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This is a step-by-step guide on how to install Rapid Streamz on Firestick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube

Rapid Streamz is a popular free streaming app that gives you access to roughly 800 Live TV channels from countries including the USA, UK, and India.

Though the app is primarily known for offering extensive sports coverage, you may also watch top-rated movies, reality TV shows, documentaries, and more.

The latest Rapid Streamz version 2.9.7 does not have any in-build player, but it supports multiple external players such as VLC player, MX player, and XYZ player.

If you want to maintain a minimalistic home screen in the app, you can remove unnecessary tabs or categories and customize the interface for easier access to different channels.

To make the most of this app, we recommend you install a VPN on FireStick and connect it to the Costa Rica or Hong Kong server. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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How to Install Rapid Streamz on FireStick

Rapid Streamz is an unofficial free streaming app, which is why it is not listed on the Amazon App Store. The only way to install this app on a Fire TV Stick is to sideload it via a third-party source.

But before that, be sure you install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick. Connecting to the Costa Rica or Hong Kong server will ensure the app runs smoothly.

Follow these steps to install Rapid Streamz on FireStick: ins

Step 1: Turn ON your FireStick device and Go to FireStick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon 


Step 3: Select the My Fire TV option


Step 4: To enable the Developer Option, click About.


Note: If you have already enabled the Developer Option, then proceed to Step 10

Step 5: Click on the Fire TV Stick option quickly at least 7 times


Step 6: Now you will see this message at the bottom saying "No need, you are already a developer". So stop clicking then


Step 7: Now the Developer Option will appear in the menu so click on it


Step 8: Choose Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it ON


Step 9: Simply click Turn On


Step 10: Now return to the FireStick Home menu by pressing the "Home" icon on the remote and click on Find


Step 11: Now select the Search icon


Step 12: Type Downloader and press search


Step 13: Select the Downloader App icon from the list available in the Amazon Store


Step 14: Tap Get/Download


Step 15: Wait for a while until the installation process is completed


Step 16: Now click Open


Step 17: Select Allow to give access to the downloader app


Step 18: Click OK here


Step 19: This is the Downloader App interface, Choose the Home tab and click Search Bar


Step 20: Now enter the Rapid Streamz Downloader Code 730116 in the search box OR enter this URL and click Go

Note: The referenced link is the official URL of this app/website. FIRESTICKHACKS does not own, operate, or re-sell any app, streaming site, or service and has no affiliation with its developers.


Step 21: Scroll down and tap “Download App Now”.


Step 22: The installation will start. Please wait until it is done.


Step 23: Click “Install”.


Step 24: Once the installation completes, click “Done”.


Step 25: Select “Delete”.

Note: Deleting the Rapid Streamz APK will free up space on the FireStick.


Step 26: Select “Delete” again for confirmation.


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How to Add an External Player to Rapid Streamz

Unlike many other free FireStick APKs, Rapid Streamz does not have an integrated video player.

But the good news is that it supports a range of external players such as MX player, XYZ player, and VLC player to ensure a customized viewing experience.

In this guide, we have selected the VLC player for the demonstration purpose. You may select any other player supported by the app and install it using the same steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the FireStick home screen and tap the “Search” icon.


Step 2: Type “VLC Player” and then select it from the list.


Step 3: Choose “VLC Player” from the results.


Step 4: Click “Download.”


Step 5: Wait for the download to finish.


Step 6: Once the installation is complete, you will see an “Open” icon, which indicates that the VLC Player is ready to use.


Step 7: Now open the Rapid Streamz app and select “Settings” by clicking the top left menu.


Step 8: Navigate to “Video Player”.


Step 9: Choose VLC Player (or whichever external player you have installed).


How to Use Rapid Streamz on Fire TV Stick

Now that you have the added external player to Rapid Streamz, it is time to get the app up and running and explore its amazing live TV channels.

Please note that you will experience buffering issues with Rapid Streamz until you install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick.

To watch the live TC channels without facing buffering issues, connect the VPN to the Hong Kong or Costa Rica server.

Follow these steps to use Rapid Streamz on Firestick:

Step 1: Open ExpressVPN and connect it to the Hong Kong server.


Step 2: Long press the Home” button on the Fire TV Stick remote and navigate to “Apps”.


Step 3: Select “Rapid Streamz” from the list.


Step 4: Tap the “Continue” icon.


Step 5: Select “Allow”.


Step 6: Click “Accept” on the bottom right of your screen for an ad-free experience. 


Step 7: Select “Get Started”.


Step 8: Now you will see the interface of Rapid Streamz. Click your desired sport from the available tabs or. We selected “All Cricket Matches”


Step 9: Click the match you want to see.


Step 10: Select a link in SD or HD streaming quality.

Important: In some cases, not all the links may work, so you will have to try a few links before eventually stumbling upon the one that streams.


Step 11: Now you can enjoy streaming in the selected external player!


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Customize Rapid Streamz Home Screen

Rapid Streamz displays several categories on the home screen by default. However, you can choose the ones that align with your interests and remove unnecessary tabs.

Here is how you can customize the Rapid Streamz home screen:

Step 1: Open the Rapid Streamz app and select “Settings” by clicking the top left menu.


Step 2: Click “Hide Catagories”.


Step 3: Now check mark the categories or tabs you do not want to see on the app’s home screen.


Is Rapid Streamz Safe/Legal to Use?


Rapid Streamz is safe to use. We scanned the Rapid Streamz APK file on VirusTotal and did not find any security red flag in it (see the picture above).

However, Rapid Streamz might not comply with legal standards in your country as it accesses links from unverified sources, so we recommend you install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick for secure streaming.

Everything You Need to Know About Rapid Streamz

Here is a quick sneak peek into Rapid Streamz:

Content-Type Live TV Channels
Price Free
File Size 18.2 MB
Version 2.9.7
Is It Safe to Use? Yes, but you will have to use a VPN
Developers Rapid Streamz

Top Rapid Streamz Features

Rapid Streamz is not one of those run-of-the-mill free live TV apps that merely get the job done. It ensures you get the most out of the app, thanks to its extensive features.

Here are some of the tell-tale features of Rapid Streamz:

  • It has 800+ live TV channels from all over the world.
  • You get multiple streaming links in SD and HD quality.
  • You can customize the app’s home screen by adding or removing different tabs.
  • Rapid Streamz supports multiple external players including MX player, VLC player, and XYZ player.
  • The app lets you add channels in the “Favorite” section for easier and faster access.
  • You can set a password on the “Settings” to keep others from accessing it.
  • Cannot find your favorite channel in Rapid Streamz? you can request a channel in Rapid Streamz.

Rapid Streamz Alternatives

Currently, Rapid Streamz is the darling of many FireStick users who are into sports, movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

However, considering it is a third-party app, we cannot be certain about its future. That is why you should be aware of the best FireStick APKs such as follows:

FAQs – Rapid Streamz on FireStick

Is Rapid Streamz Free to Use on FireStick?

Yes, Rapid Streamz is a free application that lets you stream hundreds of live TV channels from all over the world.

Can I download Rapid Streamz Directly from the Amazon App Store?

No, since Rapid Streamz is an unofficial app, you cannot find it on the Amazon app store.

Does Rapid Streamz Require Creating an Account? 

No, you can start using Rapid Streamz without signing up or creating an account.

Does Rapid Streamz Support Read-Debrid?

Unfortunately, Rapid Streamz does not have the Real-Debrid feature as of now.

Summing Up

Whether you want to catch your favorite athletes in live action or see your favorite actors playing mesmerizing roles in movies and TV shows, Rapid Streamz has it all.

It has easily one of the biggest collections of live TV channels (i.e. over 800) among all FireStick apps.

Moreover, you also get additional features like personalizing the app’s home screen, adding different external players, and compiling a list of specific channels for an exceptional user experience.

Please note that Rapid Streamz scrapes links from unknown sources, so do not forget to use ExpressVPN before using the app. The VPN will ensure you stay on top of your online security.

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  1. Hi, I have downloaded both Rapid Streamz and MX Player and every time I click a channel and select through MX Player I get the following error “Can’t play this link.” Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

    • Hello Jess! Rapid Streamz is a free app so it might be possible that due to the load on the server because of so many people trying to watch the same channel at the same time, it causes an error. I would suggest you to install Rapid Streamz alternative apps as well so you could just switch to those apps when Rapid Streamz is not working. These apps are TVMob and Live Net TV.

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