of $9.95/month.

Read more: How to Install Sportz TV IPTV on FireStick

39. Optus Sports


Optus Sports is an Australian-based Live Sports channel for all the sports freaks out there. You can catch all your Live Football matches with Optus Sports on your FireStick.

Some of the features of the app are free while others have to be paid for. It is recommended to use Mouse Toggle if you are using it on FireStick.

Read more: How to install Optus Sports on FireStick

40. UFC Live


You can now watch all the MMA fights of Unlimited Fighting Championship (UFC) on your FireStick. From the two methods to watch UFC Live, one method is free while the other is premium.

The free method involves Amazon Silk Browser whereas the premium method is to use the ESPN+ channel for live streaming.

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41. NFL Live


If you are an NFL Network fan but not a fan of the cable channel’s price, there is some good news. You can watch the NFL on your Amazon Firestick at no cost. This is one of the most popular Firestick channels for sports fans.

Read more: How to Watch NFL Live on FireStick

42. NBA Live


NBA is a much-awaited sport throughout the year and most basketball fans don’t want to miss it out. it can be watched live with two methods.

The first method is a free method using any web browser on your FireStick and the second method is by using any premium app like YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Fubo TV.

Read more: How to Watch NBA Live on FireStick

43. Tennis Live


All the mega-events of tennis including US Open Tennis can be streamed live on FireStick device. Use a browser like Silk Browser for the free method to watch live tennis matches and tournaments.

If the free method is not working for you, you can use any subscription-based app like Fubo TV or YouTube TV.

Read more: How to Watch US Open Tennis on FireStick

44. Formula 1 Live


Formula 1 is an international auto car racing event. To make sure you don’t miss any of the Grand Prix, catch them up with two methods.

The first and free method involves Silk Browser while the premium method is by using an app called Lepto Sports. Both methods are easy and user-friendly.

Read more: How to Watch Formula 1 on FireStick

45. Tour de France


You must be looking for ways to stream Tour De France on your FireStick device. Well, it is quite a simple process.

You can catch it live through the Live Net TV website via Silk Browser. An alternative method is to use some subscription-based app such as YouTube TV.

Read more: How to Watch Tour de France on FireStick

46. MLB Live


MLB is a well-known sport in the world, especially in Canada and the US. Use Live Net TV with a Web Browser or go for the YouTube TV app if you have a subscription to it. Other than that, there are various other apps too to stream MLB Live.

Read more: How to Watch MLB Live on FireStick 

47. Rugby Live


Rugby is a famous sport in European countries and people still love to watch this 2000 years old sport. Go to the Live TV website using Amazon Silk Browser on your FireStick device and select the rugby category from other sports.

If this method is not working well for you, install the YouTube TV app to stream all the rugby matches live.

Read more: How to Watch Rugby Live on FireStick

48. Football Live


Football is probably the most-watched game around the world with millions of fans. All the sports fans don’t want to miss any live football match or tournament.

You can watch all the football matches live using the Live TV website via a Browser. YouTube TV is also an amazing option but it requires a subscription.

Read more: How to Watch Live Football on FireStick

49. La Liga Live


La Liga has always been on the watch list of all sports lovers. You can stream all the seasons of La Liga live on your FireStick device.

Live TV website is a great way to stream La Liga. The site is accessible through a web browser such as Silk Browser. Other methods include some paid apps like YouTube TV or Sling TV.

Read more: How to Watch La Liga on FireStick

50. Golf Live


Want to stream all the Golf matches and tournaments live on FireStick? Use the USTV Go website to access the Golf Channel to stream live Golf matches.

If this method is not working well for you, give the YouTube TV app a try. It also works well.

Read more: How to Watch Golf on FireStick

51. IPL


IPL has a strong fan base not only in India but all around the world. You can watch all the matches of IPL on your FireStick by selecting the cricket category from the Live TV website.

Use a browser to access Live TV on FireStick. Another way to stream IPL live is to install the Hotstar app on your device and stream IPL on it.

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Best IPTV Services for FireStick


IPTV services are the best option for cord-cutters to stream anything without the usual cables and wires. This is an economical way to catch on your favorite movie or show anytime anywhere.

Below is the list of our selected Premium IPTV services you can use on your FireStick device.

52. Eternal TV


Eternal TV allows the users to stream more than 9000 channels and 20,000+ VOD at the lowest rates of $6.99/month. You can also avail of a free 24 hours trial before the subscription.

The service offers channels from different regions of the world including the UK, Canada, Europe, and the Asian region.

All the content available on Eternal TV is streamed in high quality without any buffering or lagging, giving you a smooth streaming experience.

Read more: How to install Eternal TV on FireStick

53. Beast TV


Just as the name suggests, Beast IPTV works best by providing you hundreds of channels including more than 1000 channels for the UK, USA, and Canada.

The app allows the users to stream in both HD and SD quality at their convenience. The subscription charges are affordable for anyone, allowing you to use 4 devices with a single account.

Read more: How to install Beast IPTV on FireStick

54. Smart IPTV


Smart IPTV provides 4000+ channels of various genres without much effort. Unlike regular IPTV services, Smart IPTV doesn’t require monthly subscription charges.

Hence you have to pay a one-time subscription fee of about $6.10. This works well for the people who find it a hassle to pay the charges every month.

You can stream movies, shows, and all the live channels on your FireStick using an M3U playlist with Smart IPTV.

Read more: How to install Smart IPTV on FireStick

55. Area 51 IPTV


Area 51 is no doubt one of the best IPTV services for people who are always looking for a copyright-free streaming platform. There are huge numbers of channels and thousands of movies available on the service.

Other than Live channels, Area 51 has a vast collection of entertainment, sports, news, and movies channels too. The charges of the service are economical and you can go for monthly, six-month, or yearly subscription plans.

Read more: How to install Area 51 on FireStick

56. Redbox TV


Redbox TV is a free IPTV service that doesn’t require a single penny as activation or subscription charges. The service has unlimited streaming options including the content of different arrays such as entertainment, sports, food, kids, and whatnot.

The Redbox TV app for FireStick has a simple yet user-friendly interface for smooth streaming. Since the app is not available on the official Amazon store, it has to be sideloaded on the FireStick.

Read more: How to install Redbox TV on FireStick

57. FuboTV


Fubo TV is a popular paid sports streaming service that lets you enjoy local, regional, and national sports as well as movies and TV shows on over 85 channels. If you cannot watch your event live, it comes with 30 hours of cloud storage so that you can record it now and watch it later.

If you forget to hit the record button, you can back up as many as 72 hours and watch what you missed. They are currently offering a free 7-day trial so you can give it a spin.

Read more: How to Install fuboTV on FireStick

58. Sling TV


Sling TV provides access to comedies, news, sports channels, movies, kids’ shows, and more. You can personalize your content and pay only for what you choose with subscription costs being comparable to those of Netflix. You can try out a week at no cost to see if you like the content.

Read more: How to Install Sling TV on Firestick

59. DirecTV


AT&T Now- formerly DirecTV Now- gives you access to more than 120 live channels, movies, games, TV shows, and thousands of on-demand choices. You also get 20 free hours of cloud storage to record shows you cannot catch live.

This is one of the more expensive subscriptions, but many people get all of the channels and content they need from this one, eliminating the need for multiple channels.

Read more: How to Install DirecTV on FireStick

60. YouTube TV


YouTube TV is a great option for all the entertainment lovers out there. It is a premium service by Google with loads of streaming options and renowned channels.

YouTube TV is now officially available on the Amazon Store after a tiff between Amazon and Google in 2018. The service offers a 5 days free trial to make sure your money is not wasted at all.

The monthly cost of YouTube TV is $64.99 per month which might be a little high. Thus the features you will be having with the services are definitely worth it.

Read more: How to install YouTube TV on FireStick

61. Xfinity


After a long wait, Xfinity is now finally available on the Amazon Store. You can watch a huge variety of on-demand content on your device with Xfinity along with movies and shows of various genres.

The service offers the downloading feature and you can schedule the downloading to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite show. Besides FireStick, Xfinity is compatible with a list of devices including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and more.

Read more: How to install Xfinity Stream on FireStick

Top Streaming Services for FireStick


We have listed down some of the top streaming services that you can watch on FireStick. Some of these services are restricted to the US alone, while others have limited content in other countries.

Make sure to install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick to make these streaming services available in any country.

62. Netflix


Netflix is a household name, and most people have experienced the convenient and entertaining content it provides. You can access your current Netflix account or open a new one with your Firestick.

Read more: How to watch Netflix on FireStick

63. Disney Plus


Disney lovers rejoice! Disney Plus for Firestick allows you to stream hundreds of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movies as well as Disney songs and TV shows. Disney Plus is great as a stand-alone channel for a few bucks each month, but you can get great combinations, too.

For instance, you can get Disney Plus, ESPN, and Hulu together for less than $15 each month. This channel provides great entertainment for the whole family.

Read more: How to Install Disney Plus on FireStick

64. HBO Max


HBO Max is a streaming service that enables users to stream bundles of original content as well as other media including movies and shows.

HBO Max was not available on Amazon Store earlier but now it can be downloaded through official sources as Amazon has added it to their store.

Read more: How to Install HBO Max on FireStick & Fire TV

65. Hulu


Hulu With Live TV is a leading premium channel. It provides More than 85,000 streams of TV shows, movies, sports, live TV, and more. It comes with over 50 hours of Cloud storage for your recordings so you do not have to worry about missing your favorites.

You can choose from several subscriptions starting with a basic package and ending with one without ads. Hulu With Live TV lets you personalize your streaming experience, and gives you up to six profiles so your family can enjoy it as well.

Read more: How to Watch Hulu on FireStick

66. Apple TV


Apple TV is yet another streaming service with a variety of its original content along with the latest media library of movies, shows, and live streams.

The service is free for Apple users for up to a year while others have to pay the subscription charges to use the service. It offers a 7 days free trial for its users.

Read more: How to Watch Apple TV app on FireStick

67. Zee5


Zee5 is a streaming service offered by the Indian network Zee Entertainment. The service has millions of subscribers across the globe and has loads of content in every category.

The huge media library of the service with dozens of on-demand content makes it one of the top choices for entertainment lovers.

Read more: How to Watch Zee5 on FireStick

68. Hotstar


Hotstar is another Indian streaming service on the list with content in 17 different languages. You can stream all the famous TV shows, Documentaries, live sports, and what not on your FireStick with Hotstar.

Hotstar is also available in the United States as Hotstar US but it is a bit pricy as compared to the Indian Hotstar.

Read more: How to Install Hotstar on FireStick

69. Discovery+


Discover + or Discovery Plus, whatever you say, is a streaming service specifically for non-fiction content. It streams on-demand and regular content in high quality for users.

You can watch all the non-fiction channels including Discovery Channel. Animal Planet, Discovery Science, and many others on FireStick with Discovery +.

Country-Specific Channels on FireStick


Many people asking us if we offer any Live TV channels related to each country. We have listed only those countries for which we received many requests. If you think you need to see some channels from another country, then let us know in the comments.

70. Spanish Channels


It’s not less than a hassle to find and stream Spanish channels on FireStick. It includes Spanish channels such as Univision, Telemundo, Telecinco, Antena 3, Telefe, etc.

Rokkr is one of those apps that helps you watch 100+ Spanish channels. All you have to do is to install the app on your FireStick and select the category Spain to stream Spanish channels.

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71. German Channels


Missing out on German channels while being away from Germany? Well, you can stream German channels such as ARD, AXN (German), Discovery DE, SAT, RTL, etc.

It has more than 700 channels including German channels that you can stream for free without spending anything. Install the app and select the German category to watch German channels on the go.

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72. Canadian Channels


Similarly, Canadian channels can be watched while being anywhere in the world. It includes Canadian channels such as ABC Spark, AHC, Bravo Canada, BET, CBC, etc

The app has a huge collection of channels of every genre across the globe including Canadian channels. So you don’t have to worry about watching Canadian channels on FireStick now.

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73. Australian Channels


Watching Australian channels on FireStick is not a big deal now. It includes Australian channels such as 7HD, 9Now, Australia Plus, Gem, Fox Sports, Food Network, etc.

Live Net TV is an app that can be used to watch a variety of content, organized neatly in different categories.

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Free Media Player Apps for FireStick


Every streaming app requires a media player to run a video or a movie. We have selected some of the best free media player apps for FireStick that work with all streaming apps.

74. VLC Player


VLC Media Player is one of the most famous media players of all time. It is an open-source media player and you don’t have to pay any charges to use it on your device.

It supports various file formats and no code pack is needed to be downloaded with the app. It can play most of the codes itself.

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75. MX Player


MX Player is another media player for FireStick that streams high-quality HD and 4K videos for offers Advanced Hardware Accelerated decoding with HW+ decoder.

Unlike the regular media players, MX Players gives you a smooth streaming experience without any buffering or lagging.

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76. Lime Player


Lime Player supports almost every file format of the video you want to stream. That means you can watch videos of any format on your FireStick with Lime Player.

The app is lightweight and doesn’t occupy much space on your device. It is compatible with dozens of devices and streams the content in HD quality.

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77. Perfect Player


Perfect Player is not an IPTV streaming app but it only helps you stream content using an IPTV service provider. It is similar to MX Player, Lime Player, etc.

You must have EPG URL and M3U URL to smoothly use Perfect Player on your device. To stream using Perfect Player, a subscription to an IPTV provider is necessary.

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78. Kodi


Last but not least is a renowned media player Kodi. Kodi requires additional add-ons to stream the content on your device. You have to install some of the best FireStick Kodi add-ons to stream it on FireStick.

Since Kodi is not available on official sources, it has to be sideloaded via third-party apps on FireStick.

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Utility Apps for FireStick


Utility apps help you resolve some of the common and most occurring problems on your FireStick. These apps can also assist you in installing the apps you need the most that aren’t available on Amazon Store.

Further, it helps you in quality streaming and blocks unwanted apps on FireStick. Here is a list of our hand-picked best utility apps for FireStick. Have a look.

79. Aptoide TV


Aptoide TV is an alternative app store for the users to have access to the apps that are not available on the official stores such as Amazon Store.

Since Aptoide TV doesn’t work well with FireStick remote, it is recommended to use Mouse Toggle on FireStick for a better user experience.

Aptoide TV contains thousands of apps and many popular apps that are not available on the Amazon Store or Google Play. The interface of the app is user-friendly and easy to use.

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80. Real Debrid


Looking for a downloader for your FireStick device? Real Debrid could be the best option as it allows you to download media files on your device in high quality.

The service is premium and users can avail of it only at $5/month. The user experience could be enhanced by integrating different streaming apps with Real Debrid.

You can get rid of buffering and lagging while streaming by integrating your streaming app or Kodi addon with Real Debrid.

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81. Amazon Silk Browser


FireStick device allows its users to install and use a browser to stream anything on the internet. Although the options are limited, the available options are quite enough to fulfill the needs of the users.

The best thing about having a browser on your FireStick device is that you can install the apps which are unavailable on the official store.

Apart from that, you can access various sites on your device including streaming sites, gaming sites, social media, and a lot more.

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82. Mouse Toggle


Some apps, mostly sideloaded apps, are built for touch devices only and do not work well on FireStick devices with a remote. Mouse Toggle came to the rescue in such cases being a virtual mouse application.

The app will create a mouse pointer on your FireStick screen without connecting a physical mouse to the device. Hence you can navigate easily and have a smooth user experience.

All you have to do is to place the pointer of the moues on the desired place and press the select button to click or select the option.

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83. Google Play


Google Play is one of the most used utility apps on every device but unfortunately, it is not available on FireStick due to the clash between Google and Amazon.

Google Play has an unlimited collection of apps for the users so missing it means missing out on a huge number of apps. Well, you can sideload the app on your FireStick device.

Although the method is a bit lengthy, the effort and time are worth it. you will be able to access loads of content which is not possible only using the Amazon App Store.

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84. Blokada (Blocks Pop-ups)


Ads and pop-ups are really annoying when you are streaming anything. You are at the climax of your favorite show and suddenly an ad appears on the screen.

That is good enough to spoil your mood. But don’t worry, you can now block all the frustrating ads and pop-ups on your FireStick device using an app called Blokada.

Blokada is a free service and displays the list of all the blocked ads anytime for your convenience. The app is completely safe to use and also protects you from security threats and malware.

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Online Privacy Apps for FireStick


With so many free FireStick apps available for streaming, you need the best VPN for FireStick that keeps you safe online. Virtual Private Network is the best tool that keeps your IP anonymous and hides your online identity.

We have managed to handpick some of the best VPNs you should try:

85. Surfshark VPN


Surfshark VPN is currently one of the best VPNs you can get to protect yourself from malware. It has 3200+ servers in more than 65 countries of the world, giving super-fast speed to the users.

A single connection can be used on unlimited devices whereas the Clean Web feature helps to have an ad-free and smooth connection. Moreover, the Whitelister feature enables you to allow specific apps to bypass the VPN.

Surfshark offers an economical pricing plan of $2.49/month with a 30 days money-back guarantee. Make sure you are protected with Surfshark while doing anything on the internet.

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86. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services you will get with 3000+ servers in 94 countries of the world. It offers unlimited bandwidth with a private DNS feature.

You can use 5 different apps with ExpressVPN at a time. Moreover, the Network Log Kill Switch feature protects your IP from being exposed in case of a sudden loss of internet connection.

All these features of ExpressVPN can be availed at the charges of $8.32/month with a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t want to continue your subscription.

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87. NordVPN


With 4.1 Amazon ratings, NordVPN has proved itself to be a tough competitor for others. It provides 5,400 servers in more than 59 countries of the world.

The strict no logs policy and uninterrupted streaming are the features that make sure your connection is 100% secure and free from any buffering or lagging.

The price is quite reasonable, $3.71/month with 30 days refund policy. A single server works well on 6 simultaneous devices.

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88. IPVanish


IPVanish is yet another amazing VPN to protect your online presence by providing more than 1600 servers in 75+ countries. It offers unlimited connections to protect your every device.

Advanced encryption and a no-log policy make sure you have a fully protected connection. You can get IPVanish at the budget-friendly rates of $3.49/month.

Your money will be refunded after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the services. In case of any query, customer support is there 24/7 to help you out.

Read more: How to install IPVanish on FireStick

89. CyberGhost VPN


Another top-notch VPN is CyberGhost VPN that offers 6880+ servers in 91 countries with millions of users. It allows you to access popular streaming services like Netflix. Hulu, HBO, and many others by bypassing all the geo-restrictions.

You can protect your 7 devices with a single CyberGhost account all at once. The service is available for numerous devices including Amazon FireStick.

You can avail of the connection at the lowest rates of $2.25/month. Other than that, CyberGhost offers 45 days refund policy for the users.

Read more: How to install CyberGhost VPN on FireStick

90. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN protects your online presence by masking your IP and keeping you anonymous while streaming. It offers 100+ servers in 63 countries.

You will get 2048-bit encryption and a strict zero-logging policy while using PrivateVPN, which makes it a perfect choice. 6 devices can be used simultaneously and the Kill Switch feature protects your data at any cost.

PrivateVPN is available at a minimal cost of $2.50/month in case of a two-year subscription with 30 days refund policy.

Read more: How to install PrivateVPN on FireStick


An Amazon Firestick can save you a lot of money while still providing a lot of content you love. However, in order for it to save you money, you should have a plan in mind. Know what shows and movies you want access to.

Don’t forget to consider music channels, such as Spotify and iHeartRadio. Additionally, if you are a fan of cooking shows, there are plenty of food channels, such as Vegan Life, Simply Vegetarian, and Best Cooks.

Take some time to consider what you want to stream as well as the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Then, go through the available channels and choose the ones that offer you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. You might need a combination of channels to stream all that you want, but having a plan in place first will help you make wiser decisions.

As you are determining your budget, be sure to add in the low monthly cost of a VPN. As mentioned earlier, they do help protect your privacy, but the benefits go even further. Some channels and streams are restricted in certain locations. If you travel a lot, you might find that you cannot enjoy many of your favorite streams.

However, with a VPN, you can still access the channels you enjoy at home. And, again, be sure that you choose a VPN with a built-in kill switch for added protection Like SurfShark VPN.


  1. do you offer adult channels


    • Hey Phil, the channels that you are mentioning are official channels. You are able to get these channels via Amazon Store on your FireStick device.


    • Yes charles, you can get them both. But you dont need to jailbreak because these apps are official and already available on Amazon Store on FireStick. You can download it from there.

      • Someone please help, I am elderly and not up to date on new electronics,however my grandson got me a FireStick and it all works good but we don’t have a channel guide,we can’t see what’s on or coming on, we pick a channel to watch and we watch that but we want to see what’s on other channels but he didn’t set up a channel guide so we can’t browse thru the channels to see what’s on, we would use it all the time if we had a channel guide , can someone help me, I went to settings but didn’t find anything. My grandson lives in another state so he can’t help I would appreciate any help. Thank you

        • Hi Brenda, you don’t use a TV guide. You just think in your head the name of a movie, tv show, sports, or news at any given time and do a search for it, and it comes on! It’s like that all the time any time. Good luck!

  4. Please help me. Today I cannot get the MSNBC channel and it seems to be dropped from my channels but I have always had it. Help me get it back please.

    • Hey Penny, just time MSNBC in the search box and the results will appear below. Once MSNBC app pops up you will get to know if its installed or not. Then install the app if it hasnt been installed. Hope this works for you!

    • Why on earth would you even want MSNBC? Unless you like fake news and fiction from your journalists…lol. I cant take anyone seriously who… especially by choice!!! choose MSNBC or CNN as a regular news outfit. More like Gary Gnu, with the GNEWS!

      • But yet you would choose a “news” channel like faux news? A channel that has been proven to lie over 80% of the time! God you troglodytes are hilarious!

      • you do know that fox was taken to court for lying time and time again? you know what the attorneys for fox told the judge? judge fox news is not a news channel we are a entertainment channel , as so we dont have to tell the truth.
        don’t believe me ? do some fact checking. I know you guys hate facts ,you are all about fox facts.
        so sad.

  5. I Live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Can I access all Cleveland Indians baseball games using the firestick? So frustrated.

  6. Pamela Stafford jones


    • Yes Pamela, you can get it by searching it on your FireStick device and install it from there, or go to Amazon Store on your FireStick device. In any case, you will be able to install MSNBC and CNN

  7. The issue I am having is figuring out which stream to click on. When I pull up a show how do I know which of the hundreds of streams is the best one? SOmeone told me to look for HD and fastserver but what really makes one better than another?

  8. Can I get the Outdoor Channel on Firestick?

  9. Can you get up tv on the firestick

  10. is the big 10 college football channel available on the firestick

  11. I live in the Philadelphia area. Will I be able to get my local channels, HGTV, Food Network, USA, ION, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, History, NBCSN, ESPN, Freeform, HLN, Fox — ALL FOR FREE??


  13. Can you get Hallmark chanels?

  14. is bravo, we tv, and e, and own channels available?

  15. can I get Turner Classic Movies? TCM

  16. Firestick jailbreak is it free

  17. Hello

    are they any greek channels available?

  18. Does Amazon Fire Stick TV offer Fox Sports Sun “FS SUN” channel 76 on Frontier? Thank you

  19. Can you get the Big Ten network on a Firestick?

  20. Do you have any or all of the food network channels

  21. Can you receive RFD-TV with the fire stick?

  22. Can you get the Big10 channel and all the ESPN & Fox Sports channels?

  23. On the whole I like Firestick. (I also have Philo) However, I can’t figure out how to get some channels I really like: Weather Channel–LIVE–not just static reports & temps & alerts, etc. Also on cable, I really liked meTV, again NOWHERE to be found.


  25. how fast does the internet connection have to be for using firestick

  26. How much do the local channels cost at the Amazon store

  27. My husband and I are considering a fire stick. His biggest concern is being able to see the Redsox games and the NYG play. Will it be a problem to see the games?

  28. I watch oann on frontier channel 118 will I get this on firestick

  29. Can you watch sky premier league football on a Firestick in any way, as some TVs have an inbuilt Ap where you set up an account and buy a pass per game, per week or per month?

  30. we have dish network for our tv -and looking for something less expensive to match our social security———-what we like to watch is espn-fox southwest- the game show network, and rfd and our local tv stations ———our daughter purchased the firestick in another region and simply loves it

  31. Can I get the SEC Network on Firestick?

  32. I want to be able to get my local stations in zip code 03048 Will I be able to? How bout the travel channel?

  33. Carla Cortorreal

    Can someone please tell me on what channel is the quick pitch channel?

  34. Michelle Bentley

    Hi can you get crime channels ie ID and Crime + Inv on amazon fire stick?

  35. Sharrein@ Husband loves western and war. Are there any specific channels or subscriptions I can get that will play on firestorm such as encore westerns?

  36. I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask a question or not, but here goes anyway. I have had Comcast/Xfinity for several years, and don’t want to get rid of that, but am wondering if there is any real advantage to.adding an Amazon fire stick to my programming? My daughter gets Brit Box, and other channels which look appealing. I am also wondering about any illegalities to using any programming on fire stick?

  37. Can I get WGHP-TV channel 8 (FOX) of the Fire Stick 4K? There is one for free, but only covers some news & weather, doesn’t show the entire broadcast.

    I ask because it’s the official channel for the Carolina Panthers in this area (Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point, NC). Everywhere I look, have to pay, or use a $200 device and service, worthless w/out an OTA antenna. Why pay extra for the service when one can install a splitter on an antenna, or have one for each room?

    Can add the Spectrum app, however would be breaking my grandfathered Internet package by doing so, unless they’d allow me to be billed separate for the app. Plus only need it for the NFL season. Once the season is over, am content with the thousands of free movies on both Fire Stick, Roku & my VIZIO TV has WatchFree (Pluto), also can watch a lot of free content on the PC, or add to any of my devices.

  38. is RFD-TV available on Fire Stick also 2, 5, 11 and 46 Atlanta Local stations

  39. Is NESN sports in MA available and how do I get it

  40. Can I get the FYI channel for free on Firestick??? Or will I need to purchase Amazon Prime? Thanks…

  41. Will I be able to get The Weather Channel local and national with the Firestick?

  42. Could you tell me if the Firestick and Firestick 4K are capable of streaming Spotlight TV which is on Channel 264 VisionTV.
    I used to watch this Free to Air, but the channel is only streamed on the internet now.
    Thanks for your time.

  43. Do you have hallmark channel

  44. Can u get Hallmark and Hallmark Mysteries & Movies on Amazon Firestock?

  45. What channel systems do I need to access the NFL Network,Discovery ID,H&G and paramount channels..If I cannot get the NFL Network,ESPN will do..

  46. I have cable now. I want to keep getting nat geo and the history channel. does the stick offer that

    • Yes, Robert. The Pluto TV is the app that is mentioned in the list that offers 1,000+ Live TV channels including Nat Geo and History Channel.

  47. Can I get the nfl and pac-12 channels?

  48. Will I be Able to get AMC on a firestick. This is really the only channel that we watch. Mostly for the Walking Dead series

  49. I like BBC America , Axis TV , Animal Planet , Tru TV & Travl.Can I get those on the Firestick?

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  54. We want to talk to someone in customer service. we are looking into changing to Roku.

  55. I am new to the ‘firestick’. I have the 4K version and have downloaded a few APKs (is that the correct term?). Such as BeeTV, Cyberflix, Cinema and others.
    I do not have KODI as yet. My question is, “If I download/install KODI, should I delete all the applications and load them via KODI?”

  56. Can you watch football live and the Red Zone

  57. Do you have apps with spanish movies?

  58. I’m looking into a fire stick but I want to know if you get: tbs, tvland, cmt,tnt,USA,bravo etc..

  59. Can I watch cartoon network?

  60. How do I go about getting KTLA channel 5 News on my Amazon FireTv? Can I get any information on this matter?

  61. I have five TVs…. getting ready to cut the cord….I’m comparing the channels offered with Firestick 4K vs Roku. Is there anywhere you might suggest I could find this information? THANKS!

    • Hey Henny, there are many apps that I would like to suggest. BeeTV is a good app, and so is Pluto TV. Also, you can install FreeFlix OR Redbox TV as well.

  62. Can I watch the CNN ?

  63. What is the cost for your premium channel lineup & will it inculde Fox, turner classic & one america news.

  64. Can I access the Tour de France using a fire stick and if so on what channel here in western Canada

  65. Ug just overwhelmed with all the diff apps that really don’t have what We like!!!
    Have Amazon prime & fire stick not finding What we want really…
    Been running through them all, the discovery has some shows but not the shows we like to watch. Also want just one local channel Like fox and nothing. We really don’t like any of the news channels .
    Just started a Hulu trial, not it either. Going to investigate sling …
    Too many movies cartoons and crap news
    Ug the search continues…

  66. Can I delete apps I have decided I don’t want?

  67. Can I get the walking dead, Yellowstone and blacklist with the firestick?

  68. May I watch Argentina’s channels?

  69. I live in Ohio but pay to watch the Phillies through the MLB single team package. I get all 162 of their games. Of course, I have to pay for that subscription. I am not a brown’s fan, but like the Giants. Unlike baseball, the NFL does not offer any single team package. I haven’t watched a Giants game since I got wid of satellite. How can the firestick help me with these? Would it connect me to the Phillis NBC station in Philidelphia, and would it let me watch giants games? What would be the cost savings?

  70. Could I wat A & E, BRAVO, FYI?

  71. Can I get Peruvian channels?

  72. Can you get channels such as MTV, CBS, and Tru tv?

  73. Lawrence Antonypillai

    Hi can I watch Srilankan tv Channels and sky sports, Indian IPL Cricket also European soccer tournaments?

  74. Do you have a full list of channels? I am looking for Motor Trend, food network, Discovery, Science, History, Golf, Destination American, Travel, Tru and Hallmark for my wife.

    • Hey Fred, some of these channels can be easily available on Pluto TV. Try that one and let us know if it works for you.

  75. do you offer golf channel and espn 2

  76. The live channels app won’t open on firestick lite, can someone please help

  77. Can I receive ESPN on Firestick using Hulu? There was something on Roku that was not available on Firestick using Hulu and I think that was it.

  78. With a Amazon Fire stick can I get local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox channels? How?

  79. Does the channel DISCOVERY+ come pre-loaded on the jailbroken firestick?

  80. I just ordered the fire stick , where do I go to see what apps I can download for the stick???

  81. Hi, I’m paying for Food Network Channel and have been watching Diners, Drive in’s and Dives for months, now I can’t find it, and appears you have to pay per episode or season. What happened, or what am I doing wrong?

  82. I have a firestick , how do I get the USA channel without subscribing to an expensive streaming service or cable ?

  83. I am just observing some ideas to do other than high paying satellite and cable bills. So, I’m curious if “FireStick” is a great opportunity and what does it provide as channels for free and what kind of purchasing should i get if anything?

  84. Where do I go to see what apps I can download and any cost involved?

  85. Hi! Can I get discovery plus and Fox Nation on fire stick? Thank you!

  86. can we access discovery and history channels?

  87. Can you get the bravo channel travel channel, WE TV vh1, the travel channel, and the Discovery channel?

  88. Can i get (tv one) or (bounce tv)

  89. can you get amazon prime channels with the fire stick


    Can i get all this channels. Bravo tv, HGTV, VH1, MTV, TBS, CNN, TLC, OWN, WE TV and GAME SHOW

  91. Does the fire stick have nbc in South Africa?

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