29 Best Movie Apps For FireStick – Free | July, 2024


This detailed guide will show you some of the best movie apps for FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

If you are like most FireStick users, you probably read about those “perfect” streaming apps in FireStick communities.

But when you try them out, most of them carry several glitches or do not get installed in the first place. Well, we are about to put an end to this frustrating cycle for you.

Our team has compiled a list of streaming apps that will let you watch movies for free. Some of the content on these apps may even overlap with paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

But before sharing these apps, we want you to have a look at the best apps for this week:

  • Nova TV (250931)
  • BeeTV (915757)
  • FreeFlix HQ (278776)
  • BBC iPlayer (952065)
  • WeTV Iflix (329604)

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29 Best Movie Apps for FireStick

Are you ready to explore top movie apps for FireStick? If so, let’s do it without any further ado.

The following are the best apps that we updated on Saturday, 6th July 2024:

1. BeeTV


BeeTV is on top of the list for a reason. It is loaded with a massive collection of movies and you can stream all of them for free. You may also activate subtitles in multiple languages to fully immerse yourself in the plot.

Though pretty much all content on the Bee TV app is available in HD quality, you may integrate Real-Debrid to take the viewing experience up a notch.

BeeTV Downloader Code: 915757

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/y2s788tt

Read more: How to Install BeeTV on FireStick

2. Cinema HD


Over time, Cinema HD has marked an uptick in its viewership by offering free movies to FireStick users. The app is completely ad-free, which makes up for optimal streaming sessions.

You may also add an external player such as VLC Player, AMPlayer, or MX Player for better performance. As soon as you install Cinema HD on FireSitck, you can use it right away – no sign-ups are required.

Cinema HD Downloader Code: 946811

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/yc8bexxk

Read more: How to Install Cinema HD on FireStick

3. CyberFlix TV


CyberFlix TV has been nailing the streaming landscape for quite some time. With this app, you have the luxury to pick from several movie links and stream them for free.

The app keeps things simple; movies are neatly sorted into categories for easy browsing. And if you really like a movie, pop it into the “Favorites” section for quick access later.

CyberFlix TV Downloader Code: 201816

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/3mk2ae9m

Read more: How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

4. Nova TV


Nova TV is no stranger to movie buffs, particularly those using Fire TV Stick. It enables you to watch tons of free movies without compromising FireStick’s performance, thanks to its small file size.

The app also offers content for kids; no wonder Nova TV has such a huge following among people who prioritize family-friendly entertainment.

Nova TV Downloader Code: 250931

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/mskxrkx6

Read more: How to Install Nova TV APK on FireStick

5. HDO Box


HDO Box offers a range of free classic and latest movies. Before playing a movie, you may get its quick rundown including an IMDB rating, release year, cast details, and summary.

The app plays everything in the HD quality. However, if you have slow internet, you may choose a suitable video resolution accordingly. HDO Box supports Trakt TV integration to sync your viewing history.

HDO Box Downloader Code: 863280

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/2s3mt678

Read More: How to Install HDO Box on FireStick

6. Movie HD


When it comes to streaming free movies on FireStick, not many apps work better than Movie HD. It has earned a great reputation among viewers for updating its content library regularly.

Despite not supporting Real-Debrid, the app does a fine job of ensuring buffer-free streaming in HD quality. It has a simple interface, which makes navigation a breeze.

Movie HD Downloader Code: 760630

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/myt9munv

Read More: How to Install Movie HD on FireStick

7. FreeFlix HQ


FreeFlix HQ has become one of the go-to options for streaming free movies on FireStick. Though the app shows ads, their limited frequency means they do not really annoy you while streaming.

You may enable parental control for more controlled streaming activities in the family. FreeFlix HQ’s latest version (5.0.2) requires users to install and use a mouse toggle on FireStick.

FreeFlix HQ Downloader Code: 278776

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/44wx46h4

Read More: How to Install FreeFlix HQ on FireStick

8. Stremio


Stremio is one of the most talked-about free movie streaming apps in FireStick communities, and rightly so. Though it works well with a Torrentio addon, Stremio becomes unsupportable by integrating Real-Debrid.

The app also supports subtitles in multiple languages and external players for quality streaming. However, you can expect yourself to be somewhat distracted occasionally with ads.

Stremio Downloader Code: 82452

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/3kzhp2ss

Read More: How to Install Stremio on FireStick

9. TeaTV


Any movie enthusiast worth its salt must have heard about TeaTV at some point. The app gives FireStick users access to an abundance of free movies in different genres including action, crime, and comedy.

It has a fascinating feature called “TV Calendar”, which informs viewers in advance about the movies that the app will feature on a specific. You may enable auto-play and skip using the remote!

TeaTV Downloader Code: 621446

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/ybbykhp9

Read more: How to Install TeaTV on FireStick

10. OnStream


OnStream has made its mark among Fire TV Stick users in recent times as a quality free movie streaming app. It has a minimal interface that makes navigation very convenient.

The app lets you check your viewing history and resume right where you left off. OnStream does not integrate Real-Debrid, perhaps because users will not need this feature. For the most part, the app streams butter-free in HD resolution.

OnStream Downloader Code: 885382

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/dehksffa

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11. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is a free movie app featuring a vast collection of the latest movies and shows in HD quality. The app also lets you integrate Real-Debrid on FireStick to further spice up your streaming sessions.

FilmPlus keeps the ads to a minimum to make sure viewers fully immerse themselves in the content.

FilmPlus Downloader Code: 76861

Downloader Link: bit.ly/48udCKy

Read More: How to Install FilmPlus on FireStick

12. Flix Vision


Flix Vision is a top-notch free streaming app that provides access to a varied library of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels.

With its user-friendly interface, users will not have a hard time navigating through the app.

Flix Vision Downloader Code: 766306

Downloader Link: bit.ly/41FKDRZ

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13. Flixoid


Flixoid is commonly known as the clone of CatMouse APK, which offers a vast selection of top-notch movies and TV series.

The app is free and boasts an ad-free experience, allowing users to indulge in their favorite content without interruptions.

Flixoid Downloader Code: 656015

Downloader Link: bit.ly/flixoid454

Read more: How to Install Flixoid on FireStick

14. Ocean Streamz


Ocean Streamz is an exceptional free FireStick app that offers a user-friendly interface and a vast library of movies, TV shows, and anime.

Some of the Popular titles like “Stranger Things,” Game of Thrones,” “The Mandalorian,” and “Demon Slayer are readily available for streaming.

Ocean Streamz Downloader Code: 99317

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/5dyfsyhv

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15. 1Pix Media


1Pix Media is a free video streaming app boasting over 400 live TV channels and a wide selection of the latest VOD (Movies and Shows).

This app has just hit the streaming scene and is quickly becoming a hit in the FireStick community.

1Pix Media Downloader Code: 435296

Read more: How to Install 1Pix Media on Firestick

16. Viva TV


Viva TV lets you watch the latest movies and TV shows in high definition for free. Its latest version (v1.6.4) has a user-friendly interface.

You can also get premium streaming links by connecting with Real Debrid. Plus, streaming is made smooth with TPlayer integration.

Viva TV Downloader Code: 438329

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/3mb3xtc2

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17. OneBox HD


OneBox HD is a popular unofficial streaming app that lets you enjoy movies and TV shows for free on your FireStick.

OneBox HD offers a range of video quality options, allowing users to pick the best one for their internet speed and data limits.

OneBox HD Downloader Code: 706008

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3Q21oSu

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18. HDtv Ultimate 


HDtv Ultimate is a free streaming app that provides hundreds of live TV channels from countries like India, Canada, and the UK.

This ensures you have access to a variety of premium entertainment, news, and sports channels from all over the world.

HDtv Ultimate Downloader Code: 643269

Downloader Link: bit.ly/4aHs570

Read More: How to Install HDtv Ultimate on FireStick

Unlike third-party APKs, official free movie apps are sustainable in the long run. Besides, they invest in the technology to offer a boatload of movies and ensure optimal streaming.

Following are some of the best official free movie apps:

19. Crackle TV


Crackle was previously owned by Sony Network and created quite a buzz as “Sony Crackle”. Most of its old users still call it by its old name.

Crackle TV does a commendable job streaming high-quality free movies from several production companies like Liogates, NBC, Disney, and Universe. While signing up is not mandatory, we recommend you do so to see fewer ads and access more features.

Crackle Downloader Code: 726058

Downloader Link: bit.ly/4cPQ9GM

Read more: How to Install Crackle TV on Firestick

20. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is a US-based free streaming service. The platform has collaborated with many production houses and broadcasters including Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Skydance Media, The Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros. 

These partnerships speak volumes about Tubi TV’s gigantic content library. If you create an account on Tubi TV, you will be able to see your history, which kind of helps organize your watchlist.

Read more: How to Watch Tubi TV on Firestick

21. FreeVee


Freevee is the latest version of IMDb TV. But apart from the name, everything else about the service remains the same. Freevee gives you loads of movies without any subscription fees – it is all free.

However, you will keep up with some ads along the way. The platform sends personalized recommendations to viewers based on their viewing history.

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22. Pluto TV


Pluto TV features a ton of free movies. The service refreshes its film library regularly to keep the content fresh for viewers. A wide array of movie genres on the platform means there is something to suit different tastes.

You can start streaming content on Pluto TV without creating an account or providing any personal information.

Pluto TV Downloader Code: 347241

Downloader Link: bit.ly/pluto-tv-firestick

Read More: How to Install Pluto TV on Firestick

23. Popcornflix


Popcornflix has shown a lot of promise over the years as a free streaming platform to access movies. It offers quality streaming options, including standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) where available.

While free, it features ads, but they are usually minimal, ensuring uninterrupted viewing for the most part.

Popcornflix Downloader Code: 707626

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/popc-flix-firetv

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24. The Roku Channel


The Roku Channel is a hub for free movies in HD quality. The service also provides kids-friendly content to pave the way for the ultimate family entertainment.

According to some estimations, over 50 million people use the Roku Channel worldwide, and its popularity is not showing any signs of slowing down.

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25. Xumo TV


If you are a price-conscious movie buff, Xumo TV is another free streaming service you will want to try. Whether you are into comedy or love watching classic films from different eras, Xumo has you covered.

As the app relies on advertising, you can expect to see ads every now and then. Keeping your convenience in mind, Xumo TV categorizes the content into different sections.

Xumo TV Downloader Code: 803964

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3PXrYfC

Read More: How to Install Xumo TV on FireStick

26. BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is your one-stop shop to watch free content primarily produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation, which includes movies, TV shows, and more.

This UK-based platform also lets you watch some of the content with subtitles. Also, you will not see any ads during your streaming sessions.

BBC iPlayer Downloader Code: 952065

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/yfzsz3hr

Read More: How to Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick

27. ITVX 


ITVX (formerly known as ITV Hub) is a widely-recognized UK-centric official live TV channel and VOD service. Though it has a paid version, you can watch free movies and TV shows with some ads.

This service is highly recommended for those who are particularly into British dramas. Since ITVX is restricted to the UK, be sure to use ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restriction.

ITVX Downloader Code: 931663

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/3budew8s

Read More: How to Install and Watch ITVX on FireStick

28. Plex 


Plex is an official streaming platform that lets you watch live TV channels and VOD content such as movies and TV shows for free.

You can also create a central server on Plex to store all your files including photos, music, movies, and more in one location.

Read More: How to Install Plex on FireStick

29. WeTV Iflix


WeTV Iflix is a Malaysian streaming platform offering a broad mix of content, including Western and Asian TV shows, movies, and anime.

The service does offer free content, alongside additional options available through its subscription model.

WeTV Iflix Downloader Code: 329604

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/4znb5vu4

Read More: How to Install WeTV Iflix on FireStick

FAQs – Best Movies Apps

Which apps on FireStick have all the latest movies?

Almost all the movie apps in this guide have the latest movies available for streaming. The content library of apps like Cinema HD, Pluto TV, Stremio, and BeeTV is updated regularly.

What internet speed is recommended for the smooth movie streaming of FireStick?

A stable internet connection of at least 5 Mbps is recommended for standard definition streaming, while higher speeds are preferred for HD or 4K streaming.

Can I watch movies with subtitles on FireStick?

Yes, most of the movie apps covered in this blog such as Stremio, CyberFlix TV, Nova TV, and BeeTV offer subtitles in various languages for a better viewing experience.

Are there any geo-restrictions to streaming movies on FireStick? 

Yes, many official and unofficial free movie apps and platforms offer geo-restricted content. However, you may use a VPN to access content from anywhere in the world.

Wrapping Up

The Amazon FireStick has revolutionized the we consume content. Unlike cable TV, viewers do not have to keep up with whatever movie a specific channel shows.

With a FireStick, you always have the luxury to keep switching until you find exactly what goes with your mood at a particular time. Guess what? Now you do not even have to pay a dime to watch your favorite movies on FireStick.

The apps covered in this blog free you from any subscriptions whatsoever. So give these apps a try and take your streaming game to the next level.

Since all these are either unofficial or geo-restricted, it is recommended to use ExpressVPN while installing and streaming them.

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