How to Install Disney Plus on FireStick (September 2021)


Disney Plus is the new video-on-demand streaming service started by Walt Disney Company. The service was launched on November 12th 2019 in the US, Netherlands, and Canada.

Currently, it directly competes with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. In this guide, we will be showing you how to install Disney Plus on FireStick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and other Amazon devices.

There are two ways to install Disney Plus on a Fire TV Stick device. The first method is for the people who live in either the US or Canada. The app is directly installed from the Amazon App Store.

The second method is for people who live in the UK or any country outside of the US. This involves the process of installing Disney Plus Fire TV apk.

But the second method involves using a VPN such as Surfshark that will assign you with a US IP address so you can view all Disney+ Movies and TV Shows from anywhere.

Set your location to US with VPN and watch Frozen 2 and full episodes of The Mandalorian & many more on US Disney plus

Let’s begin with the process…

Method 1: Install Disney Plus on FireStick with Amazon Store

Disney Plus on Fire TV Stick involves few easy steps that are easily downloaded through Amazon App Store.

Step 1: Open FireStick Home


Step 2: Click on the search icon from the top menu


Step 3: Now type Disney Plus and click on the first result that appears


Step 4: Select Disney Plus app


Step 5: Click Get for the download to start


Step 6: It will take a few minutes to install


Step 7: Once downloaded, click Open


Step 8: The app will now open


Step 9: Enter the Username and Password, and you’re good to stream

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Video Tutorial to install Disney Plus on Firestick

Method 2: How to Install Disney Plus Fire TV APK

This method involves installing Disney Plus APK on Fire TV. Before you begin, make sure you use Surfshark to change your original IP address to the US IP address. Only with a VPN, you will be able to access Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick UK.

Step 1: Open FireStick Home and then go to Settings


Step 2: Click on the My Fire TV/ My Device option


Step 3: Then click on the Developer option


Step 4: Select Apps from Unknown Sources


Step 5: Click Turn ON


Step 6: Go back to FireStick Home > Then click on the Search option from the top menu


Step 7: Type Downloader and click on the first option that appears


Step 8: Select the Downloader app from the list


Step 9: Click the Download or Get option


Step 10: Once the app is installed, click Open


Step 11: Enter this URL and click GO


Step 12: The download will start


Step 13: Click Install when another screen appears


Step 14: Now click Done


Step 15: Now click Delete


Step 16: Press Delete again if the message appears


Note: Aptoide app is an unofficial app store for FireStick. That is why it doesn’t work with the FireStick remote. You will need to install Toggle Mouse app in order to make it work. This app will just take about 5 minutes of your time.

Step 17: Now long-press the Home button on FireStick remote for 5 seconds and then click on Apps when the screen arrives


Step 18: Scroll down and select the Aptoide app


Step 19: Aptoide app will now open so click Skip


Step 20: This is the interface of Aptoide. This apps works great with Mouse Toggle so double-tap the Play/Pause button on your FireStick remote to enable Mouse Toggle and click on the Search option 


Step 21: Now type Disney Plus on the search option and click Go


Step 22: Disney Plus Searches will appear, so click on it


Step 23: Press Install (The button will only press with the help of Mouse Toggle)


Step 24: Press Install once again


Step 25: Wait for the app to install


Step 26: Once installed, click Open


Step 27: The app will now launch


Step 28: Login with your email and start using Disney Plus


Once again, in order to access this app you will need to have a Surfshark that will assign you a US IP address.

You can also learn how to install Surfshark on FireStick in the guide.

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How to Use Disney Plus from Outside US & Canada

Follow the steps below in order to access your Disney Plus account:

  • Subscribe to Surfshark
  • Download and Install the app on your device
  • Enter login and password
  • Connect to US server
  • Now go to Disney Plus website
  • Select your preferred subscription plan either monthly or yearly
  • Confirm your subscription agreement and privacy policy by entering your email details
  • Click on Agree & Continue to proceed further
  • Enter a secure password and continue to confirm
  • Choose your desired payment method and complete the payment process

Once the above steps are completed, log in to your account details and stream your favorite content and enjoy it.

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Best Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows

Once you have installed the Disney Plus Fire TV APK or the official Disney Plus app, here is a list of Movies and TV Shows that you might want to watch:

  • Mandalorian
  • The Clone Wars
  • High School Musical
  • Monsters at Work
  • WandaVision
  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes were Made
  • One Day at Disney

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Plus not working on FireStick

If you are living in the US, you can install it via Amazon Play Store and it will work perfectly. But if you are outside of the US and then install Disney Plus FireStick on Amazon Store, then it won’t work.

For people living outside of the US, you need to download Disney Plus APK.

Is there a Disney Plus Fire TV APK?

Yes, for people living outside of the US, they can install Disney Plus Fire TV APK that will work perfectly on FireStick.


Disney Plus is the new streaming service that is taking over the world of entertainment and you want to be a part of it. For that, you need to know how to install Disney Plus on FireStick and Fire TV.

If you still face any ambiguity or have any issues please get back to us. We will love to help you out.


  1. I’ve tried the instructions. It downloads the XAPK file but when I open it it says no app supported. What a I doing wrong?

  2. Tried several times to get tis to download and still nothing. Its says its for Android but not firestick.

  3. It never showed install it said open delete or done. But never install.

  4. This is now an xapk…so it doesn’t install.

  5. For Fire Tv Sticks its a different App.
    You can install the Android version, but it wont work.

  6. That site you mentioned will take you to apkpure to trick you into installing their app, which wants full admin rights… This won’t give you the Disney plus app at all.

  7. its annoying how disney is still not available in some countries. anyone know of a vpn i should use. Theres a free-trial on purevpn but im open to other suggestions too

    • Hey Sim, we recommend using Surfshark. It also offers a free trial for 7 days. If you want to try it for a bit of a longer time period, you can use it for 30-days risk-free because it offers 30-days refund policy.

      • Hey could you guys leave a link to it? I see the surfshark free trial but then it says 1.88/month, whereas PureVPN is 0.99, but both are not free

  8. We have tried to install Disney + through the FireStick but when we click on open the screen comes up requiring an email address to be input. This is a problem as there is no means we can see to enable us to type in an email address.

    Also, we had different problems accessing BritBox through the FireStick. We followed all the instructions but we were not able to view BritBox through the FireStick. The view screen did not work.

    Both Disney + and BritBox are significantly advertised on the FireStick and not unreasonably we assume we should be able to access these streaming services through the FireStick We cannot understand why we cannot access both service through the FireStick. Please could you advise on how we can access both streaming services through the FireStick.

    We are based in the UK.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Sharon Gonzalez

    We installed Disney+ a few months ago and watched it quite a bit. The last couple of weeks when we go into Amazon FireTV it either wont come up or we will start watching sometimes Disney, etc. and it just drops out of what we are watching. Then it looks like it is going to bring up Amazon FireTV again and drops. Its done this several times and not sure why or what to do.

    Please help.

    • Maybe that’s because you have installed Disney Plus app from the official Amazon store and due to your location, it may cause you a bit of a problem. You can install the APK method as mentioned in the guide and you won’t face this problem.

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