89 Best Downloader Codes for FireStick (Tested in Feb. 2024)


This is a detailed guide on some of the best Downloader codes for FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube users.

Downloader App helps you sideload the APK on a Firestick device that you can not find on the Amazon App Store with the help of third-party URLs.

Before we dive into the complete list, here’s a list of the best downloader codes for this week:

  • 821698 (Movies & TV Shows)
  • 179327 (Live TV channels)
  • 179327 (Live TV Channels)
  • 890136 (Live Sports)
  • 281940 (Live Sports)

Most URLs are long and messy to write and are case-sensitive as well but the Downloader app provides you specific numeric codes to install plenty of streaming apps, utility apps, live TV apps, and whatnot.

Moreover, the app is free and its easy interface makes it one of the best and most widely used apps on FireStick.

Since these Downloader codes will help you install apps that will let you watch free movies, hence it is strictly recommended to use a VPN on your FireStick.

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88 Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Following are the 88 best Downloader Codes for Firestick that were last updated on Friday, 23rd February 2024:

These Categories are:

Best Downloader Codes for Movies & TV Shows Apps

You will get some of the best Downloader codes for movies and TV show apps in this section. Before moving towards these codes, make sure you install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick to protect your online identity and have an encrypted connection. Now let’s get started.

1. Stremio


Downloader Code: 82452

URL: bit.ly/3GAV5Ar

Stremio is a free and legal streaming app similar to Kodi where you need to install within the app to watch free content. The best addon that works with Stremio is Torrentio.

Installing Stremio is not a straightforward process as you would do with other apps because it requires you to first setup Stremio app on your Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS device. You can get all the information in our guide to install Stremio on Firestick.

2. Cinema HD


Downloader Code: 86051

URL:  bit.ly/cinemahd-new

Cinema HD, previously known as HDMovies, is a widely used streaming app among FireStick users. The app gives you access to HD-quality latest content without any subscription or registration.

Besides that, it is an ad-free service, so you don’t have to be bothered by those annoying ads while streaming anything. The app supports real-debrid and Trakt to give you the best possible streaming experience.

Read more: How to Install Cinema HD on FireStick

3. CyberFlix TV


Downloader Code: 619584

URL: bit.ly/0021558

CyberFlix TV is another streaming app with thousands of movies and TV shows. The content library of the app is updated regularly so the users can enjoy all the latest content.

CyberFlix TV also supports real-debrid and Trakt integration. The interface of the app is pretty simple and user-friendly. You can enjoy subtitles in more than 200 languages with CyberFlix.

Read more: How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

4. BeeTV


Downloader Code: 915757

URL: bit.ly/0021559

BeeTV is yet another streaming option to have access to a pool of high-quality content. When integrated with real-debrid, it gives more high-quality streaming to the users.

The interface of the app is easy to use and the content library is updated regularly. All the content is organized into different categories for easy navigation.

Read more: How to install BeeTV on FireStick

5. CatMouse


Downloader Code: 56759

URL: bit.ly/catmouse-firetv

Looking for some amazing app to enjoy thousands of classic and latest movies and shows? CatMouse is surely for you with a huge content library.

You can stream your favorite movie and show in 1080p and even download it directly on your device. The simple and neatly organized interface makes the app user-friendly.

Read more: How to install CatMouse APK on FireStick

6. TeaTV


Downloader Code: 250931

URL: bit.ly/teatv022

TeaTV has a nice collection of movies and TV shows from all around the world. It makes sure to display content in HD quality for a better streaming experience.

The app is lightweight and has easy to use interface for the users. You also enjoy some on-demand content with TeaTV.

Read more: How to install TeaTV on FireStick

7. Syncler


Downloader Code: 65949

URL: bit.ly/2212012

Considered to be the clone of the TVZion app, Syncler is a new addition to the streaming world. The app is slightly different from the regular streaming apps as you have to install a provider package to enjoy the app.

When integrated with real-debrid, Syncler gives an even better streaming experience. You can enjoy movies and shows of various categories and genres with Syncler.

Read more: How to install Syncler on FireStick

8. MediaBox HD


Downloader Code: 734078 

URL: bit.ly/3000401

MediaBox HD is such a great app and is most widely used for streaming movies and TV shows. The app brings HD quality unbroken links across premium sites for the best streaming experience. 

MediaBox HD offers various features, like Trakt TV, Real-Debrid integration, watching offline content, different themes, and movie/show requests. The content library updates frequently with the latest releases and recently aired episodes.

Read more: How to install Media Box HD on Firestick

9. Nova TV


Downloader Code: 250931

URL: tinyurl.com/nova083

Nova TV is thought to be a Terrarium TV clone and has a vast content library. You can enjoy high-quality 1080p or 4K content with Nova or pair it with the real-debrid account.

The interface of Nova TV is smooth and easy to navigate. The app allows you to fetch high-quality streaming links for a better user experience.

Read more: How to Install Nova Tv APK On Firestick

10. MegaBox HD


Downloader App Code: 70334

URL: bit.ly/megaboxhd878

MegaBox HD is one of the great options to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. It allows you to download movies and TV shows so you may stream offline frequently.

The app has options to choose between 360p, 720p, and 1080p resolution. In terms of its content, Mediabox HD is updated regularly.

Read more: How to install MegaBox HD on Firestick

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11. FilmPlus


Downloader Code: 76861

URL: bit.ly/2150125

Despite being new in the streaming world, FilmPlus has still made a mark with its exciting features. It ensures HD-quality streaming and has thousands of movies and TV shows.

You can also download your favorite movie or show with FilmPlus. The app has movies in 15 different languages across the globe.

Read more: How to install FilmPlus on FireStick

12. CucoTV


Downloader Code: 76998

CucoTV is a clone of the once-famous ZiniTevi app and allows HD streaming. The huge content library of the app is updated regularly to make sure you never miss any latest movie or show.

The interface of the app is simple and clutter-free. If you want to enjoy even better streaming, you can integrate it with your real-debrid or Trakt account.

Read more: How to install CucoTV on FireStick

13. Viva TV

Downloader codes to download streaming apps

Downloader Code: 438329

URL: tinyurl.com/3mb3xtc2

Viva TV is a free streaming app for movies and TV shows. Its library has thousands of the latest titles. It fetches good-quality streaming links.

It is compatible with almost every streaming device including Firestick. It has a super easy interface to access the content.

Read more: How to install Viva TV on Firestick

14. HDO Box

best codes for downloader app

Downloader Code: 863280

URL: bit.ly/2215420 

HDO Box is relatively a new streaming app, with an amazing collection of the latest movies and TV shows. The app is easy to use and the interface is user-friendly.

It has a 1-click Play feature, which helps you to direct play your desired content without any hassle.

Read more: How to install HDO Box on Firestick

15. Moviesy


Downloader Code: 78140

URL: https://tiny.one/moviesy

Moviesy is a popular YTS client service that fetches subtitle and torrent links from its YTS website database. You will find all kinds of movies, documentaries, shows, and much more in this app.

The app is fast and offers even 4K movies. The app also has a premium version at just $2, which gives you lifetime access to ad-free content and more.

Read More: How to install Moviesy on Firestick

16. CloudStream

Downloader Codes for firestick

Downloader Code: 208110

CloudStream APK is a new Vod streaming app for movies, TV shows, documentaries, Anime content, and much more.

It is an open-source streaming service with a huge library to explore various genres like Drama, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Kids, and Anime.

Read More: How to install CloudStream on Firestick

17. Weyd APK

Weyd APK

Downloader Code: 96855

URL: bit.ly/5545120

Weyd is a new streaming app for watching movies and TV shows but the app is not free to use. It costs about $1.25/mo.

Its interface is simple and the media library receives regular updates, so you will certainly find all the latest content on the app. Weyd has Real-Debrid and Trakt TV integration options too.

Read more: How to Weyd on Firestick

18. OneBox HD

OneBox HD

Downloader Code: 486376

URL: https://bit.ly/onebox-hd_2-23

OneBox HD has been around for quite some time. It is said to be the best alternative to Terrarium TV.

It’s a streaming app for enjoying countless movies and TV shows in HD and FHD quality. The media library is vast and is updated regularly too.

Read more: How to install OneBox HD on Firestick

19. OnStream


Downloader Code: 714806

URL: onstream.to

Hunting for a centralized entertainment hub? Do not look further than the OnStream APK.

It features a host of popular movies, TV shows, and much more. The best part is that you will hardly come across buffering issues while streaming.

Read More: How to Install OnStream APK on FireStick

20. Flix Vision


Downloader Code: 766306

URL: bit.ly/41FKDRZ

Flix Vision is a top-notch free streaming app that provides access to a varied library of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels.

With its user-friendly interface, users will not have a hard time navigating through the app.

Read More: How to Install Flix Vision on FireStick

21. Flixoid


Downloader Code: 656015

URL: bit.ly/flixoid454

Flixoid is considered to be the clone of CatMouse APK. The app has a huge collection of movies and TV shows along with other entertainment content.

The app is free and does not feature any of those annoying ads to bother you while watching your favorite content.

Read more: How to Install Flixoid on FireStick

22. 1Pix Media


Downloader Code: 435296

1Pix Media, a free video streaming app, features an extensive collection of the latest VOD (Movies and Shows) over 400 live TV channels.

Recently introduced to the streaming landscape, it is rapidly gaining popularity within the FireStick community.

Read more: How to Install 1Pix Media on Firestick

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Best Downloader Codes for Live TV Apps

If you are among those cord-cutters, I have some of the best Downloader codes for live TV apps for you. These apps allow you to enjoy thousands of live TV channels across the globe. Have a look!

23. OLA TV


Downloader Code: 195798

URL: bit.ly/5548129

OLA TV is one of the best Live TV apps with more than 13,000 channels all around the globe. It is a great IPTV service with major channels from the UK, US, Canada, Turkey, etc

The app works smoothly on even low-storage devices such as FireStick. There are multiple servers available for every channel.

Read more: How to install OLA TV on Firestick

24. Rapid Streamz

Downloader Codes for live TV

Downloader Code: 179327

URL: bit.ly/8874580

Rapid Streamz offers 800+ live TV channels from different countries around the World. The channels are of different genres like Movies, Documentaries, reality TV, Kids, Music, sports, and whatnot.

These countries include the USA, UK, Germany, France, India, UAE, and several others. It also features Live events including all major sporting events.

Read more: How to install Rapid Streamz on Firestick

25. AOS TV


Downloader Code: 53474

URL: bit.ly/3365690

AOS TV has Live TV streaming app that has mostly known for Asian TV Channels. The app contains over 1000 channels from different parts of the World as well.

You will find various categories of channels like News, Sports, Movies, etc. on the app. The app is easy to navigate.

26. HD Streamz


Downloader Code: 749542

URL: firestickhacks.com/file/hds1

HD Streamz is a live TV app to access more than a thousand live TV channels from various countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, India, and many others.

Besides live TV, you can also enjoy radio stations and live sports events on the go. The content of the app can be filtered out based on genre and country for your convenience.

Read more: How to install HD Streamz on FireStick

27. Live Net TV


Downloader Code: 70320

URL: bit.ly/4354810

You must be aware of the Live Net TV app if you stream live TV channels regularly. The app has more than 700 live channels from the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, India, Pakistan, and many other countries across the globe.

Live Net TV has channels of different categories, including movies, shows, sports, cooking, news, and much more. The channel library of the app is updated regularly.

Read more: How to install Live Net TV on FireStick

28. Xumo TV


Downloader Code: 74930

URL: bit.ly/aptoide-store

Xumo TV is a live TV and on-demand app with hundreds of live channels. You can get your hands on a pool of content of various categories, including entertainment, comedy, news, sports, and whatnot.

The app is free but geo-restricted. So if you want to enjoy it anywhere in the world, you have to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

Read more: How to install Xumo TV on FireStick

29. Peacock TV


Downloader Code: 70430

URL: bit.ly/peacock-firetv

Peacock TV is NBC’s streaming service which comes in both free and premium plans. The premium plan has lots of exciting content such as movies, shows, sports, and much more, while the free version is not that comprehensive.

You can watch live TV and NBC’s original old and newly released programs with Peacock TV on an economical pricing plan.

Read more: How to install Peacock TV on FireStick

30. TVTap (TVMob)


Downloader Code: 955315

URL: https://bit.ly/firetv-tvtap3_5

TVTap is another live TV app with a large pool of live channels from countries across the globe. You will have access to channels in almost every category with TVTap, including movies, music, entertainment, sports, and many others.

The app supports external media players other than the built-in one. You can filter out the channels according to your location or desired country.

Read more: How to install TVTap on FireStick

31. FreeFlix TV


Downloader Code: 278776

URL: https://bit.ly/freeflix-firetv-hack

Looking for a free live TV app with HD-quality content? FreeFlix TV is for you. It has channels of several genres such as movies, shows, live TV, anime, and more.

The channels are from different countries of the world, including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and various others.

Read more: How to install FreeFlix TV on FireStick

32. Swift Streamz


Downloader Code: 23346

URL: bit.ly/0021560

Swift streamz is another great live streaming app that provides live channels from different regions of the world like the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, and many others.

It allows you to stream over 700 different channels from around the globe. It provides a wide range of live channels streaming in multiple languages with subtitles.

33. HDTV



Downloader Code: 80047

URL: https://bit.ly/HDtv-ulmt-fivetv

Another on the list is the HDTV app with various live channels from across the globe in high quality. The app is user-friendly and has a simple interface.

Besides other content, you can also enjoy a limited section of the sports and movies collection. You can integrate external media players such as MX Player with the app.

Read more: How to install HDTV on FireStick

34. BBC iPlayer


Downloader Code: 952065

URL: tinyurl.com/yfzsz3hr

BBC iPlayer is your all-in-one destination for accessing free movies and TV shows primarily created by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

This platform also lets you certain content with subtitles. Moreover, you will enjoy an ad-free streaming experience during your viewing sessions.

Read More: How to Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick

35. ITVX (ITV Hub)


Downloader Code: 931663

URL: tinyurl.com/3budew8s

ITVX, formerly known as ITV Hub, is a widely-recognized official live TV channel and video-on-demand (VOD) service with a focus on the UK audience.

While a premium version is available, users have the option to access free movies and TV shows with intermittent advertisements.

Read More: How to Install and Watch ITVX on FireStick

Best Downloader Codes for All-in-one Apps

This section is about the Downloader codes for all-in-one apps. You can enjoy the content of various categories like movies, sports, live TV, and much more with such apps. Let’s have a look.

36. Strix


Downloader Code: 115003

Strix is an all-in-one app with loads of the latest and classic movies of all time, TV shows, and Live TV channels. You can watch a wide variety of content of different genres, including some adult content with Strix.

As the app provides various streaming options, you can select any of them from 360p to 1080p according to your internet speed.

37. Ocean Streamz


Downloader Code: 99317

URL: tinyurl.com/5dyfsyhv

Ocean Streamz is a new streaming app for watching movies and shows. The app is similar to other streaming apps like Cinema HD and is easy to use with a simple interface.

You can also find some live TV channels and anime on Ocean Streamz. The app is working well besides being new in the field.

38. Rokkr


Downloader Code: 35861

URL: bit.ly/4388902

Most of the FireStick users have heard of Rokkr as the app has it all. It works similarly to Kodi and Syncler by providing add-ons.

You can watch TV shows, movies, live TV, and a lot more with these third-party add-ons. The app has a simple interface and smooth yet easy navigation for the users.

Read more: How to install Rokkr on FireStick

39. Media Lounge


Downloader Code: 439979

URL: bit.ly/media-fire2

You can watch movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and other content on Media Lounge. That’s why it is called an all-in-one app.

The app fetches high-quality streaming links and the content library is updated regularly, so you don’t miss out on the latest content.

Read more: How to install Media Lounge on FireStick

40. HDTV Ultimate


Downloader App Code: 56389

URL: https://bit.ly/HDtv-ulmt-fivetv

HDTV Ultimate is an all-in-one free streaming app with hundreds of channels from all around the world in multiple categories like sports, movies, and much more.

The app supports external video players like MX Player, VLC, and others players. If you are not much of a customizer, HDTV Ultimate is what you need. 

Read More: How to install HDTV Ultimate on Firestick

41. Kodi


Downloader Code: 35625

URL: bit.ly/kodi-firetv

Who hasn’t heard of Kodi today? It is one of the most popular apps among FireStick users providing a large pool of content for the users.

You can stream movies, shows, live TV, sports, games, and almost everything using Kodi add-ons. Kodi Builds are also available if you want to get add-ons in bundles.

Read more: How to install Kodi on FireStick

42. Watched


Downloader Code: 603475

URL: bit.ly/3547698

Watched is another great all-in-one streaming service that offers Live TV, Movies, and Shows on one platform.

The interface is quite simple and the best streaming links are provided by the service to stream in HD Quality identical to Rokkr App.

Read more: How to install Watched on Firestick

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43. Pikashow

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 393926

URL: tinyurl.com/33252210

Pikashow is a simply great streaming service with all the content available in it including Movies, Shows, and Live TV Channels.

The app is free and provides great content for on-demand and Live TV content.

44. Viaplay


Downloader Code: 821698

URL: bit.ly/3vLJufM

Viaplay, the Sweden-based streaming service, is widely regarded as the Scandinavian alternative to Netflix and HBO Max.

Featuring three premium plans, ranging from SEK 149/mo. to SEK 699/mo., Viaplay ensures all new users enjoy a complimentary one-week free trial upon sign-up.

Read More: How to Watch Viaplay on FireStick

Best Downloader Codes for Sports Streaming Apps

45. La Deportes

Downloader Code

Downloader Code: 986880

La Deportes APK is a Live Sports streaming App. It offers most sports events live streaming including Football, Cricket, Golf, racing, and others.

However, the event can only be streamed when it is Live, it does not provide any highlights, replays, or previous matches.

Read more: How to install La Deportes on Firestick

46. Lepto Sports

Downloader Codes for live sports

Downloader Code: 12581

Lepto Sports is similar to La deport’s app which has plenty of live sports events all around the globe. you can watch the latest sports events live on lepto sports.

It has over 200 sports channels from across the globe. It also offers a completely ad-free streaming experience.

Read more: How to install Lepto Sports on Firestick

47. Wawa Sport TV

downloader code for sports live

Downloader Code: 928243

URL: bit.ly/wawas004

Wawa Sport TV has a wide range of live sports including Football, basketball, baseball, and others from various countries all around the world like the UK, US, Brazil, Arabian countries, and so on.

The app allows the user to choose content in different languages and the content is available in SD and HD quality.

Read more: How to install Wawa Sports TV on Firestick

48. NavixSport

best downloader code

Downloader Code: 396473

URL: firestickhacks.com/file/navi

NavixSport is a free live sport streaming app that ranges a great quantity of live sports tv channels across the globe.

NavixSports provides unlimited game options, highlights, line-ups, as well as news. This app provides content in 1080p and 720p resolutions.

Read more: How to install NavixSports on Firestick

49. Tea Sports Live

Tea Sports Live

Downloader Code: 62733

URL: bit.ly/teasports002

Tea Sports Live Sports streaming app let you watch all the major live football or soccer Tournaments like Olympics, or major leagues like Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Champions League, etc.

It also has a multi-language option and you can also keep up with the scores and highlights of any teams on Tea Sports.

Read more: How to install Tea Sports Live on Firestick

50. 123 Sport Live

123 Live Sport

Downloader Code: 16054

URL: bit.ly/0021563

123 Live Sport is a live-streaming app for Sporting events. It offers popular sports like football, baseball, soccer, cricket, boxing, and others in this app.

The app fetches the best streaming links for all major sporting events across the World when they are live.

51. SportsFire


Downloader Code: 890136

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/53npdb6r

SportsFire has made a reputation for being a quality free sports app in a very short time. It features an extensive list of channels, which cover popular tournaments including the NFLIPL, and La Liga.

The app interface has only four categories, which means you can easily find your favorite channel. Also, you will not see any ads during your streaming sessions.

Read more: How to Install Sports Fire on FireStick

52. SportsTribal


Downloader Code: 737174

URL: bit.ly/3KzSpGb

SportsTribal covers a variety of sports such as  MMA, skateboarding, BMX, boxing, billiards, and drag racing.

Beyond live streaming, you can also tune into SportsTribal to see sports-related VOD content such as post-match interviews and highlights.

Read More: How to Install and Watch SportsTribal on FireStick

53. Kayo Sports


Downloader Code: 557250

URL: bit.ly/498OMAn

Kayo Sports is an Australian premium sports streaming service. It offers extensive coverage of over 50 global sports, including tennis, cricket, and football.

The platform provides two premium packages: one priced at $25 per month and the other at $30 per month.

Read More: How to watch Kayo Sports on FireStick

Best Downloader Codes for Utility Apps/Miscellaneous

Utility apps help users resolve some common FireStick problems that occur while streaming or during navigation. Some of the best Downloader codes for utility apps are listed below.

54. Mouse Toggle


Downloader Code: 25628

URL: bit.ly/0021564

When you sideload some of the apps on your FireStick, navigating them is hard as they are designed for touch screens, not for the TV screen.

In such cases, Mouse Toggle comes to the rescue and helps you navigate such apps smoothly using a virtual mouse cursor.

Read more: How to install Mouse Toggle on FireStick

55. VLC Player


Downloader Code: 98916 

URL: bit.ly/0021565

VLC Player is one of the most used media players in the world, with millions of users. It is compatible with loads of streaming apps and helps you to have the best streaming experience.

If you are facing any issues or buffering while streaming, try using VLC Player. Your issues will be resolved and you will have a smooth streaming session.

Read more: How to install VLC Player on FireStick

56. MX Player


Downloader Code: 560439

URL: https://bit.ly/MXplyr-1-51-1

Similar to VLC Player, MX Player is also an external media player that can be used with various apps for streaming. It can be integrated with streaming apps and even set as the default media player.

You can use MX Player to play any media type on your device in high quality without any buffering.

Read more: How to install MX Player on FireStick

57. Ludio Player

downloader code for media players

Downloader Code: 276894

URL: bit.ly/0021566

Ludio Player is an IPTV player that helps you play the IPTV service that doesn’t have a media player. It can connect multiple iptv services with it.

You can use this app in conjunction with IPTV subscriptions. It supports pretty much all video formats, such as MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, WMV, and more.

58. Kshaw


Downloader Code: 276894

Kshaw is another IPTV player that can be used with several IPTV subscriptions. It does not have any content of its own.

It can host many video formats including MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, WMV, and more.

59. Titan Player

Titan Player downloader code

Downloader Code: 392511

URL: bit.ly/0021567

Titan Player is a media player that can be used to play all formats of video files from your device storage such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and many others.

It can also be used with integration with any VOD streaming service like Cinema HD or else. You can directly play the video with a URL on the internet or a device storage link.

Read more: How to Install Titan Player on Firestick

60. SmartTubeNext

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 949227

URL: tinyurl.com/6652214

SmartTubeNext is the alternative to YouTube but better (YouTube without ads). It means you can watch YouTube content ad-free on FireStick devices.

The app is free and compatible with many streaming devices including Firestick.

Read more: How to install SmartTubeNext on Firestick

61. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced

Downloader Code: 605929

URL: bit.ly/0021568

YouTube Vanced is a popular app for streaming YouTube without ads. Vanced manager provides a better version of youtube with ad-blocking, background playback, music, etc.

62. ES File Explorer


Downloader Code: 73100

URL: bit.ly/0021569

ES File Explorer helps you run your device smoothly by cleaning it up regularly and managing your apps.

You can also use it in place of Downloader to sideload various third-party apps not available on the Amazon App Store.

63. TiviMate IPTV Player


Downloader Code: 218726

URL: bit.ly/tivimate2022

TiviMate IPTV Player is gaining increasing popularity among FireStick users, and for good reason.

With this app, you just need to enter the M3U URL from the respective IPTV service provider to gain access to an extensive selection of live TV channels and on-demand content.

Read More: How to Install TiviMate IPTV Player on FireStick

64. IPTV Smarters Pro


Downloader Code: 62147

URL: bit.ly/iptv-smartersapk

IPTV Smarters Pro is compatible with nearly all the best IPTV services in the market. It has an uncluttered interface that ensures a quality user experience.

While IPTV Smarters Pro comes with an in-built video player, you have the flexibility to enhance your viewing experience by integrating external players like the VLC player or MX player.

Read More: How to Install IPTV Smarters Pro on FireStick



Downloader Code: 65672

As a top-tier IPTV player for FireStick, XCIPTV is an ideal app for those seeking an alternative to traditional TV.

The latest version (v5.0.1) of the app guarantees high-quality content; all you need to do is sideload the app onto your FireStick.

Read More: How to Install XCIPTV on FireStick

66. SO Player


Downloader Code: 73881

URL: bit.ly/48Vf3Ss

SO Player is a versatile IPTV player with lots of features. It lets you watch live TV channels and on-demand content like movies and TV shows from the best IPTV service providers.

Read More: How to Install SO Player on FireStick

67. Flix IPTV


Downloader Code: 570027

URL: bit.ly/47OuyL3

Flix IPTV is an IPTV player compatible with Xtream Codes and M3U URLs. This app enables users to enjoy live TV channels and on-demand content with resolutions of up to 4k.

To access Flix IPTV player, you will have to subscribe to one of their premium IPTV service plans, which start from $15/mo.

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Best Downloader Codes for Apps/Apk Stores

68. APKTime


Downloader Code: 104478

URL: bit.ly/apktime-firetv

APKTime is a Play Store alternative and helps you install those apps on your device that are not available on Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

The app has tons of APK files arranged in different categories and sections. You can install your required app from your respective section easily.

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69. Unlinked


Downloader Code: 234753

URL: bit.ly/3558780

Unlinked is a FileLinked alternative that has come to the surface recently after FileLinked shutdown.

It works similarly app store to FileLinked, wherein you need to enter codes to access several apps in one place. Here is the list of the best Unlinked Codes for Firestick.

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70. FileSynced

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 80434

URL: bit.ly/3558960

FileSynced is also a FileLinked clone and alternative. It also features a Trending Codes section that has hundreds of apps.

You can easily download various apps that are not available on Amazon App Store by using the best Filesynced codes for Firestick.

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71. Mobilism


Downloader Code: 544089

URL: http://bit.ly/mob983

Mobilism is a free app store that has more than 300,000 apps, games, & ebooks that are available in Google Apps Store.

It is a US-based website that has premium apps available for free.

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72. Tech Bigs

Tech Bigs

Downloader Code: 217154

URL: https://bit.ly/eternal-firetv2-5

TechBigs is an app store website and apk that has plenty of apk to download including games, Live TV, movies, VOD, music, and whatnot.

73. Let’s Crack On

Downloader Code: 49298

Let’s Crack On let its users download other app stores like Aurora, F-Droid, and others along with many use full tools like Airscreen, and else for Firestick users.

74. Maris Review

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 79378

Maris Reviews provides apps to download of every category with genuine reviews with a personal user experience that helps you to pick the app accordingly.


best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 26312

It is a simple-to-use app store with just a search bar on its homepage. You can directly search for an app and just click download to install the app on your Firestick.

Its collection is huge with the category of streaming services, IPTVs, Games, Tools, and much more.

76. Happymod

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 17658

HappyMod is a community-based store where user download and uploads the app accordingly.

The team of HappyMod verifies the app/apk and claims to make apps/apk 100% working and virus free.

77. Apk4All

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 26080

APK4All provides the Modded apk that has a great fan following and those are in demand. It has apps in various categories like games, education, streaming, Live TV, etc

78. ModDroid

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 16732

ModDroid is a store that provides modded apk most of them are related to games. It does offer other apps as well like streaming, VOD, etc.

79. ApkCombo

Best Downloader Codes for FireStick

Downloader Code: 51383

APK Combo is a well-known platform for apks, it has almost all the apps from social apps to streaming services, sports, e-games, and whatnot.

80. A2ZApk

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 59260

A2ZApk is another apk store that provides plenty of apks that are of daily use including games, Streaming service, IPTVs, Social apps, utility apps, and much more.


best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 70960

It is a simple and easy-to-use app store, you can see the top-notch apps on its homepage whenever you want it.

It has a variety of apps including games, Educational, VPNs, IPTVs, and so much to explore.

82. ApkDone


Downloader Code: 29081

APKDone is used for quickly grabbing the app/apk that is mostly used for utilities and tools like Picarts, video editor, and else.

It also has great apps like VPNs, IPTVs, video streaming apps, games, and many others you wish to use on your Firestick

83. RexDL


Downloader Code: 53028

RexDL is considered to be the best for games Modded Apks. Similar to its name, it has some great game apps that you wish to play.

It also has different categories of apps line communication, education, streaming, health & Fitness, and so on.

84. ApkHome


Downloader Code: 27553

APKHome has some great media player apps and some amazing games Modded apks. It has many other apps as well like VPNs, Finance, legal apps, etc

85. AN1

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 65061

It has a great collection of apps/apks that are useful and have great Modded games. Its Apk collection is vast in social apps, Tech apps, educational apps, streaming, and much more.

86. Android Republic

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 33547

Android Republic is a Forum for Apks that has free as well as paid apks for users. It offers VIP passes that you can use to download premium apks for firestick.

87. ApkHere

best downloader codes

Downloader Code: 25783

APKHere is a great source of apps/apks of all the regions and categories in different languages like Korean, Japan, the Middle East, the US, China, and many others.

88. ApkSum


Downloader Code: 14252

APKSum provides a vast range of apks that includes texting apps, social video apps, tools, educational, games, and many others



Downloader Code: 40932

APKMody is a great alternative app store for all OS devices. It has apps for almost every device including Firestick, mac, Ios, Ruko, etc

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What is a Downloader App and How Does the Downloader Code Work?

‘The Downloader’ is simply an app that helps you browse the internet and lets you install third-party APKs that are otherwise unavailable on the Amazon Store.

In the Downloader app you tend to insert a URL of the desired app and it then begins to install. But instead of putting the entire long URL, you can simply put a Downloader Code to save you time.

To do that, you simply visit https://go.aftvnews.com/ and insert the URL that you wish to shorten and then click “Shorten”. You will see a CODE appear just like in the image below:


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Launch Downloader and click the URL bar from the home screen


Step 2: Enter the code 28009 in the search bar and click Go


Step 3: The app will start downloading in a few seconds


Step 4: Click the option Download Now


Step 5: Wait for the app to download on your device


Step 6: Click the Install button


Step 7: Wait while the app is installing


Step 8: Click Done once the app is installed successfully


Step 9: Now click Delete to discard the APK file


Step 10: Click Delete again for confirmation


You can install tons of apps on your FireStick which are not available on Amazon App Store. Enter the Downloader code of any app and install it on your FireStick without any trouble.

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FAQs – Best Downloader Codes

What are some of the best Downloader codes?

There are Downloader codes for many popular apps such as Cinema HD, CyberFlix TV, BeeTV, VLC Player, and many others. These codes make it easy for you to install apps using Downloader without typing long URLs every time.

Are these Downloader codes free?

Yes, these codes are free and you don’t have to pay a single penny for any of the codes. All you have to do is enter the code in place of the URL and you are good to go.

Are these Downloader codes safe to use?

Although these Downloader codes are safe to use, it is recommended to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN before installing or streaming anything on FireStick to have a protected connection.


Downloader is a widely used app among FireStick users to sideload third-party apps not available on the official platforms. However, you have to type a long URL with your FireStick remote to install that app.

Typing lengthy URLs with remote is sometimes a bit frustrating, so the app developers decided to come up with short Downloader codes.

I have discussed some of the best Downloader codes in this guide for various apps. You can try them and make the installation process even easier for yourself.

Make sure you are using a VPN to prevent ISP throttling and have an encrypted connection. VPN hides your original IP and assigns you a new one to maintain your anonymity while streaming anything.

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