Amazon FireStick Remote Not Working – 5 Best Solutions to Fix Remote problems

FireStick users often experience trouble using the FireStick remote either having connectivity issues, syncing issues, or battery problems. The new FireStick device has added Alexa Voice Control feature, but despite the fact FireStick users face many problems.

This guide briefs you with all the problems related to FireStick remote not working along with the 5 best universal solutions. Once your FireStick problem resolves, get the best FireStick channels to watch Free Movies and TV Shows. But before installing these channels, get best VPN for FireStick to protect your online identity.

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FireStick Remote Not Syncing

If your FireStick remote is not syncing with the device, then its probably something wrong with the remote and not the device itself. The basic solution to this problem is to install APP from the Play Store or the App Store. It is an official app from Amazon that allows you to control your FireStick device.

FireStick Remote Not Connecting

If FireStick remote is not connecting to the device then it means that your FireStick remote is not paired well. To pair the device, you need to head towards Settings > then click on Controllers and Bluetooth devices > then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

This action will let you know which devices are paired with FIreStick including the remote. If the FireStick remote doesn’t appear here, then you might try to fiddle with the batteries which will make your remote appear in the screen.

Amazon FireStick Not Responding

Alexa voice control in the new FireStick device has offers users more control over their search navigations. If Amazon FireStick remote does not respond, it makes you frustrated and irritated. Your first instinct would be to change the batteries, but if that doesn’t work, what are the odds of getting the FireStick remote fixed?

Remote Setup Issues

Setting up FireStick remote could be one of the issues that prevents the remote from working. Most of the time when buttons on the remote does not work, the voice remote i.e. Alexa does work efficiently. You can press and hold Alexa button on the top of the remote and speak options where you need to go. This would ensure that your FireStick remote is working.

FireStick Remote Damaged

When you are still unable to figure out what’s wrong with your FireStick device, then we can consider the possibility that FireStick remote is damaged. The only solution that you are left with is to buy a new FireStick remote from the Amazon app store.

5 Best Solutions to Fix FireStick Remote Problems

Below you will find 5 best solutions to fix FireStick remote problems along with additional solutions:

Pair FireStick Remote

Pairing the FireStick device with FireStick remote follows simple steps:

Step 1: Unplug and re-plug FireStick device

Step 2: When the FireStick Home Screen opens, press Home icon on FireStick remote for 20 seconds

Step 3: Doing that, it will pair the Remote control to FireStick

Step 4: A message will appear that will notify pairing is completed

Step 5: It will take a few tries before the remote is paired

Alternative FireStick Remotes

If you happen to use alternative FireStick remotes other than the one that comes with the device, then you ought to connect it with Bluetooth and follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Go to Settings on FireStick Home

Step 2: Click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices

Step 3: Select Other Bluetooth Devices option

Step 4: Now click on Add Bluetooth Devices

Step 5: It will scan for the compatible remotes. Once it recognizes your remote, start using FireStick.

Clean the Connectors

Sometimes batteries isn’t the issue, but there are some leakage issues with FireStick remote. You can see leaked battery acid residue onto the connectors. If this is the case, you are required to remove batteries, cleaning the connectors remain as the only option.

Using a steel wool or a dry cloth will help you clean connectors. However, on the safe side do change the batteries and insert new ones. Make sure that your connectors remain clean every now and then, to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Get a FireStick Remote Replacement

If any of the above solution does not work, then it is possible that your FireStick remote is out of order and probably will not work ever. Hence, you need to replace your FireStick remote and get a new one. The exact same remote will cost you about £19.99.

Compatibility Check

If you’re having problems with FireStick remote compatibility, then you need to get a compatibility check. If its not compatible then its probably a waste of time in accessing the remote controller. You can Network Settings > Unpair from other devices > Then connect to the relevant device > Restart you device > Check to see if your FireStick is paired correctly.

There are similar replicas available for the device in the store. Therefore, it is important that you verify the seller to ensure that you have the right product.

Fire TV Remote Quick Tips

Step 1: You need to hold onto Select button for 5 seconds so that your remote pairs with the device

Step 2: Now press Select key + Play key together for about 5 seconds to restart the device

Step 3: Once your device restarts, click on Settings > Then tap on System > Select Restart

General Tips to Use FireStick Remote Successfully

  • The Fire TV remote should be not more than 10 feet away from the device
  • Avoid placing the Fire TV Stick remote from other electronics
  • Change the batteries
  • Clean the connectors
  • Restart the device
  • Reset the remove
  • Use Alexa voice control as an alternative
  • Try installing Fire TV Remote app on Android or Apple Store
  • Stop mirroring
  • Reset the remote and connect it with Bluetooth

The Wrap Up

FireStick remote can mentally drain you out if its not working. There are tons of reasons why your Fire TV remote does not work and amongst those problems the most common ones you will experience are battery issues, connectivity issues, the remote being damaged, not syncing, and so much more. Do not worry as in this guide we have discussed some of the best ways to fix FireStick remote errors and problems.

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