How to Install Lime Player in Firestick 2020 Guide

In this short Guide we will tell you about the steps which needs to be followed in order to Install Lime Player in Firestick. What is Lime Player? Lime Player is one such Video player which is compatible with many formats and designed for all the Amazon an Android Devices one such is a Firestick. Lime player can play videos in High resolution sizes and also plays them in High definition.

Lime Player is used by many streaming applications to watch movies and shows such as Show Box. It is also supporting Ads which means apart from the Ads that plays on the videos, one can add more Ads of their choices.

If people are not satisfied with players such as Android Video Player then they can switch to Lime Player. On this player there are different options available through which you can watch your videos and you can also listen to your list of Android Music on it. All the features of a Lime Player are quite versatile in terms of opening and playing of any multimedia file. So over all it is possessing a lot of good qualities altogether so to install Lime Player on Firestick there is a small process that needs to be done.

Let’s discuss about the Process,

Process to Install Lime Player in Firestick

Step 1:  Open Firestick and navigate to the option Settings

Install Lime Player in Firestick

Step 2: In the list of Settings, find and open My Fire TV

Install Lime Player in Firestick-2

Step 3: Click on the Developer Option

Install Lime Player in Firestick-3

Step 4: Click on Apps from unknown Sources and turn them ON

Install Lime Player in Firestick-4

Step 5: Next is Go to Search Option in Firestick

Install Lime Player in Firestick-5

Step 6: Type Downloader

Install Lime Player in Firestick-6

Step 7: Now you will find the Downloader in the section. Select it

Install Lime Player in Firestick-6

Step 8: Download it

Install Lime Player in Firestick-7

Step 9: Once its completed, Open the Download

Install Lime Player in Firestick-8

Step 10: In the downloader option enter your URL

Step 11: After you have entered your URL Click on Go Button

Step 12: Wait for the download to begin

Step 13: Once it is completed, install it by clicking on the Install button

Step 14: after its installed click on Done

Step 15: Automatically it will redirect you to the Delete option

Step 16: Click on the Delete option again

Step 17: Go back to the main Home screen icon and there you will fine Lime Player App.

Features of Lime Player

  • Lime Player plays every kind of video format
  • Lime player application is lightweight and small
  • It has support from Hardware acceleration
  • Lime Player is compatible with all subtitles
  • It plays all HD and 4k videos quite simply
  • One can choose videos by their choice as all the videos are shown as the thumbnails
  • It has small memory

Video Formats Available in Lime Player are:

  • AVI
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • WMV
  • RMVB
  • FLAC
  • 3GP
  • M4V
  • MKV
  • TS
  • MPG
  • FLV

Subtitles Formats Available in Lime Player are:

  1. MicroDVD(.sub)
  2. VobSub(.sub/.idx)
  3. 0(.sub)
  4. SubRip(.srt)
  5. TMPlayer(.txt)
  6. Teletext
  7. PJS(.pjs)
  8. WebVTT(.vtt)
  9. MPL2(.mpl)
  10. DVD
  11. DVB
  12. SSA/ASS subtitle tracks
  13. SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass)
  14. SAMI(.smi)


How can you add subtitles on Lime Player?

You can add Subtitles on Lime Player by clicking on the CC option or you can search by adding subtitle file.

Is Lime Player Compatible with Chrome Cast?

Yes, Chrome Cast will be compatible with Lime Player.

How can you update a Lime player app?

Simple way is to download and install the file no need to delete the previous one.

Is Lime Player safe to install?

Yes, it is safe to install.


Lime player is lightweight yet it is a fast and powerful video player that is compatible with tons of formats. If you are installing a Lime player always remember that you are going to get the videos in HD with high resolution. It plays movies and videos and look after your full entertainment. So over all it’s the best application for having a good time.

Do install Lime Player on Firestick and let us know about your experience with the video player by commenting in the section below.

Thank You for taking out time and reading this short guide.

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