How to Use FireStick in 2019

FireStick is the next generation’s best-selling device which is also the cheapest streaming device made by Amazon. Access over 500,000 Movies, and TV Shows episodes from your favourite streaming services i.e. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Prime Video, and SHOWTIME.

FireStick manages to end your dependability on cable or satellite because with this device you get to watch Live TV Shows and Live Sports as well. Here is a quick guide that reveals how to use FireStick so you can watch tons of media content.

Once you get hold of FireStick, start streaming free media content with its apps. Watching free content is risky and could get you in trouble.

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What is Amazon Fire Stick?

A streaming device, that conveniently provides a platform to watch over 4,000 channels, play games, download apps, and gives you access to over 250,000 TV episodes. You can watch movies and tons of episodes on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more.

What’s Inside the Box?

When you order FireStick from the Amazon store, you get following items:

HDMI extender is a great addition to the FireStick box because previously inserting a FireStick device on your TV alone would block space for other ports. Now, with the help of HDMI extender, you will not find any hindrance with other ports.

What Do You Need to Run FireStick?

Apart from having a list of items that are mentioned above, there is something else you require for FireStick to work efficiently:

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is a key essence to run FireStick because of the nature of device. To run a 1080p quality video you require 10 Mbps internet, for 720p videos you require 4 Mbps internet, while watching 480p SD you need atleast 2Mbps of internet.


The most important part for FireTV Stick to run is a TV or a computer consisting of an HDMI port. FireStick works well with a 1080p Full HD TV and you will also find streaming quality better than other TVs.

Amazon Account

If you have already bought FireStick device from Amazon store, then it is safe to assume that you have created Amazon account. If you do not have an account yet, create one and then launch FireStick device.

How to Use Fire Stick

Technical details How to use FireStick

Here are simple steps outlined to get you started with your Fire Stick device:

Step 1: The first step is to connect Fire Stick to a TV and plug it in. Search for the HDMI port on your TV and plug the Fire Stick device.

Step 2: Pair the Alexa Voice Remote Control with FireStick. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Insert batteries into Alexa Remote
  • Try holding the remote at a distance of 5 meters from the TV
  • Press and hold the Home button (for 10 seconds) on your remote
  • Now tap on the Play/Pause button to continue
  • Choose language

Step 3: Connect Fire Stick to the Internet. Once you connect Fire Stick on TV, an on-screen wizard will pop-up that will walk you through the steps.

Step 4: Register to the Amazon Account

Step 5: Now you can connect with the content providers, or install Kodi on Fire Stick and watch latest media content for free.

Do you Need Amazon Prime to Use the Fire Stick?

There is no necessary requirement to have Amazon Prime to use a Fire Stick. You can gain access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and even Amazon Instant Video Purchases, and everything else without subscribing to Amazon Prime.

However, with Amazon Prime subscription you get unlimited access to Amazon videos and over 1 million songs. Further, adding an add-on subscription of Showtime will give you access to movies and TV shows.

How to Use Fire Stick Without Remote?

You can still use the Fire Stick device without having to use the remote. In order to do that, download the Fire Stick Remote App from your mobile device and pair it with your Fire Stick. In this way, you are able to use the Fire Stick remote on your mobile.

The Wrap Up

Amazon Fire Stick might seem a small stick, but it offers more than you could imagine. It is the best device to stream unlimited videos, play games, listen to audio, and so much more. There is no device worth at that money than Fire Stick. The guide above explains how to use FireStick so you can watch tons of media content on the device.


  1. I’m still confused about how to operate this firestick, please help me.

    • Hey Maria, consider FireStick device as an Android device. While Android devices have Play Store, FireStick device has Amazon App Store. You can download the apps from there, all official. If you have to install third-party apps, like in Android we use to have APKs, then you must refer to our FireStick Channels Guide.

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