11 Best BEE TV APK Alternatives For FireStick [2024]


This detailed guide will show you some of the best BEE TV APK alternatives for FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Bee TV, a leading free streaming app for movies and TV shows, recently started facing issues like installation problems, content playback glitches, server overload, glitches, and application crashes.

This drives the users to seek alternatives. But they do not need to look any further, because we’ve curated a list of the top 11 free movies and show apps like FilmPlus, Movie HD, TeaTV, Cinema HD, Cyberflix, and more.

These apps not just promise to match the BeeTV experience but to surpass it and that too for 100% free. You can easily download all of them using your downloader

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11 Best BEE TV APK Alternatives For FireStick 2024

I am listing the best tried and tested Bee TV APK Alternatives for FireStick. You can select any application you think will work for you.

However, since all of these apps are free and may be open to security threats we strongly recommend installing and using ExpressVPN on FireStick to avoid any legal and security consequences.

1. Tea TV


Tea TV, is one of the top BeeTV alternatives, offering a vast library including exclusive originals and Full HD content.

Tea TV provides not just the latest movies and shows but also live TV channels, with the added convenience of subtitle support. It utilizes TPlayer for buffer-free streaming.

Its user-friendly interface supports personalized lists and easy content discovery, complemented by trailers and reviews for informed viewing decisions.

Downloader Code: 250931

Downloader Link: bit.ly/47iWDtN

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2. FilmPlus


FilmPlus is another great alternative to BeeTV, offering 100% free access to movies & TV shows in HD, including 1080p and 4K.

It boasts a vast library across genres, a user-friendly interface for easy search, and offers subtitles in several languages.

The app ensures minimal ads and is compatible with Real Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize, and Trakt.tv for a premium experience. Additionally, it requires BPlayer for uninterrupted streaming.

Downloader Code: 76861

Downloader Link: bit.ly/48udCKy

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3. Movie HD


Another Bee TV alternative is Movie HD. It offers free access to a wide array of movies and TV shows, neatly categorized for effortless browsing.

The app is celebrated for its free content across various genres, no registration hassle, and streamlined user experience with hardly any buffering. It supports many external players like AM Player and others.

With frequent updates and a lightweight design, Movie HD ensures the latest content is readily accessible, maintaining a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

Downloader Code: 760630

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3337820

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4. Cyberflix TV


CyberFlix TV, a leading Bee TV alternative, the app is 100% free and has a user-friendly interface with fast servers that eliminate buffering and support subtitles in multiple languages for a global audience.

Notable features include an ad-free experience, an integrated media player for seamless viewing, regular updates, a content calendar, and Trakt TV integration for enhanced tracking and quality selection.

The app supports HD quality streaming up to 1080p and allows the use of external video players like VLC or MX Player, ensuring a tailored viewing experience with minimal buffering.

Downloader Code: 201816

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3tqIrku

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5. OnStream


Onstream emerges as a competitive BeeTV alternative, with over 18,000 free films and TV shows, enriched with subtitles in various languages, ensuring easy accessibility with no sign-in required.

Its uncluttered interface simplifies navigation, allowing users to adjust streaming quality according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized viewing experience.

With regular updates, Onstream keeps its content fresh and engaging, catering to diverse viewer tastes and maintaining its position as a go-to streaming service for free, quality entertainment.

Downloader Code: 751603

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3w0sjXT

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6. Ocean Streamz


Ocean Streamz offers a vast array of live TV channels, movies, TV shows, and anime for free, with content available in up to 1080p resolution, enhanced by Trakt integration and Real-Debrid support.

The service ensures an enjoyable viewing experience with minimal ads and a built-in video player, emphasizing user convenience and uninterrupted streaming.

With its straightforward navigation, Ocean Streamz caters to users looking for diverse entertainment options with a user-friendly interface, making it a solid BeeTV alternative.

Downloader Code: 99317

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3uA7TVb

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7. Cinema HD


Cinema HD is one of the most well-known alternatives to Bee TV where you can watch the latest Blockbusters that have been forgotten, timeless TV shows & movies and you name it.

It also offers customization by letting users mark favorites and integrate Trakt TV & Real-Debrid for a guaranteed premium streaming experience.

It offers extensive subtitle support in various languages and an add-free streaming experience to its users.

Downloader Code: 946811

Downloader Link: bit.ly/cinema-3453

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8. Viva TV


Viva TV, a 100% free app, provides access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows in HD and 4K, with Trakt.tv integration to track your watchlist and history.

Designed with an innovative and user-friendly interface, Viva TV enhances streaming quality through compatibility with Real Debrid, Alldebrid, and Premiumize, and offers subtitles in multiple languages for a global audience.

Downloader Code: 438329

Downloader Link: tinyurl.com/3mb3xtc2

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9. FreeFlix


FreeFlix serves as an excellent BeeTV alternative, offering a large content library at no cost. Its Real-Debrid integration allows for premium streaming links, enhancing the viewing experience.

The app includes parental controls for safe viewing, a user-friendly interface for easy navigation, and multiple HD streaming links. FreeFlix HQ’s support for external players adds flexibility to how content is watched.

Additionally, Trakt TV integration ensures that your viewing history is synchronized across devices, making it easier to pick up where you left off on any device.

Downloader Code: 278776

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3RlPjHL

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10. Stremio


Stremio is a free streaming app that differentiates itself as a BeeTV alternative with add-ons to enhance viewing and subtitle support in various languages, plus the option for external player integration.

It offers customizable themes and a simple interface for easy use, along with Real-Debrid integration for premium links.

Minimal ads on Stremio ensure a smooth streaming experience, prioritizing viewer satisfaction and uninterrupted enjoyment.

Downloader Code: 82452

Downloader Link: bit.ly/3GAV5Ar

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11. Nova TV


Nova TV is your one-stop shop for all of your streaming needs, including movies, TV shows, entertainment videos, and more. With frequent updates, this app provides a vast library of free HD and FHD videos.

Support for Debrid, one-click cookies & cache clear, link filtering, and more are just a few of Nova TV’s outstanding features. Furthermore, Nova TV also enables you to watch content using any third-party player of your preference.

It is simple to use, offers support for multilingual subtitles, and offers the chance to upgrade to a premium subscription. A wonderful app for streaming free movies, and TV series, and being an alternative to BEE TV APK  is Nova TV.

Downloader Code: 250931

Downloader Link: bit.ly/482q3gm

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FAQS – Bee TV Alternatives

1 What is Bee TV APK?

BeeTV stands out as a top free streaming app, offering a wealth of movies and TV shows for free, high-quality streaming without the need for a subscription, ensuring endless entertainment.

2 is Bee TV free?

Yes, Bee TV is a 100% free streaming application.

4 Are there other apps like Bee TV?

Yes, alongside Bee TV, there are numerous alternatives such as FilmPlus, Movie HD, TeaTV, Cinema HD, and Cyberflix. Ensure safe installation by using ExpressVPN.


BEE TV has been a go-to application for movie and series lovers. But its recent problems and glitches have led viewers to explore alternatives.

We’ve identified the 11 Best BEE TV APK alternatives For FireStick, like Cinema HD, FilmPlus, Movie HD, and TeaTV promising a seamless streaming experience that goes beyond BeeTV’s offerings.

However, for safe streaming on these free platforms, using a VPN such as ExpressVPN on your FireStick is highly recommended to protect your privacy.

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