How to Watch NBA Live on FireStick (February 2021)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch NBA Finals Live on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube for free.

NBA Season 2020/2021 is currently on the way and Los Angeles Lakers will be defending their Championship and they are currently in the lead.

In this guide, I’ll be discussing how to watch NBA Finals 2020/2021 on FireStick. I’ll be using the Amazon Silk Browser for free streaming of NBA matches.

If you’re likely watching a free method, make sure you first subscribe and install a VPN (such as Surfshark) to hide your IP address and online identity. Failing to do so will likely expose your IP address and you will face legal troubles.

The free method (recommended) can be used by people living anywhere in the world and for any device including FireStick. For your own online protection, get yourself a VPN at an affordable price ($2.49/month).

The Premium method is only for those who have YouTube TV, Fubo TV, or Sling TV subscription.

Free Method

The free method that I am going to discuss is with Amazon Silk Browser that streams free Live TV Sports from anywhere.

Once again, I would recommend everyone to install and use Surfshark on FireStick because you will be seeing the matches live and for free.

How to Watch NBA Finals on Amazon FireStick Silk Browser

Step 1: Open FireStick Home and click on the Search menu


Step 2: Type Amazon Silk Browser and click on the result that appears


Step 3: Install the app if it isn’t installed, and click Open


Step 4: On the top of the browser, hover your mouse pad and click on it


Step 5: Enter this URL OR


Step 6: Scroll down to click on NBA TV


Step 7: Choose a match and start streaming!

Get Surfshark

Premium Methods

If you don’t want to stream it for free, then you can watch NBA Finals with either a subscription for YouTube TV, Fubo TV, or Sling TV. They all stream NBA TV live which means you can watch all of the NBA matches.

I will only e discussing how to watch YouTube TV because it is cheaper than the other two alternatives.

How to Watch NBA Finals on FireStick with YouTube TV

Step 1: Open FireStick Home and click on the Search menu


Step 2: Type ‘YouTube TV’ and click on the first relevant result that appears


Step 3: Click on the YouTube TV app 


Step 4: Press ‘Get’ OR ‘Download’ 


Step 5: Click Open


Step 6: Select ‘Try it free’ to get 5 days free trial


NBA Schedule for This Week

Let’s have a look at the matches that will be played this week:

Sr. No Matches Date Time
1 Knicks vs Wizards 2/12 7:00 pm
2 Timberwolves vs Hornets 2/12 7:00 pm
3 Spurs vs Hawks 2/12 7:30 pm
4 Pelicans vs Mavericks 2/12 7:30 pm
5 Clippers vs Bulls 2/12 8:00 pm
6 Pistons vs Celtics 2/12 8:00 pm
7 Thunder vs Nuggets 2/12 9:00 pm
8 Cavaliers vs Trailblazers 2/12 9:00 pm
9 Magic vs Kings 2/12 10:00 pm
10 Grizzlies vs Lakers 2/12 10:00 pm
11 76ers vs Suns 2/13 3:00 pm
12 Pacers vs Hawks 2/13 7:30 pm
13 Rockets vs Knicks 2/13 8:00 pm
14 Nets vs Warriors 2/13 8:30 pm
15 Heat vs Jazz 2/13 9:00 pm
16 Celtics vs Wizards 2/14 1:00 pm
17 Pelicans vs Pistons 2/14 7:00 pm
18 Timberwolves vs Raptors 2/14 7:00 pm
19 Raptors vs Pacers 2/14 7:00 pm
20 Spurs vs Hornets 2/14 4:00 pm
21 Trail Blazers vs Mavericks 2/14 7:30 pm
22 Bucks vs Thunder 2/14 8:00 pm
23 Magic vs Suns 2/14 9:00 pm
24 Grizzlies vs Kings 2/14 10:00 pm
25 Cavaliers vs Clippers 2/14 10:00 pm



NBA 2020/2021 season has just started and the Lakers are now defending the Championship. Millions of people would be watching the game on their TV as its the most popular sports in the entire US.

Watch the NBA live this week on your FireStick device using the method discussed in this guide.

Let us know which team are you supporting this seasons NBA Finals in the comment section below.

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