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How to Install CucoTV on FireStick (2023)


This step-by-step guide will show you how to install CucoTV APK on Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV 4K.

CucoTV is an amazing Android app that allows you to stream the latest movies or TV series. It is a free app, so that means you can watch anything to everything with this app and there are no subscription charges.

CucoTV allows the streaming of high-quality HD videos. The interface and features of CucoTV are very similar to a once-famous app called ZiniTevi APK. So, installing and using it is a super easy process and anyone can do it as there is no such rocket science.

Watching free content over the internet is punishable by law. That is why it is strictlyto that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended choice because it completely hides your IP address and keeps your online identity anonymous while you watch free movies on Cuco TV.

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Legal Copyright Disclaimer: FIRESTICKHACKS does not verify if apps, websites, or services hold a legal/official licensing of the media content that they stream. We DO NOT own, operate, or re-sell streaming sites, apps, or services NOR it is administered or hosted by FIRESTICKHACKS.

How to Install CucoTV on FireStick

CucoTV is a free app that requires you to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick in order to remain anonymous over the internet and for safe streaming.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-1

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-2

Step 3: Select My Fire TV

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-3

Step 4: Choose Developer Options

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-4

Step 5: Click on Apps from Unknown Sources

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-5

Step 6: Click on Turn On

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-6

Step 7: Navigate back to the home page and select the Find menu

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-7

Step 8: Click on the Search option

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-8

Step 9: Type “Downloader” and select it from the list

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-9

Step 10: Select the Downloader icon

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-10

Step 11: Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-11

Step 12: Wait until the download is completed

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-12

Step 13: Click on Open to run the Downloader app

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-firestick-13

Step 14: Once the downloader opens, click on Allow

Step 15: A prompt will be displayed, click OK

Step 16: By default Home tab would be open with a text box displayed on the right side

Step 17: Now type in the search bar and click the Go option. The latest CucoTV version is v1.2.3 apk

Note: The referenced link is the official URL of this app/website. FIRESTdoesKHACKS do not own, operate, or re-sell any app, streaming site, or service and has no affiliation with its developers.

Step 18: Scroll down and select Download APK


Step 19: Wait for the app to download

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step12How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step12

Step 20: After the app is downloaded, click the Install option

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step13

Step 21: Click Done when the installation is completed

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step14

Step 22: Hit the Delete button

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step15

Step 23: A confirmation pop-up menu will have delete or cancel options. You have to click Delete again

How-to-Install-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step16

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How to Use CucoTV on FireStick

CucoTV is now installed on your device. You have to follow some simple and basic steps to get started with it. Here are those steps from which you can run CucoTV on a FireStick.

Step 1: Your CucoTV app is now launched. Select the Get Started option

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step1

Step 2: Now it’s time to select the language. Select your language from the menu and press Done

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step2

Step 3: Select the device type you want to run CucoTV on. For this, click on the TV icon

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step3

Step 4: Give CucoTv access to photos, media, and files on your device by clicking Allow option

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step4

Step 5: Click on Cancel at this stage

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step5

Step 6: Congratulations! You have now successfully installed CucoTV APK on your firestick. It is now ready to use!

How-to-use-CucoTV- APK-on-FireStick-step6

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How to Integrate CucoTV with Real Debrid

One of the best things about CucoTV is that you can integrate it with Real Debrid. Real Debrid is basically a subscription-based downloader that allows you to download high-quality videos or stream them immediately at the highest possible speed.

Here are some basic steps you can follow to incorporate your CucoTV with Real Debrid without much effort.

Step 1: Open the CucoTV app on your firestick

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step1

Step 2: There will be a Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen so click on it

Step 3: Keep scrolling until you see the Real Debrid option and tap on it

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step3

Step 4: A code will appear on the screen. Remember it or note it down somewhere to be on the safe side

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step4

Step 5: Now go to on your computer browser

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step5

Step 6: Type the code here that you got in step 3. After typing the code, click on the Continue button

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step6

Step 7: A notification will show that you have completed the authorization process

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step7

Step 8: Now your CucoTV is integrated with Real Derbid. Enjoy!

How-to-Integrate-CucoTV- with-Real-Debrid-step8

How to Use a VPN with CucoTV

Since CucoTV is geo-restricted and a third-party streaming app, you must use a VPN to run it anywhere in the world. The recommended VPN is ExpressVPN. Don’t get worried after hearing that. The process of installing and running a VPN is super easy. Here is a detailed guide about it.

Step 1: Go to the home screen of your firestick


Step 2: Click on the Find tab and then Click on Search Icon


Step 3: Type ‘ExpressVPN’ in the space given and click on the search that appears


Step 4: Select the ExpressVPN tab


Step 5: Click on ‘Get’ to start installing ExpressVPN


Step 6: The app will begin to download


Step 7: Click on the ‘Open’ button to launch ExpressVPN once the installation is complete


Step 8: Sign-in using the credentials


Step 9: Connect to an American server


Try ExpressVPN

CucoTV Features

The interface of CucoTV is very similar to that of the ZiniTevi app and is easy to use and stream. Your favorite movies, TV shows, and their latest episodes are just one click away from you while using CucoTV.

Moreover, CucoTV allows HD streaming with good internet. But if you don’t have good speed, don’t worry. CucoTV can provide you SD connection with slow internet speed.

There is also an option for subtitles too if there are movies available in a language other than English.

Is CucoTV Apk Safe to Use?

CucoTV is a Video Streaming App that provides a huge collection of video content for free and is completely safe for use.

It provides the latest movies and TV shows that can only be found on premium streaming services.

However, as the service is free and provides many latest movies and shows, we are not sure about its authentication or licensing agreement. Therefore, it is essential to keep your online identity and activity anonymous to ISPs. That is why you must use ExpressVPN while using free content on CucoTV.

CucoTV Not Working Problem

If you are facing any problem regarding CucoTV Streaming then the following may be the reason that I have discussed their solutions.

1. Parsing the Package Error

CucoTV is a third-party app that is downloaded from a source that is unknown to the Firestick device. For this reason, Firestick developers have been given the option to fix such problems in installing the apks.

Follow the guide: How to Fix Parsing the Package error on Firestick

2. Clear the Cache

When the app is installed now you may face the issues like lagging and buffering or after launching the app it takes a lot of time to open.

First of all, check if your internet connection is stable and the signals are good. If everything is good there now your device cache is overloaded, go clear your Firestick Cache from the settings option.

3. Upgrade to the latest version

If you have tried the above methods still facing the problem then there may be an issue with the installed app. Your already installed app needs to be upgraded.

  1. Open the App and click the menu icon
  2. In the menu, you will see an update icon or New Update available.
  3. Click and install it to update CucoTV App

CucoTV Alternatives

CucoTV is a useful app for streaming high-quality HD videos such as movies or the latest TV shows. But there is always a possibility of some internal issues or bugs. So you must have some alternatives to enjoy non-stop streaming.

Some of the CucoTV alternatives are listed below.

Before you stream anything from these apps, make sure you have what it takes to stream it safely i.e. a good VPN for FireStick. Also, you can choose from a variety of apps on FireStick as well.


CucoTV is an incredible app for live streaming HD quality videos such as movies with interesting features. Install it on your Firestick and enjoy your favorite shows on it.

You can even easily download the videos by integrating your CucoTV app with Real Derbid. But keep in mind, always use a VPN to be on the safe side.

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