How to Expand Internal Storage on FireStick (2024)


This is a step-by-step guide on how to expand internal storage on FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

FireStick is undoubtedly an amazing and handy streaming device, but low storage is one of the most annoying things FireStick users face.

Although the actual internal storage of FireStick is 8GB, only 5GB is available for the users. The remaining 3GB is occupied by Fire OS operating system and the pre-installed apps when you bought the device.

Now, this 5GB storage is not enough if you love to install and experiment with different streaming apps on your FireStick.

However, I have got your back in this tough situation and came today with the method to expand your FireStick internal storage without much effort.

Things You Need to Expand Storage

Before moving towards the process of expanding your FireStick storage, let us have a quick overview of things you will need for it. I have listed them below:

  • An Amazon FireStick device
  • 3.0 USB Flash Drive (should be of 64GB at least)
  • An OTG Cable (to connect the USB with your FireStick)

How to Prepare FireStick to Expand Internal Storage

So here is the method to expand your FireStick by connecting a USB drive with an OTG cable. It is recommended to use a new USB drive to expand your FireStick storage.

However, if you want to use a USB you are already using, it is recommended to format it to avoid any issues in the future.

Now follow the steps below to make a few system changes and prepare your FireStick to expand internal storage:

Step 1: Select the Settings icon from the home screen and click My Fire TV


Step 2: Click About


Step 3: Select the option Check for Updates


Step 4: It is stated in the Software Version section that you are using Fire OS That means this method will work for your FireStick device


Step 5: Plug your USB in the OTG adapter and connect it to the FireStick


Step 6: Click Settings again from the home screen and select My Fire TV


Step 7: Select USB Drive from the list


Step 8: Click Format to Internal Storage


Step 9: Click Ok when formatting is complete


How to Transfer Apps on USB Drive

After these tweaks, your FireStick storage is now expanded with a USB drive. Now follow the steps below to transfer your existing apps to the USB drive:

Step 1: Return to the previous screen and click USB Drive


Step 2: Select the option Manage Installed Applications


Step 3: Click Show. It will state USB only


Step 4: Now select All Applications


Step 5: Select the app you want to transfer to the USB drive. I am selecting Netflix here


Step 6: Some apps will already be transferred to the USB drive automatically. Click Permission in that case


Step 7: While in some cases like Kodi, you have to click Move to USB Storage manually


Step 8: The app will take a while to move to the USB storage


That’s how you can move all the existing apps on your FireStick internal storage to the USB drive after a few system changes. Some apps will be moved automatically and some require manual transfer.

How to Sideload Apps on USB Drive

Besides the already installed apps on your FireStick, if you want to sideload another third-party app on the device, then you have to follow a little different process.

Follow these steps to sideload third-party apps on the USB drive as external FireStick storage:

Step 1: Sideload any app you want to move to the USB drive on your FireStick


Step 2: Go to the home screen and click Settings. Then select My Fire TV


Step 3: Click USB Drive


Step 4: Select Manage Installed Applications


Step 5: A pen drive icon on Aptoide TV indicates it is sideloaded on the USB drive


Step 6: Now, if you don’t see this option for any app like Netflix and it is not located on the USB drive, you have to copy it to the USB drive by yourself


Step 7: Launch a File Manager such as X-Plore File Manager on your FireStick


Step 8: Select the option App Manager from the X-Plore File Manager menu


Step 9: Select Installed from the folders


Step 10: Find the Netflix app and press the Select Button for a while


Step 11: Select the option Copy to Clipboard


Step 12: Select Internal Shared Storage


Step 13: Now click Download and hold the OK button


Step 14: Click the option Paste


Step 15: The app will start installing


Step 16: Now, you can Uninstall the app from your FireStick internal storage


Step 17: Launch X-Plore File Manager again from the home screen


Step 18: Click the APK file of the Netflix app


Step 19: Make sure the Install Unknown Apps feature is enabled


Step 20: Click Install from the X-Plore file manager home screen to install the Netflix app


Step 21: You will notice now Netflix also has a pen drive icon indicating it is installed on the USB drive


This is how you can sideload apps on the USB storage of your FireStick to free up the space from internal storage and run the device smoothly.

FAQs – Expand Internal Storage

How can I increase internal storage on my FireStick?

Since the internal storage of FireStick is always quite low, you can increase it with a USB drive. I have explained in detail how you can expand the internal storage of your FireStick in this guide, along with screenshots.

How to add USB storage to FireStick 4K?

First, you have to make a few quick changes to the system of your FireStick. Then transfer apps onto the USB drive and sideload all the third-party apps manually. The USB drive will now be the default storage option.

Is it safe to increase FireStick storage using a USB drive?

Yes, this method to expand FireStick storage is completely safe and legal. However, if you are more concerned about your privacy, it is always recommended to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to have a protected connection.

Wrapping Up

One of the biggest problems of all FireStick users is the low storage of the device. This issue even intensifies if you’re a streaming lover and want to explore all the streaming apps out there.

A handy and practical solution to this problem is to expand your FireStick with a USB drive. First, you have to format the USB drive and then make it your default storage option.

After that, transfer the apps to the USB drive and sideload all the third-party apps on USB too. Don’t forget to use a reliable VPN to have a protected and encrypted connection while streaming.

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