Install Kodi on Firestick with 5 Best Ways

Kodi is a free open-source app that allows Fire Stick users to stream free unlimited movies, TV shows, and thousands of IPTV channels. In this guide, we have discussed how to install Kodi on Fire Stick in 5 best ways.

These methods involves different techniques to install Kodi on Fire Stick. Each method has a separate set of complexities, but it has been explained in a simplest way possible. Fire Stick is a pretty useful device when it comes to streaming. To get more of the Fire Stick device, check out our endless list of Fire Stick Hacks.

Install Kodi on Fire Stick with Downloader (Method 1)

Before you start installing Kodi on Fire Stick, you are required to Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging. You can do that by opening Fire Stick > Go to Fire Stick Settings > Then Click on Device > Select Developer Options > Then Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging.

Now you can move towards installing Kodi on Fire Stick through following steps:

Step 1: Go to Fire Stick Home Screen > Now locate the ‘Search’ button for Amazon App Store> Type ‘Downloader’ into the search box > Click on it and Install

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, launch Downloader

Step 3: Go to Settings in the Downloader app > Enable Javascript > Click Yes when the box appears > Now go back to Downloader App Home

Step 4: An option will appear that says ‘Enter the URL of the file you want to download’, so copy and paste the link: > Click Go and select ARM 32 –Bit amongst many options.

Step 4: Now you need to click on the Download button and complete the installation process

Step 5: You have installed Kodi, to make sure that you have installed Kodi correctly Launch Kodi

Step 6: To view free unlimited movies, TV shows, live IPTV channels, and live sports on Kodi, you need to install third-party Kodi add-ons. Once you are done, enjoy watching unlimited videos on Kodi.

Video Tutorial to Install Kodi on Firestick

Install Kodi with Apps2Fire (Method 2)

Step 1: This method requires you to have an Android phone. Install Apps2Fire app on your Android phone > Connect Fire Stick to a TV

Step 2: Once you open Fire Stick, go to Settings > Then click on Device > Then select Developer Options

Step 3: Here you will see multiple options, you need to Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources option and ADB Debugging.

Step 4: Now go back to Settings again and Click on Device > Select About > Click on Network > Remember the IP address of your Fire Stick as you will need it in future steps.

Step 5: You would need to install Kodi on Android phone > Open Apps2Fire app > Click on Setup menu located above > Type the IP address of Fire Stick > Click Save

Step 6: On the same app click on Menu > Select Upload Apps > Then Select Kodi amongst the list > Kodi will automatically be installed on your Fire Stick device


Install Kodi with FireDL (Method 3)

Step 1: As discussed in all of the above steps, Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging

Step 2: Return to Kodi Fire Stick Home > Go to Amazon App Store and install FireDL app

Step 3: Once downloaded Launch FireDL > Now Type a code 600003 to install Kodi and it will start downloading

Install Kodi with ADB Debugging (Method 4)

Step 1: Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources like any other first steps presented in the previous mentioned steps

Step 2: Now go back to Settings > System > About > Network > Then note down your Fire Stick IP Address located at the right side of your screen

Step 3: Now open a laptop or a computer and Download the ARM APK File > Then Download adbLink for your respective operating system

Step 4: Now open adbLink and select ‘New’ option > It will ask for your Fire Stick Name, so type randomly any name, while also type the Fire Stick IP address > Select Save button

Step 5: Now you need to press Connect > To know if your system is connected to Fire Stick, then go to Connected Devices where Fire Stick IP address will be listed

Step 6: Click Install APK after highlighting your Fire Stick device > Navigate the APK file which you downloaded in Step 3

Step 7: It will ask if you want to install the file, click Yes. On your Fire Stick device, you will get a prompt message regarding ADB Debugging, so click OK

Step 8: Kodi is now installed on your device

Install Kodi with ES File Explorer (Method 5)

Step 1: Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources with same procedure as discussed in the previous two methods

Step 2: Go to Fire Stick Home > Then go the Amazon App Store and install ES File Explorer

Step 3: Open ES File Explorer > Type the URL > Choose which Kodi you want to install

Step 4: Click Download and then click Install, then Kodi will start installing

The Wrap Up

Install Kodi on Fire Stick with 5 best ways as mentioned above and feel free to stream any video on the internet for free. Amongst the third-party Kodi add-ons, Covenant, Exodus, Bob Unleashed, and Genesis Reborn are popular. Installing Kodi on Fire Stick is a great Fire Stick hack which every Fire Stick user must know. Watch instant movies and TV shows with Kodi on Fire Stick.


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  3. If you erased/cleared data and cache for Kodi . When you go to put addons back will you have to get another vpn?

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