10 Best CotoMovies Alternatives for FireStick (May 2021)


CotoMovies was a highly popular firestick app that was known for its great quality videos and a huge variety of TV shows and movies.

If CotoMovies was so good an app, then why are we looking for its alternatives? This is because it was shut down on copyright grounds.

Certain filmmakers filed legal charges against CotoMovies and hence it was eventually shut down.

People who were using CotoMovies must now be looking for its substitute apps that can provide the same if not a better experience.

Here in this article, we have shortlisted 10 best CotoMovies alternatives that are working just fine.

Before you install these alternative apps, let me remind you that you must your IP address using a recommended VPN such as Surfshark to avoid any legal troubles.

We want readers to be safe while streaming free movies and TV shows, and in order to do so, you need a VPN.

10 Best CotoMovies Alternatives

1. Cinema HD APK


At the very top of our list, we have Cinema HD APK. If there was ever a list of best apps then it would always be incomplete without the inclusion of Cinema HD APK.

It is a lightweight app that takes up little space on android/ firestick devices, yet it provides high-quality live streaming of up to 1080p.

It draws up its stream from multiple sources and also supports Real Debrid and Trakt Sign-in which enables access to premium quality links.

Its design also makes it suitable to work even on devices that are low-spec, such as android and firestick.

When talking about its content, then note that it has an enormous library of on-demand movies and TV-shows, both classic and new.

Latest movies and episodes are also uploaded within a few hours of their release.

2. CyberFlix TV


CyberFlix TV is another option that you can consider while looking for alternatives for CotoMovies.

With its huge supply of hundreds of movies and TV shows, CyberFlix is known to keep its app tech-updated. The latest shows and movies are also uploaded soon after they are aired.

It is also Real Debrid friendly, hence it can provide you with premium quality links for your media content.

Aside from having an amazing on-demand collection of movies and TV shows, CyberFlix also does the remarkable job of pulling media content from multiple sources, ensuring high-quality and top-speed live streaming.

Cyberflix is pretty easy to install and its user-friendly interface makes it very convenient to use it.

If you choose to use CyberFlix, then make sure you update your app frequently, as its team keeps working on its spec quite often.

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3. Tea TV


Another app that is an android friendly and a great alternative to CotoMovies is TEA TV.

Among other features, Tea TV gives a great performance as its design specification makes it very suitable for firestick devices along with its remote.

When it comes to content, Tea TV is equally competent with other alternatives to CotoMovies.

With Tea TV, you will always have something fresh and different to watch every time, because not only does it have a vast collection of media (TV shows and movies) but it is also constantly being updated all the time.

Moreover, it supports Real Debrid and Tract sign-ins so it users will always have access to high-quality streaming links.

Lastly, being a light-weight app, it does not affect the performance of its devices much. All of the above makes Tea TV, one of the best apps to be used in place of CotoMovies.

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4. BeeTV


BeeTV is relatively new when compared with its competing applications. But like its rivals, it also has a huge variety of popular and on-demand entertainment media.

It is compatible with Real Debrid and Tract Sign-ins and thus provides its consumers with the best streams of media that are regularly being updated, sometimes even several times a day.

It has a very friendly user interface, with great adaptability with android and firestick devices (remotes included).

What makes it different from other apps is that it automatically familiarizes with the aspect ratio of your TV, and orients its interface accordingly. All in all, it is one great alternative to CotoMovies.

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5. Titanium TV


One more famous name in the world of streaming apps is Titanium TV.

It was in fact intended for android mobile phones, but when android devices and Amazon firestick devices set sail in the market, Titanium TV was re-coded to make it workable on these devices too.

It is now completely adapted to the FireStick remote as well. Titanium TV is a small-sized app that does not take up much room on firestick or android devices and so ensures quick and lag-free streaming.

Moreover, it offers access to premium quality links through Real Debrid and Trakt.

It has a vast range of movies and TV shows, both new and old, to choose from. The latest content is also regularly updated.

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6. CatMouse APK


One more relatively new app that is in no way behind other apps is CatMouse Apk. Even though it is still recent, it has already marked its place in the app market.

With hundreds of TV shows and movies in its archive, CatMouse Apk makes sure it is constantly renovating its content so that its users never run out of stuff to watch.

It provides several links to stream any single name of media, including free HD links.

Moreover, your streaming experience is bound to get so much better when combined with Real Debrid and Tract sign-ins.

With a friendly user interface and great compatibility for android and firestick devices (their remotes included), CatMouse Apk is a remarkable choice as a CotoMovies alternative.

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7. UnlockMyTV


UnlockMyTV came out in the market at about the same time as CatMouse, and while CatMouse made its mark, UnlockMyTV was also not slow to gain popularity.

With an expansive library of entertainment media, the team behind this app is always adding new content to it, so its users never run out of material to watch.

This app is catching amazing quality of streams and also supports Debrid if you want premium quality links.

As it was intended for android-based devices, it works great on firestick and other Fire TV devices.

Its team also makes sure to update their software frequently to remove bugs and resolve errors that arise in time.

Its many great features make UnlockMyTV a wonderful alternative to CotoMovies.

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8. Morph TV


Morph TV, a replica of Morpheus TV that was once a very famous name in the market, is quite a good alternative for CotoMovies.

Just like its competing apps Morph TV is very suitable for android and firestick devices.

Its great compatibility with the remote makes it very convenient and fun to delve into the APK and start streaming.

What sets it aside from other apps is that even though it too has an enormous library of media content, but its interface has them compartmentalized into main categories and then sub-categories, according to the genre.

While some users may find it attractive to experience, some might take it as a hindrance to their IPTV experience with Morph TV.

The diversity of on-demand and updated content it offers secure it a safe place on our list.

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9. TVZion


This is one that has also sustained its name in the list of top ten alternatives to CotoMovies.

TVZion has an immensely large collection of on-demand TV shows and movies. Its team never backs down from adding the latest content.

TVZion is a low-size app and takes up little space on already low-ramed devices like firestick and Fire TV. This makes it easy to run this app at a good and smooth pace without any lags.

However, while the content is rich in quantity, its streaming quality still needs a lot of improvement.

Unlike its rivals, TVZion does not provide the best quality streaming links for TV shows and movies. But the experience may be enhanced by using Debrid to fetch premium links.

Over time, TVZion has amended its software repeatedly and has made considerable progress in its stream quality as well.

And this is why it still makes the best alternatives to the CotoMovies list.

10. Kodi


Kodi is definitely the odd-one-out in our list of ten best alternative apps to CotoMovies.

This is because Kodi is a media player and not a streaming service provider. Instead of offering stream links to TV shows and movies, it plays media such as images, audio, and videos, etc.

It can be said that it is a lot like VLC, but unlike VLC, it plays content from external sources or that which is available online.

If it is a media player then why is it on our list? Well, that’s because of Kodi Add-ons that make it so special.

It works like a plugin that makes a connection between your android/ firestick device and an online media source and allows you to play that content on a Kodi interface.

Movies, TV shows, live sporting events, children’s shows, YouTube videos, documentaries, and much more can all be viewed through Kodi.

This is why it makes a great addition to our list of ten best alternatives to CotoMovies.

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There’s always some new apps around the corner that will eventually replace the old ones. Our job is to keep you updated about the new apps around the clock.

CotoMovies may be the most popular app, but its time has ended. Today, many great apps such as the ones we have discussed above have replaced CotoMovies.

Now that everyone is looking for CotoMovies alternatives, we are the ones to give you complete information.

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