How to Uninstall Kodi Add-Ons from Firestick

Before we get to point let us discuss briefly what is a Kodi add-on? A Kodi add-on is simply a small upgrade to the core functionality of the software. Through which the performance of the software is enhanced.

Right now what I am going to discuss is the process of how to uninstall Kodi add-on from Firestick. There are several reasons why a certain user tends to remove Kodi add-on. Some of them are: they stop upgrading, or get old and start to hang the system or become obsolete for user. There are two methods which I am going to show you here to uninstall an add-on from Firestick.

Method 1: Uninstall add-ons One by One.

Step 1: Go to Kodi main screen. Navigate to System and then Install form zip.


Step 2: Go to My Add-ons.

Step 3: Go to Video Add-ons.



Step 4: Select the add-on you want to remove.

Note: You can do two things here. Let me show you.

Step 5: Either you can Disable it.


Step 6: Click Uninstall to remove it completely.

Step 7: Click Yes to continue.

Step 8: And the Add-on is gone.


Method 2: Remove Add-Ons by Clearing App Data

Step 1: Go to Settings and then go to Applications.

Step 2: Go to Manage Installed Applications.

Step 3: Find Kodi from the list. And click it.

Step 4: Click Clear Data.

Step 5: Click on Clear Data again to verify the action.

Step 6: Now witness that Kodi is completely wiped out clean.


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