About Us

Firestick Hacks is a tech website where you get information and updates related to Amazon Fire Stick device. Enhance your tech knowledge on Fire Stick with Fire Stick tips, tricks, hacks, and hidden features. The website is truly dedicated to make the best use of Fire Stick up to its fullest potential.

Why Fire Stick?

We believe every streaming stick’s idea is to create a bridge between a small screen to big screen. It uploads your photos andallows you to view videos on your TV just like everything other device. This is what Chromecast does, this what Roku streaming does, and so a lot others.

That, however, is not the only idea behind Amazon Fire Stick. This device has a potential to surprise users with its incredible hidden features, and that is exactly why we chose Fire Stick to lead us.

Our Vision

To become the most widely read website in tech industry that offers tutorials, tricks, tips, and suggestions regarding Amazon Fire Stick to its readers.