How to Install Antivirus for Fire TV Stick (2024)


The article below will tell you everything about antivirus for Android Fire TV Stick and how to install it. This guide will be helpful for all generations of the Fire TV Stick. 

Android Fire TV Stick is a safe streaming device however it is still exposed to cyber threats like viruses. If your Firestick gets infected with malware you will notice pop-up ads that you cannot stop, your Firestick may get slow, as well as your data may be leaked.

To stop such activities and avoid your data leakage there is one easy way that is an antivirus. Antivirus software developers have created security applications specifically for Android devices which are discussed below.

How to Install Antivirus on FireStick

To download antivirus, applications are not available in the official Andriod App Store because of which you will need to sideload applications, the most recommended is the Downloader app. 

Follow the steps given to download the antivirus application.

Install the Downloader App

Step 1: From your Firestick home screen select the Find option

Step 2: Go to the Search option now

Step 3: Type the Downloader app in the search bar and select from the suggestions given below.

Step 4: Click Downloader 

Step 5: Select Download

As this is a third party application you are required to turn off a few settings

Step 6: From your Fire TV home screen select the settings icon

Step 7: Go to My Fire TV 

Step 8: Select Developer Options

Step 9: Click Install unknown apps

Step 10: Turn ON Downloader

Install Antivirus on Firestick

Here are the steps to download the Webroot antivirus on Fire TV Stick:

Step 1: Open the Downloader app. To find the downloader app click View all Apps on your Firestick home screen

Step 2: Type the URL in the search bar

Step 3: Type and select Go 

Step 4: Click Install when it is downloaded

Step 5: Select Done

Step 6: Click Delete. We are deleting APK from Fire Sticks’ internal storage

Step 7: Click Delete again to confirm. The app is installed and ready to be used

How Does VPN Help?

Security is a public concern due to various reasons like identity theft. With antivirus, you are required to use a VPN as they both complement each other.

Antivirus is required to keep all the malware as well as cyber threats away from your device however a VPN encrypts data and hides your identity making it impossible for anyone to track you.

If you want to stay safe while using the public internet or you wish that no one can know from where you are browsing we suggest the use of ExpressVPN. It is the most recommended and reliable VPN. 

Moreover, it will keep you protected even from your internet service provider which means your passwords, data, files, and media is protected. The use of a VPN is encouraged by Moffit he says “For things like checking account balances or paying bills online, an encrypted connection should be considered essential” 

Express VPN not only provides stability and security but also increases the speed of your browsing giving you an easy-to-use interface from where you can change your IP address to any of the 160 countries available by the app.

Best Antivirus For Firestick

There are many antivirus applications that you can use to save your devices and files from viruses. You can narrow down your option from the suggestions given below.

  1. VirusTotal
  2. Webroot
  3. Malwarebytes
  4. Bitdefender
  5. AVG Antivirus Free
  6. Avira.

Since all these options are not available in the Amazon App Store you can download them using a third-party application like the Downloader app. The steps to install the downloader app is mentioned above.

Why do you need Antivirus for Firestick?

Viruses can not only affect your Andriod Fire TV Stick but also this infection can spread to every device maybe your smartphone, refrigerator, or computer.

As mentioned before the virus might give your data to the attacker and can make your Fire TV Stick slow. Even if you think your Fire TV Stick does not have your data you are wrong.

Your Fire TV contains your passwords to various websites like Netflix and also you pay for subscriptions so it has all details. To save such personal information you can easily install an antivirus that can save you from any kind of loss.

Besides installing an antivirus you can take some more measures like downloading approved apps, disabling ADB debugging, and using Express VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does antivirus work for all firestick variants? 

No, for the antivirus to work on a firestick the speed must be compatible with the application you downloaded. This means that all firesticks variants differ in speed but the antivirus can only work better with firestick 4K and Firestick Cube.

Q3. Is there a 100% free antivirus?

No, there are no antivirus companies that give you basic protection for free but for full protection, you can buy subscriptions.

Q2. Is Bitdefender good for android?

Yes. It is a powerful application against malware and easy to use with no negative impact.

Wrapping UP

The article has discussed details to save your firestick device from any virus. The antivirus applications discussed gives you basic protection. For more security, we have recommended ExpressVPN.

Before installing any antivirus application you must know how to download the downloader app (take reference from the steps shown above) so that the application can be sideloaded.

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