How to Close Background Apps on Firestick (2024)


This is the step-by-step guide on How to Close Background Apps on FireStick, Fire TV,  FireTV Box, and FireStick 4K.

With Amazon FireStick you can stream millions of applications. The FireStick device turns a basic LED TV into a Smart TV however along with the bright side, it has issues too. The only problem the device has is its little storage capacity.

Once you use an application on Firestick and close it, the device by default puts the app in the background, thus not closing it. This results in the slow speed of the device.

The third generation of FireStick only has 1.3GHZ and 8GB storage. If you are stuck with the slow speed of your FireStick and you want to close the background applications you are at the right place.

It is definitely annoying to be conscious of what we download and install. Thus here is a way to close the apps running in the background and occupying space.

How to Close Background Apps on Firestick

Background Apps and Process List is the application that I will use to close Background apps. This is a utility app that will function as an alternate way to the application settings of your device.

This is used to uninstall applications, force close applications that are downloaded on your Firestick. and clear the cache of apps without removing data. Background Apps and Process list will further eliminate lag and buffering.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Firestick home screen and click on the Find option at the top menu bar


Step 2: Now select Search 


Step 3: In the search bar type Background Apps and Process List 


Step 4: Select the application from the suggestions below


Step 5: Click on Get for free download


Step 6: Once the application is downloaded click Open 


Step 7: Click on Got it! and move forward


Step 8: The Background Apps and Process List is installed and ready to use on your Firestick


What is Background App and Process List

Background Apps and Process List functions as a shortcut to FireStick System Settings. As you click the application it will take you to Settings. You have an option to uninstall, force stop, and clear the cache of a certain app when you click on Close all Apps. Thus making the interface of the application very simple and easy to use.

The features of this app are mentioned below:

Up/Down Arrow Button

Here are the Shortcuts you can use with the Up/Down Arrow button.  You can choose 2 views with the Switch Layout. One is the Grid view with app names and one is the Grid view without app names.

The All App feature allows you to sort out your applications according to their name, size, and permission. Thus, managing applications.  You must note that the first time you will click on this button you will be asked to download a sister app called App Info Manager. You have to download it first, then you will have access to the functions.

With Test Net Speed you can Test Download Speed, Test Upload Speed, Ping Test, and WIFI/Lan Scanner. This feature will give you correct information regarding the video quality on your device.

The Network Scanner feature allows scanning your network for connected devices. This feature also takes you to an app, the Network Scanner, created by the same developer as Background Apps and Process List.

The IP address, location, and VPN status display your  MAC Address, Local IP Address, Browsing Location, and ISP. This feature also redirects your device to an app called My IP.

Lastly, the Take Notes and Calculator feature redirects to apps called Take Notes and Valutare Calculator created by the same developer as Background Apps and Process List.

Refresh Button

As the name indicates, this button will refresh your app.


This feature you all the hidden systems and user applications installed that are required for your system to work efficiently and effectively.

Select Multiple

The select Multiple options allow you to select more than one app and close them together.

Alternatives to Close Background Apps on FireStick

The Background Apps and Process list are one of the most reliable and used applications. However, this does not mean it is the only one. You can choose other apps by clicking on the links below:

  • Task Manager on FireStick
  • SD Maid on FireStick
  • DBTV Assistant on FireStick

FAQs – Close Background Apps

1 Is it Free?

Yes. The Background Apps and Process List is free with no hidden costs.

2 Are there ADs?

Yes. There are banner ads. Also, you might less frequently see pop-up ads.

3 Is there a Premium version?

No, the application is free and does not have any premium or paid version.

4 Is there an official website?

Background Apps and Process List has no official website. However, if you have queries you can contact the developer at an email address mentioned inside the application Help tab.

5 What other devices does it work on?

The Background Apps and Process List is compatible with a Laptop/PC via an android emulator. It will also work with Android TV Boxes, Fire TVs, and Smart TVs.

6 What is the minimum version required?

Version 5.0 and above is necessary to use the app.

7 How long has it been around?

The date is not certain but its release was in 2019.

Summing Up

The application looks very simple but it has a lot to do when you are stuck with the slow speed and background applications on your FireStick. This can be checked by performing the speed test that gives accurate results.

The only thing I would say is a minus point is that you have to download necessary applications to attain other useful features. But the application being free has given a large number of features with solutions to your FireStick problems.

This One-click kill button is all that your FireStick need. But before beginning to use the free application make sure you have installed and connected your Firestick to a reliable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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