You probably have an Amazon Fire TV Stick device and you must have used it several times, but there are a few hacks that I’m about to tell you that will enhance FireStick’s performance and will convert it into an entertainment media hub.

By tweaking these little things on your Fire TV Stick, you’ll be able to connect Bluetooth to your device, browse the internet as you do on your computer, or never find a need to buy a new FireStick remote.

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Here are 19 of the most practical FireStick hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner…

1/20 Easy Jailbreaking of Fire TV Stick

Most people assume that jailbreaking a FireStick device is a hectic thing. Many websites have been earning millions by selling a Jailbreak FireStick that has tons of apps already installed. Trust me, that’s not a big thing!

You just need to Turn OFF the app from unknown sources so you could install third-party apps. Here’s how to do it:

Once done, you can easily install some best FireStick apps with ease.

2/20 Download Third-Party Apps with Downloader App

Downloader app is the best thing you will ever need when using a FireStick device. This app will let you install those apps that are not available on the Amazon Store.

With a URL link of that particular app, you can even download an APK. There are tons of FireStick channels and apps that stream free Movies and TV Shows that can be downloaded via the Downloader app.

3/20 Control your FireStick with Amazon Fire TV App

Amazon Fire TV is the official app that you can download from Play Store that gives you the ability to navigate your FireStick device.

You can use it as a keyboard and voice search. It serves as a replacement remote for your original Fire TV Stick remote. If you have lost your remote and couldn’t find it, then you probably want to download this now.

4/20 Mirror your Android/iOS Phone and Windows/Mac computer on FireStick

There is an app called Air Screen on Amazon App Store that mirrors the screen on your Android, Mac, iPhone, and Windows computers.

This FireStick hack is useful when you want to display something from these devices onto the Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

Let’s see how to install this app:

5/20 Hide your IP Address for Safe and Private Streaming


If you do not want anyone seeing what you are streaming on FireStick device, you better get a Virtual Private Network.

A VPN will hide your original IP address and keep your internet traffic protected at all times. Our recommended best VPN that works with FireStick is ExpressVPN. Get ExpressVPN Free Trial on FireStick for 7-days. To install a VPN, you should do the following:

Read: How to install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick

6/20 Make Fire TV Stick device an entertainment media hub

If you don’t like to spend a lot on cable and want to switch to a free-of-cost way to watch movies and TV Shows, you should install Cinema HD or BeeTV app on your FireStick. They both offer recent movies that are even available in theatres.

It will stream HD content with limited or no buffering at all. We have provided their installation method in our guide.

7/20 Turning Off FireStick Without Turning Off TV

If you want to switch to your TV and want to turn off your FireStick at the same time, then you need to follow these steps:

8/20 Stop auto-play Amazon Prime videos on Fire TV Stick Home

On your FireStick Home, you must have seen Prime Video advertisements that run at the top. Every time you hover over it, it starts playing the trailer.

Whenever you always run at it, this becomes a quite frustrating task. To prevent the video from auto-playing itself, just do this:

9/20 How to change date and time on FireStick

Even though it’s not a big deal to know the date and time on your FireStick device, but in any case, if you need to keep track of time on your device, you need to do this:

10/20 How to Turn OFF the clicking sound on Fire TV Stick

The clicking sound on your FireStick device feels good in daytime, but at night when you don’t want anyone to wakeup, it might feel a bit frustrating.

To Turn OFF the FireStick display sound, just follow these instructions:

11/20 Use a Bluetooth Device on FireStick

This FireStick tip is a pretty obvious one but many people either do not know how to use it or don’t use it. With this hack, you can connect to wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, game controllers, and more.

If anybody in the room is bothered by the volume, then hooking up with a wireless headphone is a good choice.

12/20 Customize Screensaver on Fire TV Stick

This FireStick hack is pretty easy to do, but of course, we never knew that before. Generally, after 2 minutes of inactivity, FireStick will start showing a screensaver that has random images.

You can add your own family images or custom photos to make your Fire TV Stick device look a little better.

Here’s how to do it:

13/20 Add a USB Port to your FireStick Device

This FireStick hack works for those who want to attach a USB port or a hard drive to their FireStick device. By default, your FireStick has one little plug on it for power. You will have two options. You can either get a cable or an adapter.

The adapter has a USB port where you can attach either a USB, Hard Drives, or SD Card. The good thing is, it doesn’t have any wires hanging as we have it in a cable.

If you want to access the USB or hard drive files on your FireStick, you will need an ES File Explorer app that is easily available on Amazon App Store.

14/20 Check how much storage you have left on FireStick

This is one of the basic FireStick tips that people don’t normally know about. If you know how much storage you are left with, you can probably delete some old stuff before downloading anything new.

This hack will also help your device run faster and smoother. Follow these steps to check how much storage you have left.

15/20 Use ‘Magnifier’ to enlarge pictures or words

If you find some words hard to read or you need to zoom in on any picture, you would want to need a magnifier that is built-in on your Fire TV Stick.

This mostly happens when you browse the internet and couldn’t read some words. For that, you need to do the following.

16/20 Closeout the apps you are using

Whenever you try to close the app on FireStick, you normally would click on the Home button on the remote that will bring you to FireStick Home.

But what we don’t know is, the app is still running and slowing down your device speed. There is no obvious way to close these apps so you probably won’t know it but there is one way. Follow these steps.

17/20 Browse the internet on your FireStick

This is also one of the obvious FireStick hacks that you can use to browse the internet on your device. The most efficient and in-built browser that you can download is the Silk Browser.

Here is how you can download this browser:

18/20 Run Updates for your FireStick

Amazon releases software updates that you can easily download it on your FireStick device. You might be struggling with a problem that can only be fixed with the new Amazon update.

To do that, you need to follow some basic steps or you can look up our guide on how to update FireStick.

19/20 Check if your FireStick Remote batteries are dying

If you’re curious to know your remote batteries strength, you should follow these steps:

20/20 Prevent Amazon from tracking your Activity

Your Amazon FireStick device is constantly monitoring your activity and everything you do over the device. Even if you get a VPN, the device would constantly track your activity if you do not Turn OFF from its privacy settings.

These settings are Turned ON by default. You need to do the following:

Key Takeaways

There you go, 19 incredible FireStick hacks that will make your device much powerful than it was before. Let me know in the comment section as to which Fire tv Stick hack you liked more.

If you know any more hacks, feel free to share them with us and we’ll include them in our list.

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