How to Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick/Fire TV from Outside UK 2022


This is a step-by-step guide on how to install BBC iPlayer on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube. 

BBC iPlayer is a video streaming service only available in the UK. Not just Movies and TV Shows, you get to stream Live Sports (NFL, Cricket, etc), News, Documentaries, and more.

Even though BBC iPlayer has an official app available on the Amazon App Store, only UK residents will be able to install it.

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3 Ways to Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick

I have mentioned two methods to install BBC iPlayer on Firestick. These methods are:

BBC iPlayer FireStick app is only available for UK residents. Therefore, it is strictly advised that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.

Our Recommended VPN – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our recommended choice because it completely hides your IP address and keeps your online identity anonymous while you Watch BBC iPlayer.

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Watch BBC iPlayer on Firestick using Silk Browser

This is a simple and easy method that only requires the use of an Internet browser for which we will be using Amazon Silk Browser.

Before streaming from the official BBC iPlayer website, make sure to install and use ExpressVPN on Firestick and connect UK server to bypass the restriction if applicable.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Select the Find menu


Step 3: Click on the Search option


Step 4: Type “Internet Browser” and select it from the list


Step 5: Select the Internet icon when the below screen appears


Step 6: Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install


Step 7: Wait until the download is completed


Step 8: Select Open to access the installed browser


Step 9: Once the browser opens, click on Accept Terms


Step 10: By default, the tab would be open


Step 11: Type the URL and click GO


Step 12: This is the Interface of the Official BBC iPlayer Website


Step 13: First of all Register an account for free or sign in if you already have one.


Step 14: After registering an account or Signing in, choose any program.


Step 15: Click Play and enjoy streaming BBC iPlayer for free


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Watch BBC iPlayer on Firestick using Downloader App

This method is for the audience living outside the UK because the service is only accessible in the UK so you can sideload the BBC iPlayer Apk from anywhere in the world.

However, the content of the service can be streamed when you install and use ExpressVPN and connect UK server.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon


Step 3: Select My Fire TV


Step 4: Choose Developer Options


Step 5: Click on Apps from Unknown Sources


Step 6: Click on Turn On


Step 7: Navigate back to the home page and select the Find menu


Step 8: Click on the Search option


Step 9: Type “Downloader” and select it from the list


Step 10: Select the Downloader icon


Step 11: Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install


Step 12: Wait until the download is completed


Step 13: Click on Open to run the Downloader app


Step 14: Once the downloader opens, click on Allow


Step 15: A prompt will be displayed, click OK


Step 16: By default Home tab would be open with a text box displayed on the right side


Step 17: Type this URL and click GO

Note: The referenced link is the official URL of this app/website. FIRESTICKHACKS does not own, operate, or re-sell any app, streaming site, or service and has no affiliation with its developers.


Step 18: Click Download


Step 19: Once the download finishes, click Install


Step 20: Press Install again


Step 21: Once the app is installed, press Done


Step 22: Return to FireStick Home > Go to Settings > Then Applications


Step 23: Select Manage Installed Applications


Step 24: Here you will find BBC iPlayer in the list so click on it

Step 25: Click Launch Application


Before you start streaming on BBC iPlayer, you would need to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick. Once you do that, you can enjoy watching free content.

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Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick with Amazon App Store

BBC iPlayer is also available in the Amazon app store but only UK residents would be able to see it. Users from the outside UK would not be able to locate the app.

Follow these instructions if you live in the UK:

Step 1: Open FireStick Home

Step 2: Go to the Search icon from the top menu

Step 3: Type BBC iPlayer and click on the first result that appears

Step 4: Now click on the BBC player app

Step 5: Press Download 

Step 6: Click Open once the download ends

Step 7: You will see the app appears on your screen

How to Use BBC iPlayer on FireStick

It is such an easy app to use on FireStick because of its interface. But since BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK, you are required to get ExpressVPN for people trying to access iPlayer from the outside UK. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN (Our #1 choice VPN) and install ExpressVPN on FireStick

Step 2: Open the BBC iPlayer app on FireStick and enter your Username and Password or Sign up if you don’t have an account.

Step 3: Start streaming Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, etc. 


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Is BBC iPlayer Safe to Use?

Yes, Of course… It is 100% safe to use as the service is officially announced by BBC Network and has the proper license to stream the BBC content.

It provides the content of BBC network (Movies & TV Shows) for free for UK citizens.

There is only one hatch that stops you from streaming BBC iPlayer which is geo-restriction. The service is only accessible in the UK so use ExpressVPN to bypass the restriction by connecting to the UK Server.

List of TV Shows on BBC iPlayer

Here is a list of TV Shows you can watch on BBC iPlayer FireStick apk:

  • The Split
  • Get Even
  • Line of Duty
  • Fight Dirty
  • King Gary
  • Rio and Kate
  • EastEnders
  • Top Gear

How to Watch NFL with BBC iPlayer

You can watch NFL with BBC iPlayer by streaming the BBC Two channel. However, you will only be able to watch selective matches.

If you want to stream multiple NFL matches and that is also for free, then read our guide NFL on FireStick.

BBC iPlayer Alternatives

If you want more Movies and TV Shows from around the world, then you must try other alternatives as I have mentioned in the list below:

You can also lookup in our best FireStick channels guide that has tons of Movies & TV Shows in HD quality. But before you install any of these apps, you must read our best VPN for FireStick to stay protected online.

FAQs – BBC iPlayer

What devices I can watch BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlay can be streamed on various streaming devices. However, it is not officially available on every streaming device store but can be sideloaded by apk method. Its compatible device includes Firestick, MI TV Stick, Roku, shield TV, Apple, Chrome OS, and more.

Is it legal to Stream BBC iPlayer?

Yes, it is legit and legal to stream BBC iPlayer as the service is officially authorized by the BBC network and has the license to stream the content.

How can I Watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK?

Since the service is UK-Based, so there is no only way to watch it outside the UK that is by using a VPN. we recommend you to use ExpressVPN and connect UK server, it will help you to stream BBC iPlayer from anywhere.

Key Takeaways

BBC iPlayer is easy to install on FireStick than you think. It is a UK app that is only available for people living in the country. However, with the help of a VPN, you can circumvent geographical restrictions. 

This guide explains how easy it is to install BBC iPlayer on FireStick. We have also laid down a video guide to explain it to you. If you have any questions, please mention them in the comment section. 


  1. As I live in Spain where do I get the user name and password as mentioned in step 2, (you now need to sign in to your BBC account to watch)

  2. I really wish there was a version of your app for android tv. It’s impossible to find a version of bbc-iplayer that doesn’t need a mouse so this version would be perfect for android tv. Is it possible for you to adapt this download for android?

  3. this link is no longer working, is there an updated one? When i type it into downloader it says there has been an error.

  4. Does it work for ITV player to ITV hun?

  5. My problem with this app is that it only displays in 4k mode and won’t auto fit to 1080 on my fire cube. I do not have a 4k television so I can only see 1/4 of the screen.

  6. When I click on sign in, my firestick is displaying code and I am instructed to go to my computer and enter that code after signing in to my BBC account. Only, I cannot figure out where to enter the code and your video implies that this step will not be needed and that you can sign directly into your BBC account. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Worked like a charm in Canada. Thanks!

  8. My iplayer app on my firestick suddenly does not want to load up. Same on my sisters stick. Idps it dow ? Have we been zapped?

    Any solutions?

  9. Any links for all4, itv and channel 5 app??


  10. I have ipVanish is that a problem? I can’t click on anything once the app opens and then I get an error message from amazon about can’t open browser.

  11. Hi, I’m in Australia and currently having problems accessing BBC iPlayer. I have done everything listed on this page, but still getting error 02001. I purchased surfshark, allowed BBC iPlayer to route via VPN, and still not working.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hey Brandon, we have updated the URL. Let us know if it works for you because I’ve been able to watch it outside UK using a VPN.

  12. I followed all the instructions and when I tried to play a show it said do you have A TV license? I clicked yes and now nothing will play. Help!

  13. Downloaded the iplayer app and the shows show up but when I go to click on any of the shows It states something went wrong loading this programme. It states it is usually a temporary thing and try again later but still having the same issue 24h later. Any solutions?

  14. All is great, but it’s impossible to navigate the menus with the standard firestick remote, any suggestions?

  15. mouse toggle on your troypoint apk has an error when downloading, any suggestions

  16. Sorry, my mistake, I used the wrong url. The new URL works fine and I can download the app no problem, but when we open it, we can’t find a way of selecting the programmes. We can click up and down with the remote, but we can’t select any programmes or move horizontally along the programme selection. Don’t know what that is about!

  17. Brilliant! Thanks so much for this. It’s working brilliantly for me on my Firestick with Nord VPN. I needed to download the Mouse Toggle; it wouldn’t work without it. Anyway, many thanks for a really well explained procedure that actually works!

  18. Thanks. I was able to download I player but the fire stick remote does not work properly. Any ideas?

  19. Hi there
    Got bbc iPlayer downloaded and using Surfshark VPN located to UK.
    However, I seem to have limited function on the iPlayer page – I can go up and down but I can’t go left or right, or select anything.
    Any tips please?

  20. Thanks for this. It worked great for a while, but now the app is asking (though there doesn’t appear to be an option no to) for me to download the latest version of the app. If I click ‘update’ it takes me to the Amazon store where it says the app is unavailable.
    Is there a workaround for this?

    • You will need to update the latest version of the app from another way, but before that you need to clear the data. Go to Settings, then Application, Manage Installed Applications, then click on BBC iplayer, and then select Clear Data. Now launch the app once again and you will see the update message appears.

  21. Thank you for this. I installed successfully. but remote controller is not working properly.
    I mean, I hear clicking when I want to choose a program but I can’t see where the cursor is.
    Could you help me out please.

  22. Hi, I couldn’t use the link and install BBC Iplayer , ty to help🥰

  23. Hi, I couldn’t use the link and install BBC Iplayer , ty to help🥰

  24. Hello.

    The BBC iPlayer download for Firestick you provide using the Downloader app doesn’t work. I’ve was able to get the app, but I can’t do anything. I can’t move around the screen or click on anything that works with the remote. I can’t play any shows or movies and I am connected to UK VPN. Is there a better app to watch Peaky Blinders at the same time it is released on BBC for Firestick is USA?

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