How to Speed Up FireStick Device (2024)



This detailed guide will tell you how to speed up FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming when your FireStick buffers or runs slow, especially if it freezes during your favorite TV show.

The good news is that you don’t need to necessarily replace your FireStick if it starts to lag. A few simple tweaks can often resolve these issues.

Easily speed up your FireStick’s performance by restarting the device, clearing the cache, force-stopping background apps, freeing up space, performing a factory reset, etc. Learn more details in the blog.

Why my FireStick is running slow?

Several factors can cause your FireStick to run slow and lag. Here are the most common causes:

  1. Firestick Plugged In/In Use for too long.
  2. Cache Build-up.
  3. Unused App running in the background
  4. Apps not in use
  5. Notifications pop-ups
  6. Data Monitoring
  7. Poor Internet Connection
  8. Outdated Software
  9. Overheating
  10. ISP Throttling
  11. Old Firestick Device

How to Speed up Your Firestick

Here are the top tips and tricks to speed up your FireStick!

1. Restart Your FireStick

Constantly plugged in, your FireStick may buffer or lag, periodic restarts can refresh it. Unplug your Firestick for a few minutes and then reconnect to halt background apps and clear excess cache.

Alternatively, restart your FireStick with the remote by holding down the Play/Pause and Select buttons until a pop-up message indicates the device is restarting.

You can also restart your FireStick from the settings menu by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Settings icon from the menu and select the My Fire TV option


Step 2: Click Restart


Step 3: Click Restart again.


Step 4: Your device will start powering off


Step 5: Wait for a while for the device to restart


Your FireStick device has restarted successfully!

2. Clear Cache

Apps on your FireStick accumulate cache that can slow down performance. Regularly clearing the cache is recommended to ensure smooth operation without lag.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Application option from the Settings menu of your FireStick


Step 2: Select Manage Installed Applications


Step 3: Now select the app you want to clear the cache of. For instance, I am using Kodi here


Step 4: Click the option Clear cache


Step 5: Repeat the same steps for all the other apps installed on your device

3. Force Stop Unused Apps Running in the Background

Pressing the back button on your FireStick remote doesn’t close apps but leaves them running in the background, which can slow the device. Manually close apps to boost performance.

For that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu of your FireStick and click the Applications option


Step 2: Select Manage Installed Applications


Step 3: Now select any app you want to stop running in the background


Step 4: Click Force Stop to close the app


Step 5: Repeat the same steps for all the other apps you want to prevent running in the background

4. Uninstall the Apps Not in Use

The limited storage on Amazon FireStick can lead to slowdowns, uninstall unused apps from your FireStick to free up space and enhance performance.

Follow the steps below to uninstall apps from FireStick:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu of your FireStick and click Applications


Step 2: Click Manage Installed Applications


Step 3: Select the app you want to uninstall. I am using FileLinked as an example here


Step 4: Scroll down and click Uninstall from the menu


Step 5: Click Uninstall again


Step 6: Wait while the app is uninstalling


The app has been uninstalled from your FireStick. Repeat this process for any other infrequently used apps to speed up your device.

5. Turn Off Notifications

Constant notifications popping up on your FireStick can not just be annoying but can also slow down performance. Disabling them from the menu can enhance speed and improve user experience.

Follow these steps to turn off notifications on FireStick:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings menu of your FireStick and click the Preferences option


Step 2: Click the Notification Settings option from the menu.


Step 3: Turn Do Not Notifications ‘On’ (To turn off all app notifications). Alternatively, you can click on App Notifications (To turn off the selected app’s notifications).

speed-up-your-firestick-by-turning-off-notifications-3 (1)

6. Turn Off Data Monitoring

Like other devices, FireStick tracks your data, raising privacy concerns and potentially slowing performance. Turn off data monitoring for a more secure and faster connection.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu of your FireStick and click Preferences


Step 2: Scroll down and click Data Monitoring from the menu


Step 3: Select the option an Turn off data monitoring


7. Check Your Internet Connection

An unstable/slow internet connection can slow down your FireStick, causing apps to load slowly and streams to freeze. Reduce the number of devices on your network or reset your router to improve connectivity.

You can also consider changing the placement of your router for better signal distribution or checking if your ISP is throttling your speed. Using ExpressVPN on Firestick can resolve this problem.

You can easily check your internet speed using a speed test app, as demonstrated below:

Step 1: Open your FireStick home screen and choose the Search Icon from the top menu bar.


Step 2: Search Speed Test.


Step 3: Choose any Speed Test app.


Step 4: Click the Get or Download option.


Step 5: Click Open once the app is successfully installed


Step 6: Check the Speed of your Internet Connection.


Try ExpressVPN

8. Update Your FireStick

Your FireStick might be sluggish due to outdated software. Ensure it’s updated to the latest software version by checking for updates manually if automatic updates aren’t occurring.

Follow the steps below to update your FireStick manually:

Step 1: Click My Fire TV from the Settings menu of your FireStick


Step 2: Select the About option


Step 3: Click Check for Updates


Step 4: Now select Install Updates if any updates are available


Step 5: Your FireStick will finish the updates in a while.


9. Check For Overheating

Overheating can impair your Fire TV’s performance. If it’s obstructed by cables or other devices, consider tidying up the cables or using an HDMI extender to enhance airflow and prevent overheating.

If your FireStick feels too hot, turn it off, disconnect it, and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Reconnecting and powering it back on after it has cooled can resolve overheating issues and restore performance.

Read More: How to fix the overheating problem of Firestick.

10. Use a Faster VPN


If you’re experiencing too much buffering, the issue may be that your ISP might be throttling your bandwidth for various reasons, including heavy usage.

Installing and using ExpressVPN on your Firestick can help overcome this by re-routing your internet traffic. ExpressVPN has 3,000+ servers in 100+ countries all around the world.

11. Factory Reset

If your FireStick is still lagging despite trying other fixes, consider factory resetting your Firestick as a Last Resort to address speed issues. Remember to back up essential data first and note down your Amazon Login credentials.

Follow these steps to factory reset your Amazon FireStick:

Step 1: From the Settings menu of your FireStick, click the My Fire TV option


Step 2: Scroll down and select the option Reset to Factory Defaults


Step 3: Click Reset


Step 4: Your FireStick will start resetting


Step 5: Your device will first power off


Step 6: Next, it will start rebooting


Step 7: Your FireStick device will Reset successfully after a while


12. Upgrade Your FireStick

If you’re using an older FireStick model, you may notice it performs slower than newer versions, which offer improved speed and user experience.

Upgrading can significantly enhance your viewing pleasure. If budget is a concern, consider looking for discount events like Black Friday deals to make your upgrade more affordable.

Here’s a list of Latest Firestick devices that you can get:

FAQs – Speed Up FireStick

Why my FireStick is running slow?

There could be several reasons why your FireStick is running slow such as cache build-up, apps running in the background, notifications settings, heavy apps installed on the device, old version of FireStick, and many others.

How to improve FireStick’s performance?

You can improve the performance of your FireStick with some simple steps such as deleting unnecessary apps, clearing the cache, turning off notifications, forcing apps to run in the background, and various other simple tricks.

How to check internet speed on FireStick?

You can check your internet speed with a speed test by using the Speed Test Apps. You can also use a web browser on your device to check the speed of the internet.


Dealing with a slow FireStick can be frustrating. Fortunately, replacing your device is not always necessary. Simple adjustments such as restarting the device, clearing the cache, or force-stopping apps often fix the issue.

To further enhance your FireStick’s performance, consider freeing up space and performing a factory reset. I have discussed a few simple methods in this guide to speed up your FireStick without any additional effort.

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