Best Unlinked Codes For FireStick [Tested | June, 2024]


Here is a guide on the best Unlinked codes that can be used on FireStick, FireStick TV, FireStick 4kand any other Android device.

Unlinked is an app store for downloading free apps not on official platforms or geo-blocked in your region, effectively replacing FileLinked as a Play Store alternative for accessing unavailable apps.

First, install Unlinked on FireStick and use short codes with which you will be able to download tons of apps not available within the Amazon App Store.

Here is the list of the best unlinked codes for this week:

  • 911911
  • 90D311FE
  • 96960000
  • 710AB04D
  • 12341234

However, since Unlinked is a place where you can find tons of free apps & free content, it is strictly recommended to use a VPN to stay secure.

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Best Unlinked Codes [Tried & Tested | 2024]

To stay informed about the latest and best Unlinked codes, bookmark this page for weekly updates on the latest Unlinked codes, which, like free movie streaming sites, may frequently change or go offline.

Here are the best Unlinked codes that I tested and updated personally on Saturday, 8th June 2024:

1: Superapps (Pin: 911911)


This store is called Mega App Pack. This code consists of 54 FireStick applications that include a variety of categories. A few of them are Movies /TV shows, live TV, live Sports, cartoons and anime, and utilities. 

Here are some of the notable apps within this code:

2. EB2E4A4C


This code takes you to Seenys APK Store library. It contains around 80 applications divided into 7 categories. These are Movies /TV Shows, Live TV, tools, Browsers, VPNs, Music, and YouTube.

There are a lot of popular apps within this code, some of these are:

3. 67664537


The code Stream It All offers more than 250 applications. These applications are divided into 14 categories: Live TV, Kodi, Anime, VPNs, Official Amazon Apps, IPTV players, Web Browsers, movies, Tools, etc.

Some of its popular applications are:

4. 12341234


This code provides one of the most extensive libraries.  It contains 500+ apps divided into 19 diverse categories. This unlinked code can be a one-stop entertainment spot for you.

It has categories of Movies & TV Shows, Music, Browsers, Kids, Kodi Forks, Media Players, Live TV, Live Sports, Tools & Utilities, and also Anime. 

Some of the popular apps you can find are listed below:

5. 710AB04D


Here is our next code with 150+ apps that you can download for your FireStick device. However, some of the apps might not get downloaded

The code contains exciting applications for movies /TV series, kids, anime, IPTV, media players, and utilities, etc. It has popular apps like:

6. Firestick


Here is our next code with 42 apps that you can download for your FireStick device. However, some of the apps might not get downloaded

The code contains exciting applications for movies /TV series, kids, anime, IPTV, media players, and utilities, etc. It has popular apps like:

7: 96960000


This last unlinked code we have mentioned is Top Android Apks. This code has more than 299 applications across 16 categories.

These include Ad-free, anime, browser, live TV, mobile, and movie. music, official, sports, tools, VPN, as well as media players. A few applications are mentioned below:

8. 90D311FE


This code has the following 4 Movie/Show apps in its library:

9. 7cd6a4f1 (Pin: 911911)


This code has 8 apps to offer. These categories are Movie / TV Show AppsLive TV Apps, Ad-Free Movie Apps, etc. This code streams quality content. It has applications like:

More Unlinked Codes

I have already mentioned the best Unlinked Codes above. Here are other codes that you can use:

  • e89349b6
  • 33627466
  • DF9C7131
  • 99999999 (Pin: 88888)
  • F398174F
  • Tools3333
  • 72727272
  • customforks19.3
  • dagoberts
  • 9135f6a0

How To Add Codes on Unlinked

Once you have installed Unlinked on Firestick, the next step is to use the codes to access its library.

Step 1: The interface of the app will look like this. Click the option Add a new library.


Step 2: You can see a blinking cursor. Enter your code (e.g. 7cd6a4f1) and click Next.


Step 3: Enter the Pin box. Enter the PIN in case the code is PIN-protected and click Next. (The PIN for the above-mentioned code is 911911)


Step 4: All the apps under that code will appear on the screen


Step 8: You can select your desired app from the list and proceed with the download and installation process. Enjoy using the app once it is installed successfully

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Popular Alternatives to UnLinked

As we mentioned earlier, Unlinked is an app that serves a similar purpose to FileLinked. But, if you are looking for more you can use:

FAQs – Best Unlinked Codes

1. What is unlinked?

Unlinked is an alternative app store for downloading apps not found on official platforms or geo-blocked in your region. You can install it on your Firestick using the downloader code 10381.

2. What are the Best Unlinked Codes?

There are unlimited Unlinked codes. However, the best Unlinked codes are EB2E4A4C, 67664537, superapps, 12341234, and 90D311FE. We have mentioned others in the list.

3. Are Unlinked Codes Legal?

Yes. It is legal to install and use Unlinked while staying in the public domain. To secure your streaming to a higher level make sure to connect your device with ExpressVPN.

4. Are Unlinked Codes Safe?

Yes. The way the use of the application is safe and legal the use of the codes is safe too. But this does not mean not connecting your device to a VPN as it will guarantee security.

5. Do You Need a VPN for Unlinked Codes?

Yes. FireStick recommends the use of ExpressVPN for a safe and secure streaming experience. This will hide your streaming activity and make your identity anonymous.

6. What Devices can Unlinked be Installed on?

Unlinked is compatible with various devices. The famous devices are FireStick, MI TV, and any Android-powered device.


Unlinked is the most convenient and excellent alternative to Filelinked with all the latest and popular apps that you are willing to download to your devices with just a code!

We’ve personally tested and listed the best Unlinked codes for Firestick, ensuring quality and reliability. Unlinked also enables you to share your apps with FireStick users by simply creating your code.

To use the codes make sure to use a VPN to have a protected connection. It masks your IP to hide your identity and maintain privacy. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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