Kodi Buffering Firestick and Slow Streaming Issue Resolved in 3 Minutes

The simplest method of fixing kodi buffering firestick issue is by updating kodi to the latest version. But this may not be a permanent solution to the problem.  You can fix the buffering problems by implementing all of the methods as mentioned below. As many people have different problems so we have listed three methods below to resolve kodi buffering firestick issues. Any one of these methods would definitely work for you.


As the RAM in amazon firetv stick is limited to 1GB therefore we have to optimize it efficiently. For this purpose we have to install a program named easy advance setting. Follow these steps to configure the program properly.

  • 1) Go to the system. Then select File Manager. Now just choose “Add source”.
  • 2) Now under the “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations” just type http://repo.hackmykodi.com.
    kodi buffering firestick Method 1
  • 3) Now scroll down below and give some name for reference. I have entered “.hackmykodi” as the name for media source.
  • 4) Get back to the system and just select Settings->Addons
    kodi buffering firestick xml file method
  • 5) Now select “Install from Zip File
  • 6) Now just select the name of the file that you entered in step 3. I am selecting “.hackmykodi” here.
    Fix Kodi Buffering Firestick
  • 7) Opening that file you will find 5 different folders. Now just scroll down and select program addons->system settings->plugin.program.advancedsettings-0.8.8.zip file.set 7 to fix kodi buffering
  • 8) Now click at that button, the addon will be installed automatically by kodi.
    8th steop to fix kodi buffering
  • 9) Confirm the installation of the addon by looking at the notification at the bottom right of your screen.
  • 10) Get back to the system, Now select programs->program addons-> Easy advanced settings
    10th step to fix kodi buffering firestick
  • 11) Now you will find 5 different options. Select the edit settings from those options.
    11th step to fix kodi buffering firestick
  • 12) Now choose the “Network settings”. Then select the option Network.
    12 th step of firestick kodi buffering
  • 13) After clicking the Network, you will see that the last three options are disabled.
  • 14) Now you have to change that by clicking at the last three options.
    14th step to fix kodi buffering
  • 15) Now select cachemembuffersize and enter its value as 157286400. Doing this you will get 150mb of cache memory.
  • 16) Select buffermode and choose 1
  • 17) Next, select readbufferfactor and enter its value as
  • 18) Now get back to the easy advanced settings and select list enabled settings. There you will be finding all the changes in green color.
    firestick kodi buffering 18th step
  • 19) Go back to the previous menu and select “WRITE XML FILE”. This will create an advancedsettings.xml file on your kodi firestick.
    step 19 to fix firestick buffering
  • 20) Now get back to the Easy advanced settings menu. There you would find an additional option  (View active advancedsettings.xml)
    20th step to fix kodi buffering
  • 21) Opening that you will find that the xml file is created.
  • 22) Now that it’s configured completely you can easily enjoy the seamless streaming of movies and TV shows on your kodi firestick without buffering.

If you are still facing any issues then don’t worry! We still have two methods left which would work for you.

Method 2: Fixing Firestick Buffering By Figuring out internet Issues

Server problems:-These are the cases where the problems may be with the server itself. Let’s suppose if you are watching an olympic opening ceremony or a popular event that goes viral then it is obvious that thousands of people would watch them simultaneously. In such cases your internet speed will not matter and you may be facing firestick buffering issues. The solution to such cases is either you wait till the server gets back to normal or you open those videos before others do.

Accessing other websites:- Another solution to the problem is by accessing other sites which are streaming those videos and are not popular among people.

Download the online stream:– You must be aware of this method. All you need to do is download the event videos from other sites and watch them later without any trouble. But you won’t be able to watch it live as soon as it’s streaming.

Testing your Internet’s speed:- Here you have to check your actual internet’s speed. You can do so by visiting speedtest.net. A decent quality video would require at least 1mb internet speed and an HD quality video would require at least 8mb internet speed.

Checking your router:-  Check your router.  You may turn Wifi off from every other device except for your kodi fire stick so that maximum internet would be utilized for streaming. This will surely reduce the buffering problems.

Have you ever seen a message like “Cache filled before reaching required amount for continous playback”. If yes then surely it’s because of the kodi cache full problem. Before fixing it let’s understand what is Kodi cache?


A cache basically is temporary data that helps the system to fetch the data quickly. It just holds some of the data available in its memory which may be used in the near future. Let’s suppose that you are watching a video in youtube the video data gets stored in the cache temporarily and it will be displayed at the desired time. So the cache will dump more memory in your system that results in poor performance.

In kodi firestick there are two types of kodi cache

  • Video Cache
  • Addon Cache

Addon Cache:-

This cache is due to the usage of useless addons on your kodi firestick. It is highly recommended to uninstall the addons that you don’t use much. This may help you in fixing the kodi firestick buffering problems.

Final Words :-

These three methods of fixing firestick buffering problems are very effective. Now you can easily enjoy seamless streaming on your Television with Kodi firestick.

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