How to Watch Zee5 on FireStick (November 2021)

This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch Zee5 on FireStick and Fire TV outside India. 

Indian television and film industry is taking the world by storm and this time the storm has swept up FireStick users who are in for a long, enjoyable ride!

Zee Entertainment has been entertaining fans in and beyond Indian borders for decades now. ZEE5 is their latest streaming platform. Since its launch in 2018, it has already amassed 76+ million subscribers worldwide.

ZEE5 is a haven for users wanting to watch popular Indian TV shows and Bollywood movies. It contains a large library of on-demand TV shows and movies that one can stream for more than 100,000 hours.

But since Zee5 is only available in India, people outside India have trouble watching their favorite shows. For that, you will need a VPN such as Surfshark.

By following this guide, you will be able to watch Zee5 from anywhere.

How to Watch Zee5 on FireStick

Before you stream with this app, make sure to install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick and then connect to the Indian server. Once you do that, then start streaming.

Step 1: Register your account with Zee5 from their website


Step 2: Go to FireStick Home


Step 3: Click on the Find tab and then Click on Search Icon


Step 4: Type ‘ZEE 5’ to search and click on it


Step 5: Click on ‘Get’ to download


Step 6: Once the installation is completed, click Open


Get Surfshark

How to Use ZEE5 on FireStick

As I said earlier, to access Zee5 shows from outside India, you will need to install Surfshark VPN on FireStick. Connect to an Indian server and start streaming Indian shows.


  1. To open Zee5, press and hold Home Button for a few second
  2. Now click on Apps
  3. Choose zEE5 from the list and launch the app
  4. Click on ‘Log in or Register’
  5. Now open Zee5 website on your phone or laptop
  6. Click on the ‘Authenticate’
  7. Enter the code appearing on your FireStick on your phone.
  8. Click on the ‘Continue’
  9. Enjoy!

Get Surfshark

How to Use Surfshark VPN with Zee5

1. First, subscribe to Surfshark and go to FireStick Home


2. Click on the Find tab and then Click on Search Icon


3. Type ‘Surfshark’ in the space given and click on it


4. Select the Surfshark app from the list


5. Click on ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ to start installing Surfshark


6. After the installation is completed, click Open


7. Enter Login details and connect to the Indian server and start streaming!


Get Surfshark

Features of ZEE5 on FireStick

  • It offers programs in 12 different languages which include English, Hindi/Urdu, Bengali, and Tamil among others.
  • All videos are available in HD quality.
  • You can download shows so you can watch them offline anytime you want.
  • Voice Remote users can use their voice to search for different content of their choice on the ZEE5 app.
  • They can also access a TV guide for live TV channels and set reminders so you are able to catch your favorite programs whenever they are on.
  • Viewers can choose any language from among the 11 languages that the app display is available for easy navigation and convenience.
  • For some popular live TV channels, the rerun channel feature is also available.

Alternatives of ZEE5 on FireStick

The following apps may not let you watch on-demand Indian TV shows and movies but you’d be able to stream some Indian channels live on your Fire device.

Zee5 is listed as one of the best Fire Stick apps that you would want to install right away. Before you start streaming, make sure you have the best VPN for Fire TV Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZEE5 free?

Yes, some of the content on ZEE5 is free, however, for access to all the content on ZEE5, you would need a subscription of its premium version.

What can I watch on ZEE5?

ZEE5 offers over 100,000 hours of different content under on-demand and 90+ live TV channels. Apart from your favorite Indian shows and movies, ZEE5 also has its own original content.

It also lets you watch shows in 12 different languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.

Can I watch ZEE5 on FireStick in the US?

Although, ZEE5 is available in more than 190 countries, unfortunately, it isn’t available in the US and due to geo-restrictions, you wouldn’t be able to watch ZEE5 in the US without a VPN connection.


ZEE5 on FireStick is something you can’t miss out on if you’re in love with the drama and grandeur that Indian TV shows and movies are known for.

With its countless content offerings and live TV channels, it offers a large world to lose yourself in.  The numerous features offer a quality streaming experience that feels premium and like home at the same time.

We hope this guide helps you cash in on this experience and journey we can’t stop raving about!

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