How to Install Browser on Firestick

This guide will you show you how to install browser on FireStick. You can install from five different web browsers which includes Downloader Browser, Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera and android.

One of the drawbacks of firestick is that you can’t install some applications that you can normally run on android tv box and this is one of them. By installing a browser you can download android applications on your firestick that are not in your firestick app store. You can use the browser to go directly to the web page that hosts the download file and download it directly.

Installing chrome Browser on Firestick

In this part of the guide we will be installing chrome on FireStick. We will also be installing a mouse with it because it is too difficult to use a FireStick web browser without a mouse.

Following are the steps that are required to install chrome on firestick.

  1. By navigating to the right go to settings.
  2. Now click on device under the settings menu.
  3. Next select the developer options under the device menu.
  4. From there turn ON ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown resources
  5. Once it is turned on go back to the main menu and navigate to the search icon
  6. Now search for Downloader app (it will be the very first result) then download and install it
  7. Now open the downloader app then put the link in it and press go   
  8. Once you do it you will get the java script disabled error click ok on it.
  9. Now you should see a little red icon that is the mouse. You can now use your fire stick remote to move the mouse around (using down and up)
  10. Now we are going to look for chrome apk from there then highlight it using the red icon (that is the mouse)
  11. Next press the middle pad button on your fireTV remote. Chrome will now start downloading.
  12. After downloading chrome install it .
  13. Now delete the actual chrome.apk from the downloader app so that it does not take any space on your firestick.

Video Tutorial to install Google Chrome and Mouse Toggle on Firestick

Install Mouse on FireStick

Now google chrome is installed and it can be used as your amazon fire stick internet browser. But it is pretty hard to use google chrome on firestick without a mouse. Therefore, we will now install a mouse for your firestick.

Following are the steps required to install a mouse:

  1. Navigate to the browser section of the downloader app
  2. Now under the browser section look for mouse.apkon the overdose server
  3. Click on the mouse apk, it will now start downloading.
  4. Now install the Mouse Toggle for Fire TV then open it
  5. If it doesn’t work on your firestick slide the enable the mouse service and Auto start the mouse service on device start up on and off. Doing this will restart the mouse toggle
  6. Now delete the mouse.apk from the downloader app so that it does not consume extra memory.
  7. Now in the main menu go to Your apps and games then navigate to the right and click on google chrome
  8. Now click on the second button of your second row two times on your remote to display your mouse on the screen. But Two more presses on that button will make it disappear.
  9. When you are typing a URL remember to tap the second button on the second row twice to turn the mouse toggle off.

Now you are ready to use google chrome with mouse toggle.

Installing Best Firestick Web Browser (Downloader browser)

Out of all the browsers that we have tested this is by far the best in our opinion. In this part we will be using the browser feature within the free application called downloader. Follow the steps below to download the best firestick web browser.

  1. From the main menu type downloader on the search bar then click on the search icon
  2. Now download and install the downloader application
  3. Now open the downloader app
  4. Next move over to the left hand side by clicking on the left arrow on your remote
  5. Hover over browser then click the select button.

Now you can use the browser within the downloader app.
By following the steps mentioned below you can learn the basics of the downloader browser.

  1. You can move the pointer on the screen with arrows on your remote.
  2. If you want to click on a link then hover over a link then click the select button on your remote
  3. Move the cursor all the way up until you can see the cursor blinking in the address bar of the browser
  4. Now click on the select button to open the keyboard
  5. Then click on the delete button to delete the current URL
  6. Now type in the address bar then click on Go
  7. After that scroll down to the bottom then click on the android option
  8. You will be directed to the downloads page for android now scroll to the bottom and then click on android.
  9. Now it will give you an option for selecting the version of operating system that you are downloading for. Click on the current version of your operating system.
  10. Now your download will proceed

Video Tutorial to Install Firefox browser and Mose Toggle on Firestick

Installing FireFox, Chrome, Opera or Android Browser on Your FireStick

Here are some steps from which you can install firefox, chrome, opera or android browser on your firestick.

      • First go to settings
      • Under the settings menu click on device
      • Then under the device menu click on developer options
      • Now turn on apps from unknown resources and ADB debugging
      • Now search for Downloader then download and install it
      • You can use any of the shortcuts that are mentioned below to install browser of your choice. If you use any browser except the downloader browser a wireless mouse is recommended or a mouse toggle app as we have discussed earlier.
      • For android browser
      • For google chrome browser
      • For firefox browser
      • For opera browser
      • After you have inputted the shortcut of your choice click the download button
      • Now that the application has been downloaded click the install button
      • You can now open the browser on your firestick and make sure it is working properly.

Final words:-

We have described three methods of installing different browsers on your FireStick. The downloader browser within the downloader app is highly recommended as it is very easy to use. However, you can also use browser of your choice by following our other methods. We recommend you to use a wireless mouse when using a browser or Mouse toggle for firestick app as it is very hard to use a browser without a mouse. In the first method we have described how you can install chrome browser on FireStick with a mouse toggle app. In the second method we have described how you can install the best FireStick web browser which is the downloader browser. In the second method there is no need of mouse toggle as downloader app by default has a mouse in it. In the third method we have described that how you can install different browsers on FireStick.

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