12 Best Apps to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 on FireStick (Free)


This is a step-by-step guide to finding out the best apps to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

One of the most popular sports in the world is Football or soccer. The World Cup is one of the most watched and respected quadrennial competitions, despite there being many other tournaments and leagues.

32 nations compete in the big game, the Fifa World Cup, to win the prestigious title of World Champions. Qatar will host the 2022 Fifa World Cup for the first time ever.

Pro Tip: How to Watch FIFA World Cup Live on FireStick

The Fifa World Cup is scheduled to begin on 21 November and will end on 18 December 2022. Football fans will make sure to watch all of Messi and Ronaldo’s games because this World Cup is likely to be their final.

To make Live streaming of the FIFA Worldcup 2022 easier for you, follow the guide to look at the best Apps to watch FIFA World Cup 2022.

Best Apps to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on FireStick

Here are the best apps to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick 2022:

Since most of the apps are free and from various regions, so it is strictly advised to use a VPN on your FireStick for safe and secure streaming.

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Unofficial Apps to Watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick (Free)

Here we are going to list the best apps to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick for free. These are unofficial apps so these apps have to be sideloaded using the downloader application.

As mentioned earlier make sure to install and use Express VPN on FireStick for a safe and secure streaming experience and to unblock any geo-restriction if it is imposed.

These are the Best unofficial apps to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick and their descriptions:

1. Rapid Streamz


One of the most well-known sports streaming services, Rapid Streamz provides access to the majority of sporting events throughout the globe. The 800 Live channels also contain Live Events taking place. Similarly, Rapid Streamz will be broadcasting the Live FIFA World Cup 2022.

To watch FIFA World Cup on Rapid Streamz the user is not required to subscribe, register, or log in. However, the user must use ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restriction and connect to the Costa Rica server. The VPN must be connected to the Costa Rica server to unblock FIFA World Cup streaming. 

Rapid Streamz is one of the best free applications to stream the Fifa World Cup 2022 in HD quality. Although Rapid Streamz also supports external players, MX Player is probably what you need.

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2. Live Net TV


The next on our list is Live Net TV. Despite conducting much research, Live Net TV is my personal favorite on this list and it is currently the finest I have discovered online.

It features hundreds of live-streaming sports channels, most of them in HD, from the well-known football broadcasting BeIN HD channels to the UK’s beloved Sky Sports HD Channels.

From the links provided within the app, the user may download and set up Live Net TV and watch live FIFA Worldcup 2022 matches. With Live Net TV, you will not miss a single match and can watch highlights of the recently played match.

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3. Football Plus


Football Plus is an app dedicated to Football games around the world. This app broadcasts international events like the UEFA Champions League and contains all international matches and championships. Similarly, the Football Plus app will stream live FIFA World Cup 2022.

It provides all the details about any football team, as well as the results of prior football games you may have missed, football news, timetables, and statistics.

Users may choose from a selection of sports channels that Football Plus streams to watch the FIFA World Cup such as Dazn Sports, Bein Sports France, Liga Sports Spain, Ten Sports, Star Sports Channels, BT Sports Channels, etc.

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4. Ocean Streamz


Ocean Streamz is a free-of-cost and free-of-ads application to stream the Live FIFA Worldcup 2022 on FireStick. The app searches for high-quality streaming links ranging in resolution from 144p to 1080p to stream the Worldcup.

The user can not only watch the match but also check the scoreboard, and upcoming FIFA matches with full schedules. You can take advantage of the Ocean Streamz app to stream the world cup in the most exciting way and simple interface.

If you are a die-hard sports fan you must know that with Ocean Streamz not only can you stream FIFA Worldcup Live but also all sports games around the world.

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Official Apps to Watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick

I am now listing down the official apps that will stream FIFA World Cup 2022 on FireStick. However, some of these applications are free and others are paid.

Before you begin streaming you need to keep in mind that almost all the apps listed are geo-restricted to certain countries. To watch Live FIFA World Cup on FireStick with official apps in your location do not forget to install and use Express VPN on FireStick.

1. BBC iPlayer (Free)


BBC is a popular channel in the United Kingdom. A great option for free World Cup streaming is BBC iPlayer which is one of the official broadcasters of the FIFA World Cup 2022. It stands out since it broadcasts games in 4K UHD and streams without advertisements.

Moreover, Live commentary and studio analysis are provided for each game. There is a lot of on-demand video available on BBC iPlayer in addition to live World Cup streaming. You may use BBC iPlayer to stream Football Focus, The Football News Show, and Match of the Day.

BBC iPlayer will be your go-to platform for the FIFA World Cup 2022. All you need is to use ExpressVPN and connect it to the United Kingdon server.

The only major drawback is that only 50% of the World Cup games are available on BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer will be streaming 32 Fifa World Cup Matches.

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2. ITV (Free)


ITV is another well-known and famous channel in the UK. Just like BBC iPlayer, ITV is broadcasting 32 games of the FIFA World Cup 2022 for free. By using ExpressVPN and connecting it to the UK IP address, you may watch all of the 64 World Cup games via ITV and BBC iPlayer.

But on a technical level, ITV falls short of the majority of other World Cup streaming options. The service frequently has issues while popular games are on. The videos regularly slowed down, buffered, and even stopped working entirely.

Moreover, there are too many commercial breaks during broadcasts and the information is arranged in a confusing way. However, this is one of the ways to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 Live on FireStick.

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3. SBS (Free)


The greatest free FIFA World Cup 2022 watching service is SBS On Demand. The platform for the Australian public broadcaster’s material streams in HD is completely free and simple to use.

All 64 World Cup games can be watched live online using SBS. More talented presenters, analysts, and pundits can be found on SBS than on the majority of the other services we’ve examined.

Every game is covered from both the pitch and the studio with commentary by Martin Tyler. To view SBS, you must, however, install and use Express VPN and connect it to the Australia server. You can have buffering and streaming problems because of the distance depending on where you are.

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4. Fubo TV (Paid)


On FuboTV, soccer lovers may watch the FIFA World Cup 2022. You must use ExpressVPN to view FuboTV because it is only available in the United States, Canada, and Spain.

Since its early days as a streaming service that just covered soccer, it has advanced significantly. Its focus grew over time to encompass as much sport as possible, followed by premium TV, and it is today one of the greatest cable alternatives.

FuboTV is renowned for having a wide selection of sports channels. Fubo TV will now be streaming FIFA World Cupp 2022 Live. You can stream all 64 games on FOX and FS1 in HD quality with a premium experience for $69.99/month.

The Fubo TV subscriber may record their favorite shows on its 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage as well. If you’re signing up for fuboTV for the first time, you’ll also get a 7-day free trial.

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5. TF1 (Free)


TF1 is a French national television network. TF1 owns the rights to stream 24 FIFA World Cup 2022 games. It includes every game in France, both traditional TV, and their official internet streaming services will be used by TF1 to broadcast matches.

All French citizens get free access to TF1 as well as its free TV programming. Official TF1 broadcasts are geo-blocked and inaccessible from locations outside of France. For this reason, make sure to use ExpressVPN and connect to the French server to stream FIFA World Cup 2022 events.

6. GloboPlay (Free)


The official digital broadcaster of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is TV Globo. The event will be streamed Live online on Globoplay, the broadcast television network of Brazil. GloboPlay has further expanded to Canada and also other over 20 European countries.

Therefore the user must install and use ExpressVPN and change the IP address to Brazil to stream with GloboPlay on FireStick. Grupo Globo owns the over-the-top subscription streaming service, Globoplay. In the sports area, which features coverage of several important events, FIFA World Cup 2022 is one of them.

7. Peacock TV (Paid)


NBC offers a top-notch streaming service called Peacock in the US. It allows you to watch Telemundo in 1080p. A Spanish-language station called Telemundo has the right to live broadcast all 64 World Cup games.

The only option to view all FIFA World Cup games in Spanish for free is with Peacock’s free trial. According to our analysis, Telemundo has the most talented staff of pundits and commentators who speak Spanish. Pre-, mid-, and post-match analysis from recognizable available is provided for every game.

Despite this, Peacock TV just costs $4.99 per month, which represents excellent value. Make sure to use ExpressVPN to connect to a US server outside the US.

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8. YouTube TV (Paid)


YouTube TV streams the best football videos, which also include the FIFA World Cup 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup. It shows highlights, full matches, as well as classic stories.

Matches from the FIFA World Cup 2022 may be seen live on YouTube TV with your FireStick device. Additionally, if you want to stream in 4K, you must purchase its 4K Plus add-on. But in order to access this streaming service from outside the USA, you must install and use ExpressVPN.

The user can watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick with YouTube TV in the 7-day free trial. Moreover, the user can Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

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Other Football Events to Watch on FireStick

Here are other football events you can watch other than FIFA World Cup 2022 on FireStick. Make sure to install and use Express VPN for safe streaming and to unblock any geo-restriction imposed. These are:

FAQs – FIFA World Cup Apps

1 How can I watch FIFA World Cup 2022 for free?

You can choose any application such as Ocean Streamz, Live Net TV, Football Plus, SBS, or BBC iPlayer to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in high definition without buffering.

2 Can I watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on YouTube TV? 

Yes.  YouTube TV subscribers can watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on FOX and FS1 from November 20th.

3 Is SBS Free?

Yes. SBS has given rights to broadcast the Live FIFA World Cup 2022.

4 Can I watch FIFA World Cup on Peacock TV? 

Yes. You can watch the FIFA World cup with a Peacock TV subscription. Telemundo has the right to live broadcast all 64 World Cup games.


It’s safe to assume you learned the best apps to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick. We have mentioned the official and unofficial applications to stream the most exciting matches coming up.

Undoubtedly FIFA World Cup fans are searching for its live broadcasters and how to watch the match in their countries. We have provided an extensive list of all applications to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick.

You can either choose paid services like YouTube TV, Peacock TV, and Fubo TV or free apps like SBS, BBC iPlayer, ITV, GloboPlay, Live Net, and a few others mentioned above.

When you are searching for the best apps to watch FIFA World Cup on FireStick do not forget to install and use Express VPN which will unblock the geo-restrictions of these apps for the user to stream easily from any location.

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