Best FileSynced Codes for Firestick (2024)


Here is a guide on the best FileSynced codes that can be used on FireStick, FireStick TV, FireStick 4kand any other Android device.

FileSynced is the present-day duplicate of FileLinked. FileLinked is one of the most convenient ways of downloading applications. Since FileLinked is not working users are now searching for an easy way to install applications using codes on their devices.

In this article, we will discuss the best Filesynced codes you can use. If you install FileSynced you will be able to sideload lots of applications that you cannot find in the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

Some of the famous apps you can install through FileSynced codes are Cinema APK, AptoideKodi, MX PlayerStremio, and many others.

To install Filesynced on FireStick you can follow the steps given. After installation, you can use the best Filesynced codes given below.

You must note that since the application is free it is strictly recommended to use a VPN on your FireStick.

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Best FileSynced Codes

Open Filesynced and you will be given space to enter your code and download it.


Below we have mentioned the best FileSynced codes. These codes are for Movies, TV shows, Sports, News, Live TV, games, etc.

Code: 10000017

This is one of the top codes because of the large number of apps in it. The applications available within the codes are more than 90. Moreover, it has categories like Movies, TV shows, live TV, players, tools, etc.


Few applications under this code are listed below:

Code: 98766969

This code is called John Wayne V2. It also has a huge library with more than 100 applications. Under this code, the applications are mostly Live TV, movies, TV series, file managers, etc.


I have mentioned a few applications within this code. This might help you select the code relevant to your wish:

Code: 88888888

After entering in the FileSynced code 88888888, you will find the DreamLocator store that is mainly catered towards those using Free TV Apps. However, within the code, there are about 30 applications related to  Live TV, movies, TV series, file managers, etc.


Here  is a list of applications under this code:

Code: 55555555

This FileSynced code is created and organized by LeeTV. Under this code, you can get about 20 applications that are available in the App stores which are mostly movies and TV shows.


Below is given the list of applications:

Code: 20212021

The FileSynced code is absolutely for those using Kodi, as it includes many Kodi Builds and forks. It has over 15 applications.


These are:

  • Kodi 19.1 64 Bit
  • Kodi 19.1 32 Bit
  • Kodi 19.0 64 Bit
  • Kodi 19.0 32 Bit

Code: 10000013

The last code we will mention is Dabs TV and Movie Options. This Filesynced code has more than 6 applications mostly for Live TV, movies, TV series, and tools.


These applications are:

More FileSynced Codes

I have already mentioned the best FileSynced Codes. Here are other codes that you can use:

  • 10000131
  • 12345678
  • 56001333
  • 98767611
  • 98767450

Trending Codes

FileSynced application allows viewing the trending codes also. Just click the option of trending codes and pick your favorite.


Moreover, you can also make your own code. For this register on FileSynced’s official website. Now click Sign Up on the top menu to get started.

After signing up you will receive an email from the developers for the next step instructions.

 Popular Alternatives to FileLinked

As we mentioned earlier that FileSynced is an alternative to FileLinked. However, if you are looking for more you can use:

FAQs – Best FileSynced Codes

Is FileSynced safe and legal?

Although FileSynced is safe to use, users might get into legal troubles if restricted content is streamed. Thus, it’s always better to use a VPN to be on the safe side. ExpressVPN keeps the identity of users hidden and helps to stay anonymous.

Is FileSynced free?

Yes, FileSynced is a completely free app, thus, you will not be required to pay the subscription charges or any other charges to use the app. Users only have to enter the codes in the app and install their desired app.

Is it safe to use FileSynced codes?

As of now, we do not know who created the code, thus it cannot be confirmed if it’s safe. Therefore, there always remains a chance that users may come across some malware.

Which one is better, FileSynced or FileLinked?

Both apps have the same system where it is used to download or share apps. However, File Synced offers a simple interface making it easy for users to process. On the other hand, FileLinked offers a vast code library

Wrapping Up

As mentioned before FileSynced is a clone of FileLinked. The applications serve the same purpose and work in the same manner. We have mentioned the best codes you can use to download multiple applications at a time. 

FileSynced also gives a feature to share your apps with your mates. However, this can be done by creating your own code from the official website of FileSynced.

To use the codes make sure to use a VPN to have a protected connection. It masks your IP to hide your identity and maintain privacy. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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