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This is the step-by-step guide, discussing the Best Apps to Watch the NFL on Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, & Fire TV 4K Max.

NFL (National Football League) is by far the most popular sports event in America; no wonder fans call it a cultural phenomenon.

This guide focuses on the best NFL apps for Firestick, but if you want to know the complete steps, then read how to watch the NFL live on Firestick.

From free to premium apps, you have a lot of convenient options at your disposal. Depending on your viewing preferences, you may opt for either of them and see your favorite teams locking horns live!

But before sharing these apps, we would like you to take a look at the best apps for watching the NFL this week

  • HD Streamz (95015)
  • SportsFire (890136)
  • Live Sports Pro (304062)
  • Rapid Streamz (179327)
  • Peacock TV (757946)

Remember, these are either geo-restricted or may not have the rights to stream live NFL matches in your country, so use a VPN for hassle-free and secure streaming. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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Best Apps to Watch NFL on FireStick

There are plenty of best NFL apps that let you watch the NFL matches on FireStick for free. Most of them even cover pre-game analysis and post-game highlights.

The following are the best NFL apps that we updated on Saturday, 8th June 2024:

1. HD Streamz


In the last few years, HD Streamz has become a go-to source for many sports lovers worldwide to watch NFL matches.

The app features hundreds of sports channels from different countries featuring football, basketball, tennis, and other sports.

HD Streamz also has a “Live Radio” section. So if you are lucky, you may find a regional radio channel on the app that brings a local touch to the game.

HD Streamz Downloader Code: 95015

HD Streamz Downloader Link:

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2. Rapid Streamz


True to its name, Rapid Streamz enables you to stream NFL matches without any buffering issues. It has over 700 TV Channels channels from various regions.

Rapid Streamz lets you integrate external players such as VLC Player, MX Player, and XYZ Player for optimal viewing. For easier accessibility of channels, there is a feature called “Recently Watched”.

Rapid Streamz Downloader Code: 179327

Rapid Streamz Downloader Link:

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3. Live Net TV


Live Net TV has been around for quite some time, but it got real traction after the downfall of Mobdro. The app is right up there with any good sports streaming app in terms of the number of channels and streaming quality.

The app’s simple interface makes navigation a breeze. Streaming some of the channels on Live Net TV might require you to install an external video player.

Live Net TV Downloader Code: 86975

Live Net TV Downloader Link:

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4. SportsFire


FireStick and SportsFire are a combination made in heaven. If you want to watch live NFL games or any other sport on FireStick, SportsFire will not disappoint you.

The app covers some of the top-tier live TV channels from countries like the UK, USA, and Australia. The interface is super-easy, requiring minimal clicks to play your desired content.

SportsFire Downloader Code: 890136

SportsFire Downloader Link:

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5. Live Sports Pro


If you are a fan of the NFL, there is no way you can miss out on Live Sports Pro. Apart from streaming live games, it also offers VOD content such as highlights and player interviews.

On top of that, you may also integrate external players such as VLC player, XYZ player, or Lime player to customize your viewing experience.

Live Sports Pro Downloader Code: 304062

Downloader Link:

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6. Ocean Streamz


Ocean Streamz has emerged as the go-to destination for numerous NFL enthusiasts to catch live action for their favorite teams.

Whether you want to watch your hometown team’s matches or keep up with international tournaments, this app provides the necessary channels to enjoy almost all NFL matches.

Ocean Streamz Downloader Code: 99317

Downloader Link:

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If you have used FireStick for a sufficient time, you would probably know that free sports apps could be unreliable at times. They may ditch you at the very last moment when you are about to stream a much-awaited NFL game.

That is why we are sharing premium apps to watch NFL matches. You can always count on them to provide a top-notch viewing experience at a fraction of the cost.

Following are some of the best-paid NFL apps for FireStick:

7. NFL+


NFL+ offers extensive coverage of NFL games, including live streams, replays, and highlights. It usually offers multiple camera angles, making it one of the best NFL apps for Firestick in terms of viewing experience.

NFL+ offers a basic package at only $4.99/month. You may also opt for their premium plan at $9.99/month. The service also provides a one-week free trial.

8. Fubo TV


Fubo TV was Established in the United States in 2015. While the service initially focused on soccer content, it has since expanded its offerings to become a comprehensive sports streaming platform.

What sets FuboTV apart for NFL enthusiasts is its extensive coverage across various networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. It offers different packages ranging from $32.99/month to $94.99/month.

FuboTV Downloader Code: 340967

Downloader Link:

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9. Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video exclusively streams Thursday Night Football due to a specific broadcasting agreement with the National Football League (NFL).

To watch Thursday Night Football, you need an active Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $14.99 per month. If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you may access Thursday Night Football games at no extra charge.

10. Peacock TV


Though Peacock TV was launched in 2020, it has quickly become one of the top players in the market. Among other sports like the BMW PGA Championship and WWE, the service prioritizes live NFL games.

You can subscribe to Peacock Premium for $5.99/month. If you want to minimize ads while streaming, you will have to pay $6 extra/month. Please note all these prices are exclusive of taxes.

Peacock TV Downloader Code: 757946

Peacock TV Downloader Link:

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11. Sling TV


Sling TV is no stranger to sports lovers, particularly NFL fans. Depending on your location, the service may allow you to select local channels in its packages to add a local touch during the streaming sessions.

Sling TV offers three plans: Orange for $40/month, Blue for $40/month, and Orange + Blue for $55/month. However, you may get started with as low as $20/month for your first month.

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12. Vidgo


Vidgo offers live HD streaming of various NFL games throughout the season. This includes Monday Night Football on ESPN and NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. The service providers with DVR capabilities to record games for later viewing.

Vidgo has different packages at its disposal. Depending on how many channels you want, you could be paying anything between $39.99/month and $99.99/month.

Though they do not offer a free trial, you will get a hefty discount for the first month.

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13. YouTube TV


When it comes to live streaming of NFL games, YouTube TV really nails it. You have got live TV with a whopping 100+ channels at your fingertips.

And these are not just any channels – they include big names like CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and FOX Sports. For $72.99/month, YouTube TV offers one membership that accommodates up to six household accounts.

YouTube TV Downloader Code: 798958

Downloader Link:

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14. Hulu+Live TV


With a subscription to Hulu + Live TV, you get access to all the on-demand content that regular Hulu offers along with live TV channels for news, sports, and entertainment. This means you will have the best of both worlds in one subscription.

Hulu + Live TV plans start from $76.99/month. But there are alternate packages for slightly higher prices if you are looking to reduce ads while streaming.

The service is only available for the US audience, so be sure to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick to bypass the geo-restriction.

Hulu Downloader Code: 30865

Downloader Link:

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15. ESPN


ESPN is basically a one-stop shop for staying on top of all things sports. Apart from offering up-to-the-minute scores and news across a vast range of sports such as cricket, baseball, hockey, tennis, and golf, they also stream live NFL games.

ESPN’s paid subscription is available for a monthly fee of $6.99, or you can opt for an annual subscription for $109.99. Considering the service is the gold standard when it comes to sports coverage, the packages are not as pricey!

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16. DirecTV Stream


DirecTV Stream has been a popular choice for streaming NFL games. It gives you access to channels that broadcast a significant number of NFL games throughout the season, including primetime matchups and local games.

The basic package starts at $94.98/month, which includes 75+ channels. If you want to access 105+ channels or 140+ channels, the service will charge you $123.98/month and $134.98/month respectively.

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FAQs – Best Free & Premium NFL Apps

Can I get free trials or deals for NFL streaming apps on Firestick?

Yes, some apps such as NFL+, Sling TV, and Youtube TV offer free trial periods and occasional deals, especially during the NFL season.

Are there Firestick apps that provide live NFL games in 4K resolution?

Yes, most of the premium streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Fubo TV stream NFL games in 4K resolution, which enhances the viewing experience for Firestick users with compatible TVs.

Is the streaming quality for NFL games on Firestick apps reliable?

Streaming quality can vary based on internet speed and app performance. However, most reputable apps ensure a reliable streaming experience for live NFL games on Firestick.

Can I watch to NFL Draft coverage on FireStick apps?

Yes, apps like ESPN and NFL+ cover life NFL Draft. This coverage typically includes expert analysis, interviews, and draft picks.

Final Thoughts

Watching the NFL becomes easy when you have the best NFL app for Firestick and they all work without having any buffering issues.

The NFL apps that we have listed in this guide are all currently working as we have recently tested them. You can pick and choose from a range of free and premium apps to enjoy live streaming of NFL matches.

Please note that most of the apps to watch the NFL in this guide might be geo-restricted or not have the rights to stream NFL matches in your country, so make sure you use ExpressVPN to do away with these issues.

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