Virus Scanner Table

Is Your File Safe for Firestick?

Understanding the Results

After scanning your file or APK using FireStickHacks Malware Detection tool, you may have received a percentage indicating the level of malicious content detected. To help you decide if the file is safe to use on your Firestick, refer to the table below.

Malicious Content Levels:

Malicious Content (%) Safety Category Description
0% – 5% Safe Very low likelihood of harmful content
5% – 10% Use Caution Potential Risks. Proceed with caution (Use a VPN)
10% – 15% Risky High risk, not recommended for installation
Above 15% Dangerous Do not install, high likelihood of harm

How to Use the Table

  1. Check Your Scan Result: Look at the percentage of malicious content found in your file.
  2. Find the Corresponding Category: Match the percentage to the appropriate safety category in the table.
  3. Safety Recommendations:
    • Safe (0% – 5%): File is likely safe for installation.
    • Use Caution (5% – 10%): Proceed with caution, and consider the potential risks associated. Use a VPN.
    • Risky (10% – 15%): High risk, not recommended for installation unless absolutely necessary.
    • Dangerous (Above 15%): Do not install, as the file poses a high risk of harm to your Firestick device.