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FireStick Remote Not Working Problems [Resolved in 2 Mins] | 2023


This is a step-by-step guide on how to fix remote not working problems on FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

FireStick users often experience trouble using the FireStick remote either having connectivity issues, syncing issues, or battery problems.

The new FireStick device has added the Alexa Voice Control feature, but despite this fact, FireStick users still face many problems.

The recent launch of the FireStick remote app has fixed most of the issues as it has helped users to download the app from Play Store or iTunes and simply sync it with their FireStick.

This article is a quick rundown on all the ways you can resolve the issue of the FireStick remote not functioning properly.

The Most Common FireStick Remote Fix

Here’s a list of common steps that you need to follow in order to fix all kinds of FireStick remote problems. This solution will resolve the majority of the remote problems.

Follow these steps:


Step 1: You need to Unplug FireStick for 60 seconds

Step 2: Press 3 buttons on your FireStick at the same time for 12 seconds i.e. Left button, Select button, Back button (as marked red in the image above)

Step 3: Release these buttons and then after 5 seconds remove FireStick remote batteries

Step 4: Plug FireStick back and wait for 60 seconds

Step 5: Put batteries back in the remote

Step 6: Press the Home button on your remote

Step 7: You will see that the LED light on your remote will blink blue which means that the remote is now paired

Step 8: If not, then press and hold the Home Button for 10 seconds to pair

Note: If you are still not able to fix your FireStick remote problem, then we have 7 other solutions discussed in the guide.

Why FireStick TV Remote Stops Working and How to Fix It

All the different reasons why the FireStick remote would stop working and their possible solutions are provided below.

1. Fire TV Remote Batteries

One of the most common reasons why a Fire TV remote would stop working is because of the batteries. Many users forget to change their remote batteries.

The remote for FireStick is known to eat up batteries quicker. This is an irritating factor for the user, knowing that the remote is consuming the batteries this quick, sometimes the batteries don’t even last more than two weeks.

One reason behind the battery drainage can be the frequent use of the Alexa voice control through the remote. But even that should not be the reason because Alexa is not continuously connected with the remote, it is just a possibility that this might be the reason behind the battery draining this quickly.

Regardless of the reason, to avoid this issue it is best to invest in Alkaline batteries. The batteries should be from a good brand and premium quality that will help elongate the battery life.

Moreover, it is also important that when you take the batteries out, you should also thoroughly clean the remote specifically in the battery cavity to make sure there is no battery liquid residue left. This can also hinder the performance of the new batteries.

You also need to check that you have aligned the positive side of the battery to the positive sign indicated on the remote. Placing batteries wrongly by mistake can also make the remote not working properly.

2. Make Sure Your Remote is Paired

It is most common that when you get your FireStick, the remote is already paired with the device. However, in some cases, users found that their remote was not already paired.

The reason why their remote was not working was that it had to be paired first. There are simple steps that can be followed to pair your remote with your FireStick device.

  • Plug the FireStick device into an HDMI port on the TV.
  • Turn the power on for both the FireStick device and the TV.
  • When the FireStick interface opens up, press and keep pressing the Home button on the remote for 10-11 seconds.
  • This will pair the remote with the device.

If you are unable to connect, repeat, and hold the Home button for a further 10-15 seconds. For some users, it takes more than one tries to pair the remote.

3. Connectivity of 7 Bluetooth Devices

The FireStick device can only connect to 7 Bluetooth devices at one time. Make sure to see that there is one empty slot for connecting the remote.

If your FireStick is connected to 7 other Bluetooth devices, then you will have to disconnect one device to connect the remote. Follow the steps below to disconnect a Bluetooth device from FireStick

  • Go to Settings on the FireStick Home Screen in the top menu.
  • Go to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices
  • A list of all connected devices will appear. Choose the one you want to disconnect and follow the instructions on the screen to disconnect.

4. When FireStick Buttons Don’t Work

Sometimes some buttons on the remote don’t work, when the remote has not been paired with the FireStick device properly.

Pair the remote again by pressing the Home button for 10 or more seconds. If the problem persists, then follow the steps below to reset and then pair the remote again.

  • Turn off the power source for FireStick. (you can also unplug the device from the power source).
  • Hold three buttons Back Button, Menu Button, and Left Part of Navigation Ring all together for around 20 seconds or more.


  • Take out the batteries of the remote.
  • Turn on the power of FireStick and allow it to reach Home Screen.
  • Put the batteries in the remote again.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • FireStick remote will be paired, if not then press the Home button for 10 seconds and the remote will be paired.

5. Compatibility of Remote

Many times remotes fail to work because of being incompatible with the FireStick device. Therefore, make sure that your remote is compatible with your device.

Many users buy remotes separately and this issue is faced by some of those users, not with the ones who receive their remote with the device box.

Some sellers also scam people by selling them replica or fake remotes. These replicas look exactly like the real ones and so people get scammed.

These remotes are of poor quality and don’t work great. Therefore, buying only from a verified seller is recommended to avoid replica remotes.

6. Remote Being Damaged

If all the above remedies fail, and even when you have an original remote and it is still not working then there is a possibility of your remote being damaged.

In case of damage, the only option remaining is replacing the remote and getting a new one from an authentic seller.

7. Amazon Fire TV Remote App

There is always a possibility of your TV remote becoming non-functional for any reason. Many times even remedies don’t work and the only option is replacing the remote.

All this while, instead of not being able to watch TV at all, users should have a backup in the form of the remote app downloaded on their phones.

The app allows users to use their mobile phones as a remote, so it is a must-have. The app is available in both Android and iOS versions.


To conclude the above discussion, FireStick TV provides an amazing streaming experience to its users. Having that experience interrupted by petty issues like the remote not working can be a bummer for sure.

However, most of the underlying issues resulting in the remote not working can be resolved easily along with having a backup remote in the form of the app.

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  1. Darlien Breeze

    I have tried all of the above. My Fire TV cube still flashes a yellow light. It does not respond to my voice

    • Hey, you can check the batteries of the remote to see if that’s causing you a problem. Also, you can try installing a free firestick remote app from itunes or Play store on your mobile and see if its works.

  2. I cannot get the sound to pair with the remote……neither the sound bar not the tv speakers are picking up anything! I just got the 4th generation firestck, and was really looking forward to improved performance…but so far I am just furious! We use fire tv a lot, so I will return this and go back to using the slower old one if necessary. Ugh…..

    • Hey Carol, 4th Gen FireStick is really good you don’t have to return it. You can get a free FireStick remote on your Mobile through an official app.

  3. I have 2 relatively new firesticks. Both remotes stopped working. Awful product!

    • Hey Robert! You don’t need to get a new remote when you can download the free firestick remote app from iTunes or Google Play and use it through your phone.

  4. My remote drains my batteries very quickly, both batteries drain within 24 hrs (new duracell).

  5. Engengro Rosemary Vizziello

    When I turn on the tv I click a station on a circle comes up and it just spins tried on several stations nothing comes in
    I am having trouble on this one tv the others are fine

    • Which TV brand you have? You can try using the mobile Remote app for FireStick to see if there’s a fault in the remote or in the TV?

  6. Christina Pallares

    My firestick at work and home aren’t working. Tried all the above.

  7. I got my firestick to unlock but now it is saying no signal detected

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