How to Sideload Apps on FireStick (August 2022)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to sideload apps on FireStick, Fire TV, and FireStick 4K.

Installing and using different apps on FireStick is not a big deal for FireStick users. But what if you are trying to install an app or APK file on your FireStick device and it is not available on the official Amazon Store?

3 ways to Sideload Apps on FireStick

The apps that are not available on Amazon Store can be sideloaded with third-party apps. You can sideload apps using 3 methods. These are:

Most of the apps you sideload on FireStick are third-party apps and are not official. Hence, they might contain malware or viruses that could harm your FireStick. That is why it is strictly advised that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.

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Legal Copyright Disclaimer: FIRESTICKHACKS does not verify if apps, websites, or services hold a legal/official licensing of the media content that they stream. We DO NOT own, operate, or re-sell streaming sites, app, or services NOR it is administered or hosted by FIRESTICKHACKS.

Sideload Apps on FireStick With Downloader

Sideloading apps on FireStick using Downloader is one of the easiest and popular methods. Downloader is a free app and is available on Amazon App Store. You don’t have to pay any subscription charges to use Downloader.

You just have to install the Downloader app on your FireStick device and enter the URL of the desired app in the URL bar. The app will be sideloaded without any inconvenience.

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon


Step 3: Select My Fire TV


Step 4: Choose Developer Options


Step 5: Click on Apps from Unknown Sources


Step 6: Click on Turn On


Step 7: Navigate back to the home page and select the Find menu


Step 8: Click on the Search option


Step 9: Type “Downloader” and select it from the list


Step 10: Select the Downloader icon


Step 11: Click on “Download” and wait for the app to install


Step 12: Wait until the download is completed


Step 13: Click on Open to run the Downloader app


Step 14: Once the downloader opens, click on Allow


Step 15: A prompt will be displayed, click OK


Step 16: By default Home tab would be open with a text box displayed on the right side


Step 17: Enter the URL in the search bar and click Go

Note: The referenced link is the official URL of this app/website. FIRESTICKHACKS do not own, operate, or re-sell any app, streaming site, or service and has no affiliation with their developers.


Step 18: Click the Download Aptoide TV option


Step 19: Wait for the app to be downloaded


Step 20: Click the Install button


Step 21: Once the app is downloaded, click Done


Step 22: Click Delete to discard the APK file as it is no longer needed on your device


Step 23: Click Delete again for confirmation


This is how you sideload apps on FireStick using Downloader. I have downloaded Aptoide TV as an instance. You can download any app that is not available on the official store by following the same steps.

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Sideload apk Using ES File Explorer

The second method to sideload apps on FireStick is by using ES File Explorer. However, ES File Explorer is not free anymore. You have to pay $9.99/month as subscription charges which is ridiculous to say the least.

ES File Explorer allows you to install, manage and transfer your files. Same as Downloader, you can install it from the official Amazon App Store.

If you are not able to do so, use a VPN such as ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions or use alternate methods to install it on your device.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to sideload apps on your FireStick using ES File Explorer.

Step 1: From the home screen of your FireStick device


Step 2: Click on the Find tab and then Click on Search Icon


Step 3: Type ES File Explorer in the search bar and click relevant search results


Step 4: Click the ES File Explorer icon from the list


Step 5: Hit the Download button


Step 6: Wait while the app is being downloaded


Step 7: Click Open once the app is downloaded


Step 8: Click the option Tools from the left menu of the app


Step 9: Now select Download Manager


Step 10: Click the +New icon from the bottom menu bar


Step 11: Enter the URL in the path field and Aptoide in the name path. Then click Download Now


Step 12: Wait for a few minutes. The app will be downloaded


Step 13: Click Open file once the app is downloaded


Step 14: Click the Install button now


Step 15: Click Install again


Step 16: The app is now successfully installed. Click Open to use it


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Sideload Apps on FireStick With FileLinked

FileLinked is an interesting app to sideload various apps on your FireStick. But unfortunately, it is not available on Amazon App Store. It was removed a few months back.

You can install it on FireStick using Downloader. Now the question is why sideload FileLinked to sideload apps? Well, it is quite frustrating and difficult most of the time to remember and save lengthy URLs of the apps.

FileLinked codes are the best alternative to this and you just have to enter a code to install the app. If you find it difficult to remember URLs, this method is for you.

Now follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch Downloader on your FireStick and click the URL bar


Step 2: Enter the URL and click Go


Step 3: Hit the Install button


Step 4: Click Done once the app is installed


Step 5: Now click Delete to delete the APK file as there is no need for it


Step 6: Click Delete again to confirm the action


Step 7: Open the FileLinked app now


Step 8: Enter the code 83173406 using the on-screen keyboard and click Next. (This is the Cinema HD APK FileLinked code; you can install any app by entering that app’s code)


Step 9: Click Continue


Step 10: Click Dismiss if this prompt appears


Step 11: Click the Download option


Step 12: The app will start downloading


Step 13: Now click the Play button to open the downloaded file


Step 14: Hit the Install button


Step 15: Click Open once the app is installed


That’s how you sideload apps on your FireStick using the FileLinked app. You can install any app by following the same steps. Just make sure you are using the latest and accurate code of the app you want to install.

FAQs – Sideload FireStick Apps

What is sideloading?

Sideloading is the process of installing those apps that aren’t available on the official platform such as the Amazon Store. Some apps are geo-restricted or not available on Amazon Store so they are sideloaded on the device.

Is it legal to sideload apps on FireStick?

Yes, sideloading apps on FireStick is legal. The reason is you are not doing hacking or any sort of changes in the software. You are just doing minor changes in the settings and installing. So the process is not illegal.

But if you want the process to be more secure and legal, always use a VPN. It will give you added security by hiding your IP and assigning you a new IP address. Our top choice is ExpressVPN.

How do I sideload apps on FireStick?

Well, there are several ways of sideloading apps on FireStick devices. I have discussed three methods in this guide. You can sideload apps on FireStick by using the Downloader app, ES File Explorer, and FileLinked app.

All of these methods are safe and easy to use. Follow the few steps mentioned in the guide and you will be able to enjoy your favorite apps and content.


Some good apps are not officially available on Amazon Store to download. But that doesn’t mean you can’t install and use those apps. The best and safest method to install such apps is to sideload them.

There are various ways to sideload apps on FireStick and I have explained three of them in detail in this guide. You can follow the steps and successfully sideload any app you want to.

I have described the method of sideloading using the Downloader app, ES File Explorer, and FileLinked. You can go for any method but the Downloader method is the most used and recommended.

Never forget to use a VPN connection while sideloading any app. It will make sure your connection is secure and your anonymity is maintained. A VPN will hide your IP, therefore, save you from legal concerns.

A worthy VPN will make you able to access geo-restricted content and channels without any inconvenience. Our top pick VPN is ExpressVPN.

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