How to Watch 9Now on FireStick (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch 9Now on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

An Australian television channel called 9Now airs Live and on-demand content. The service provided by 9Now is totally free of cost, and it has cricket, golf, and a number of other sports broadcasting rights.

9Now brings content from the well-known television channel, Channel 9. It provides a vast range of TV channels, on-demand movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids’ programs, and much more.

9Now streaming service is only available in Australia and can’t be accessed from outside on Amazon App Store. So an easy way to install this app is by downloader method.

Unfortunately, the previous old version of 9Now Apk is not working properly and asking to install Google Play which is restricted on Firestick.

For that reason, we’ve bought the new version of the 9Now apk that can be installed and allow you to access all the content easily.

All you have to do is just verify the 9Now apk on Firestick through the code which we’ve mentioned with every step in this guide.

Since the service is Australian and geo-blocked outside its region, you might face a geo-error when trying to access it from outside, that says:

“9Now is only available in Australia”


Therefore, you will need a VPN that will help you bypass geo-restriction and allow you to access the service by connecting to the Australian server. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

2 Ways to Watch 9Now on FireStick

Here we’ve discussed 2 ways to watch 9Now on FireStick. These are:

Our Recommended VPN - ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our recommended choice when it comes to unblocking any geo-restricted services OR watching anything for free using unofficial apps/websites as it helps you hide your streaming activities from the ISPs and Government.

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Watch 9Now on FireStick Using Silk Browser

This method is a very easy method that involves the use of the Internet Browser to visit the Official 9Now website from anywhere.

Since 9Now is an Australian streaming platform you need to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick and connect to an Australian server to unblock 9Now in your region.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Select the Find menu


Step 3: Click on the Search option


Step 4: Type Internet Browser and select it from the list


Step 5: Select the Internet icon when the below screen appears


Step 6: Click on Download and wait for the app to install


Step 7: Wait until the download is completed


Step 8: If you’re from outside Australia, you need to install ExpressVPN and connect to the Australian server to bypass 10Play geo-restrictions.


Step 9: Select ExpressVPN from the suggestions bellow


Step 10: Open ExpressVPN once installed


Step 11: You must connect the server to Australia to access 10Play since it is restricted to Australia only


Step 12: Select Open to access the installed browser


Step 13: Once the browser opens, click on Accept Terms


Step 14: By default, the tab would be open


Step 15: In the URL bar type make sure what you type is correct since the URL is case-sensitive


Step 16: This is the official 9Now website that you can explore. The website will even permit the user to watch Live TV


Step 17: You can click on TV Shows to have a variety of options for TV Shows


Step 18: Click on Categories and scroll to view various categories of content 9Now offers


Step 19: The user is even given a Search tool for a quick search of the movie or shows you are looking for


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Watch 9Now on FireStick using APK Method

If you are outside Australia and unable to find 9Now on the Amazon App Store then this apk method is for you.

As the aforementioned, the older version of the 9Now apk is not working properly, so if you already have the 9Now apk then you need to delete it for a newer version to install.

Make sure to use ExpressVPN and connect to Australian Server to access the 9Now content from anywhere.

Follow the steps given below to install the new 9NOW Apk on Firestick.

Step 1: Turn ON your FireStick device and Go to FireStick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon 


Step 3: Select the My Fire TV option


Step 4: To enable the Developer Option, click About.


Note: If you have already enabled the Developer Option, then proceed to Step 10

Step 5: Click on the Fire TV Stick option quickly at least 7 times


Step 6: Now you will see this message at the bottom saying "No need, you are already a developer". So stop clicking then


Step 7: Now the Developer Option will appear in the menu so click on it


Step 8: Choose Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it ON


Step 9: Simply click Turn On


Step 10: Now return to the FireStick Home menu by pressing the "Home" icon on the remote and click on Find


Step 11: Now select the Search icon


Step 12: Type Downloader and press search


Step 13: Select the Downloader App icon from the list available in the Amazon Store


Step 14: Tap Get/Download


Step 15: Wait for a while until the installation process is completed


Step 16: Now click Open


Step 17: Select Allow to give access to the downloader app


Step 18: Click OK here


Step 19: This is the Downloader App interface, Choose the Home tab and click Search Bar


Step 20: Now click on the URL bar and enter or enter the code 351914 and click Go


Step 21: Scroll down and click the Download Apk button


Step 22: If downloading didn’t start immediately, then click on the “Here”  link.


Step 23: Wait for the file to download


Step 24: Click Install 


Step 25: Wait for the app to install.


Step 26: After installation completes, click done.


Step 27: Now, open the ExpressVPN app and connect to the Australian server to access 9Now from anywhere


Step 28: Now Launch the 9Now App.


Step 29: This is the interface of the 9Now App


Try ExpressVPN

How to Verify 9Now App on Firestick

This new 9now Apk requires verification before streaming its live and on-demand content. Follow the steps below to verify 9Now app on a Fire TV device.

1. After launching the app, go to the side menu and click login


2. Now click the Log Into 9Now button


3. Here on screen you can see the verification code, “note it down”.


4. Now open a browser on your phone, PC, or even in Firestick (eg. Silk browser), enter the URL, and click go


5. On the homepage, click on the side menu icon


6. Choose the Connect Your TV option


7. It will ask you for the code.


8. Enter the code and click continue


9. It will now process and activate 9Now app in few seconds


10. Go back to the 9Now app


11. Choose any content or live channel


12. Click Watch


13. Enjoy steaming…!


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9Now App Features

The 9Now app is a free app that offers users a range of features such as Live News, the option of On-Demand Entertainment, and all this in High Quality with periodic updates.

The 9Now app gives a playback option to users and also allows log-in to various devices with a Channel 9 account. Moreover, the 9Now APP offers a user-friendly app interface along with a comprehensive design, an appealing layout, and organized categories.

9Now further, provides a quick search and home option where users can find quality content from various categories. The channels offered include an exclusive lineup of Channel 9 content, such as 9GO!, 9Gem, 9Life Live, and 9Rush.

This app offers its users a range of various content such as Premium Drama, Sci-fi, fantasy, crime, travel guides, inside the Royals, true crime, retro TV, renovation and real estate, homegrown drama, and much more.

Best 9Now Shows


You can watch full episodes of famous and trending shows on 9Now in HD quality. Here are a few shows that you would like to watch:

  • The Good Fight
  • La Brea
  • Elementary
  • Manifest
  • For Life
  • New Amsterdam
  • Love Island
  • Saving Hope
  • Allegiance
  • Resident Alien
  • Falling Skies
  • Almost Human
  • Family Law
  • Game of Silence
  • Law & Order: Organized Crime

Sports offered by 9Now


On 9Now you can not only stream entertainment like shows and movies but also live sports. Here is a list of sports offered by Channel 9 that you can stream on 9Now:

Other streaming services to watch on Firestick

Here are some other streaming services like 9Now that you can watch on Firestick. Make sure to use ExpressVPN for safe and secure streaming.

FAQs – 9Now

1 Is 9Now free?

Yes. Installing and using 9Now is completely free. However, the app is restricted to Australia only due to which you require a trusted VPN to unblock geo-restrictions in your region.

2 Are there ads while streaming with 9Now?

Yes. Since the app is free to use and install, 9Now earns through ads.

3 Does 9Now has an excellent content selection?

Yes. 9Now offers a variety of unique content that you can stream. All of the 9Now media content is dived into various categories.

4 Does 9Now stream Live Cricket?

Yes. 9Now streams live sports including cricket matches like T20 matches and ICC World Cup.

5 How do I stream 9Now outside Australia?

9Now is an Australian streaming service that is only restricted to Australia. If you want to stream 9Now from anywhere in the world you need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock the geo-restrictions imposed.

Summing Up

Here is all you need to know about the brilliant Australian streaming service 9Now. The application streams the well-known Channel9 content for free and allows the user to watch the news, entertainment, and even sports just with free signup.

The older version of the 9now apk was giving an error asking to install Google Play which is restricted on Firestick, so we’ve mentioned the new 9Now apk with its verification to watch 9Now on Firestick

9Now will keep the user updated on the latest content you want to watch. Although 9Now is just available in Australia, you can use ExpressVPN to unblock geo restrictions and watch 9Now from anywhere in the world.

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  1. I’m unable to access 9Now via either of these routes. APK method says I need google play running to access the app. The other method can’t find the app to download. What now?

    • Hi emma, We’ve updated the blog with a new link and added some more steps. Please revisit the page again for updated guide. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

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