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Best USTVGO Alternatives for FireStick (2023)

This detailed guide will show you some of the best USTVGO alternatives for FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

If you are a US TV fan then USTVGO would be your go-to site. However, you will get the following message “Sorry, we are closed.” if you go to the official USTVGO website. The reason has still not been clearly explained.

The website provides more than 80 live channels for free with ad-free streaming in a simple user interface. Even with decent internet, it loads quickly with a buffer-free streaming quality.

You must now be searching for a similar website with features like USTVGO. We got you covered with the best USTVGO alternatives for FireStick.

Since the given websites are free, and the channels are all from the US. Therefore,  it is strictly advised that you use a VPN on your FireStick device.

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Legal Copyright Disclaimer: FIRESTICKHACKS does not verify if apps, websites, or services hold a legal/official licensing of the media content that they stream. We DO NOT own, operate, or re-sell streaming sites, apps, or services NOR it is administered or hosted by FIRESTICKHACKS.

Best USTVGO Alternatives for FireStick

Since USTVGO was a popular site for millions of users you must now be searching for the best alternatives. I am listing down a few tried, tested, and similar websites.

For any website, you select you must note that the following websites are free of cost and thus open to security threats. Moreover, most of the websites listed below are restricted to the US.

Therefore as mentioned above you must not forget to use a dependable VPN. I recommend installing and using Express VPN on FireStick. 

The best USTVGO Alternatives for FireStick are:



One of the top live-streaming websites online and one of the most often used alternatives to cable TV in the US is 123TVNow. If you want to watch US TV episodes as soon as they air, 123TVNow is the best place to go.

123TVNow offers live television for sports, news, documentaries, children’s programs, and entertainment, similar to USTV Go. The main issue is that you must first endure several pop-up adverts in order to view any episode.

FOX News, ESPN, CBS, HBO HD, NBC, and FOX Sports are among the top streaming channels in 123TVNow. Furthermore, on this website, there is no registration required. 

TV247 US


Next on our list is TV247 US. TV247 is a free live TV streaming website with a strong American content focus.

It is a mirror of USTVGO and uses the same system to broadcast the channels. Over 80 television stations are available for live streaming on TV247.

A few famous channels offered by TV247 US are BBC America, National Geographic Channel, Fox Sports 1, HBO, NFL Network, ABC, CBS, and many more.

However, the user will have to face pop-ups, ads, and broken streaming links. This is a negative aspect of the website. Additionally, it appears like there is excessive buffering before watching any channels.

The Roku Channel


We cannot forget to mention the Roku Channel. We are all aware of Roku’s reputation as the best US streaming service. There is also a free streaming channel for it as well.

Roku Channel does not demand registration or money; all you have to do is choose and play a title.

Moreover, Roku Channel for Firestick offers numerous shows. The website also provides television series and movies. Despite the fact that certain functions demand a paid membership.

Time 4 TV


When it comes to USTVGO alternatives, Time 4 TV is another excellent choice to watch Live US Channels for free.

Numerous live channels in categories including sports, UK, US, news, entertainment, and more are available on this website.

There are tabs for Schedule, All Channels, Sports Channels, UK Channels, USA Channels, and News Channels on the website’s home page.

It’s fantastic that there aren’t any commercials here. The main sports networks on Time 4 TV are ESPN, BBC One, Racing UK, Sky Sports, Bein, and many others.



Ustream is another free Live TV Streaming website, that has 200 channels in a range of categories like entertainment, movies, sports, and more.

There is no need to fear because the channels are premium and cost nothing. The contents are of reasonable and generally good quality. The most like USTV Go is UStreams.

However, you must first view a few commercials on this website before you can actually watch live television. ESPN, Eurosports, Disney Jr., Sky Sports, BT Sports, Fox News, Fox Sports, and many more are just a handful of the numerous networks available on Ustream.

OK Live TV


Channels from many nations and genres are offered on OK Live TV. The categories include music TV channels, UK TV channels, USA TV channels, German TV channels, Italian TV channels, and others.

But keep in mind that certain channels require the VLC Media Player to be installed on your device in order to be played. The channels and content are of the finest quality.

Channels for documentaries, movies, entertainment, sports, and even religious content are available for streaming.

However, to be protected from copyright claims and security threats you must not forget to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick.

Nevertheless, this is one of the top USTVGo alternatives that you may add to your list of leisure websites.

Live Net TV


Live Net TV is not a website but an application that has content similar to USTVGO and can be treated as its alternative. You may access more than 800 TV channels with Live NetTv.

Channels are broken down into 9 separate categories, including Music, Kids, Documentaries, Movies, Religious, News, Sports, and International, to make choosing and searching easier.

Due to its daily data refreshes, Live NetTv is your best option if you want access to a limitless amount of stuff without paying for it. 



LiveNewsMag is the ideal choice if you want to stream news channels or programs but don’t really want to pay for them. This service will provide you with top-notch news channels from all around the world, particularly from the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.

It is one of the greatest websites like USTVGo. Sadly, the service doesn’t offer any on-demand or catch-up material. Only Real-Time broadcasts are available from them.

Additionally, there is something akin to a “synopsis” for each channel that suggests which one to use if you’re unsure. Although the website’s design isn’t fantastic, it nonetheless allows for simple research and navigation.

Fomny TV


Fomny TV is listed as an IPTV website that provides premium channels and material of the highest caliber. Generally speaking, it’s easy for you to view a variety of shows and films from across the world.

This service, which is among the greatest ones like USTVGo, not only lets you stream the material but also lets you obtain suggestions and submissions from previous customers.

Not to add, they have enormous collections that are spectacular and will keep you occupied for many hours or days. Sadly, it’s not completely free. While the paid-for material is limitless, the free content is restricted.

Before they can truly enjoy it, some users need to become used to it. Though it’s not terrible, it’s also not the finest.



One of the top USTVGO alternatives that offer LIVE streaming news is Streamfare.

If you want to watch sports, news, or other programming, there are several options available. The channel includes FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, NewsMax, Euro News, Sky News – UK, RT- Russia Today, AL Jazeera News, France 24, ABC News -TODAY NEWS, CBS, Bloomberg, etc. 

Since there is no advertising on this website, you don’t have to worry about them obstructing your online activity. You may use a web browser to watch StreamFare as a USTVGO alternative on FireStick.



A news aggregator called USNewson gathers and presents daily US newscasts from many streaming websites inside of a single app.

For people who are unable to watch television, such as those who are at work or school, it also offers the same information in text form.

The live feeds of TV channels like ABC News, CBS News, CNN News, NBC News, and others may be gathered using Live Stream as a source.

Daddy HD


The greatest substitute for USTVGO, which provides more than 120+ live TV channels and more sports content from the USA and Canada, is Daddy HD.

One of those streaming services that provide free streams, it may be described as a premium chord cutter for all of your streaming requirements. In the event that one of the streams is down, the website provides streaming links.

The fact that DaddyHD is smooth, clutter-free, and has a clear interface is its finest feature. You get a very clean watching experience since you are not overrun with commercials like click ads, pop-up ads, or third-party advertisements.


1 What was USTVGO?

USTV Go was a popular online streaming service that offer its users live TV channels to stream for free.

2 Why is USTVGo shut down?

Even if the service didn’t show up on the infamous list of premium content providers who encourage piracy, there’s always a potential that any third-party broadcasters without legal authorization may get the boot. This, according to users, is what caused USTVGO to stop down.

3 Are there alternatives for USTVGO?

Yes. There are hundreds of sites that offer US content. The few best sites are Daddy Hd, OKLive TV, 123TV Now, UStreams, and Time 4 TV. For more such websites scroll above and find the website that fits you the best.

4 Why do I need a VPN to access these websites?

Since the websites mentioned are free of cost and open to security threats you need a reliable VPN to safeguard your streaming activity. Another reason is to bypass geo-restrictions outside the US.

Summing Up

USTVGO has been a go-to website for millions of users due to its streaming quality, the vast library of channels, ad-free streamings, and simple user interface. The website has recently been closed due to unknown reasons.

Users have been finding the best USTVGO alternatives for FireStick so we have mentioned a few similar and tested websites.

As you begin streaming with any website you must not forget to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick. This will protect your streaming identity from ISPs and bypass geo-restrictions if imposed in your region.

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